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Launched by Fantasy Sports MyFab11 Pvt Ltd, MyFab11 is an online gaming platform. It allows users to play fantasy sports via their web portal or dedicated mobile application. Launched in 2018, MyFab11 has grown to be one of the biggest fantasy gaming platforms in India. Users on MyFab11 create a virtual team of 11 real-world sportspersons and win exciting rewards. You can participate in live matches of sports like cricket, kabaddi, basketball, football, hockey, etc.

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You win real money by participating in MyFab 11 live contests. MyFab 11 withdrawal is possible after you win money by participating in live contests. MyFab11 is a vast online fantasy gaming platform. At a single time, many live matches are available on MyFab 11. Thousands of players can compete against each other simultaneously on MyFab 11. Are you searching the internet for information about the MyFab11 withdrawal process? Read on to know more about withdrawal and deposit on MyFab11.

How can you withdraw your money from the app?

MyFab11 withdrawal process is simple via its mobile application. You can check your earnings anytime with MyFab11. MyFab11 offers transparency to players where they can check their balance and withdraw the winning amount to their bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount on MyFab 11 is INR 100. One can easily transfer their winnings on MyFab 11 to their bank account. Since MyFab11 offers a simple UI, users can easily operate the app. The steps for MyFab11 withdrawal are as follows:

  • Log into the MyFab 11 app and visit the ‘My Balance’ section.
  • You will find the withdraw button in the ‘My Balance’ section.
  • MyFab 11 allows you to view your recent withdrawals and deposits. If you cannot see the withdrawal button, it is because you haven’t verified your PAN and bank account number.
  • Do it and, you will be able to withdraw your earnings on MyFab11.

How to make deposits on the app?

Besides MyFab11 instant withdrawal, you can also deposit money to your MyFab11 account. MyFab11 minimum withdrawal is INR 100 but there are no restrictions for making a deposit. You can choose any amount to deposit in your MyFab11 account. Also, you can deposit money to your MyFab 11 account anytime. One should know that the money deposited in the MyFab  11 account can only be used for cash contests. The steps for depositing money to your MyFab 11 account are as follows:

  • Click on your profile photo on the top-left portion of the MyFab 11 application.
  • You will see your total balance and an ‘Add Cash’ button. Click on the ‘Add Cash’ button to proceed.
  • You will then have to enter the deposit amount and click on ‘Add Cash’. You can also use a promo code on MyFab11 if any.
  • Choose your payment method for making a deposit on MyFab11 and start playing.
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What are the withdrawal methods at the app?

MyFab11 withdrawal is possible by several methods. You can choose MyFab11 Paytm withdrawal or withdraw directly to your bank account. You can withdraw your earnings on MyFab11 via Paytm, bank account, and UPI. You will have to provide your PAN details on MyFab11 to make withdrawals. You won’t face any issues with MyFab11 withdrawal. MyFab11 is known to provide instant withdrawals to players in simple steps. The MyFab11 withdrawal process is highly encrypted to facilitate the players. One should know that the minimum possible withdrawal on MyFab11 is INR 100.

Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app

One should be familiar with the terms on MyFab11 for withdrawing money. Some terms and conditions for withdrawing winnings on MyFab11 are given below:

  • The minimum possible withdrawal on MyFab11 is INR 100.
  • If you have deposited money on MyFab11 for cash contests, you cannot withdraw them. You can only withdraw the winning amount on MyFab11. To increase your winnings on MyFab11, play more cash contests and win.
  • To make a withdrawal on MyFab11, your withdrawable balance should be at least INR 150.
  • All prizes on MyFab11 will go through the TDS process. If you have a prize of more than INR 10,000 on MyFab11, you will have to pay the respective TDS.

To know more about MyFab11 terms and conditions, follow the direct link MyFab11 - Terms of Service.

How to do bank account verification on the app?

Do you know how to withdraw money from MyFab11? Well, you should complete your bank account verification to withdraw money from MyFab11. Steps to verify your bank account on MyFab11 are:

  • On the MyFab11 application, click on the ‘My Balance’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Verify Now’ button if you haven’t verified your bank account yet on MyFab11.
  • Before verifying your bank account on MyFab11, you have to verify your PAN, mobile number, and email address.
  • Once your PAN details are verified, you can verify your bank account number on MyFab11.

How to do PAN card verification on the app?

The steps for PAN card verification on the MyFab11 app are as follows:

  • In the ‘My Balance’ section, click on the ‘Verify Now’ button.
  • Verify your cell number and email address on MyFab11. When done, swipe to verify your PAN on MyFab11.
  • Enter all the details and click on ‘SUBMIT FOR VERIFICATION’.

Withdrawal time on the app

MyFab11 withdrawal time is at all hours of the day. A user can make an instant withdrawal on MyFab11 at any hour of the day. Due to the same reason, many players prefer MyFab11 for fantasy gaming. Not many fantasy gaming platforms allow instant withdrawals.

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Withdrawal fees of the app

A small convenience fee is charged on MyFab11 for instant withdrawal. If you win a prize of more than INR 10,000 on MyFab11, you will have to pay TDS. MyFab11 withdrawal (normal) is available for players for free. Make sure that you have a minimum of INR 150 withdrawable balance on MyFab11 to make a withdrawal.

What is the daily withdrawal limit on the app?

You can withdraw 24 times in a day from your MyFab11 account. One should know that MyFab11 provided two types of withdrawals to users. The first is instant withdrawal on MyFab11 and the other is normal withdrawal. Every hour, you can withdraw up to INR 2 lakh on MyFab11.

Why do the withdrawal requests get cancelled on the app?

Usually, your MyFab11 withdrawal will be accepted without any hassle. Sometimes, MyFab11 has to process many withdrawal requests and there might be a delay. You can try instant MyFab11 withdrawal by paying a small convenience fee. Instant withdrawals on MyFab11 have a better acceptance rate on MyFab11. If your withdrawal request is still isn’t processed, contact the MyFab11 customer support right away. MyFab11 provides extensive customer support to its players.

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When will the withdrawal be processed?

Normal MyFab11 withdrawal will be processed in 3-5 working days. If you want a quick withdrawal, you can choose the instant withdrawal option on MyFab11. Instant withdrawal on MyFab11 is processed only in half an hour.

How to cancel the withdrawal request on the app?

You should start the MyFab11 withdrawal process only when sure. If you have requested a normal withdrawal, there may be a possibility to cancel them immediately. Contact MyFab11 customer support to cancel your withdrawal request. However, instant withdrawals on MyFab11 are processed in only 30 minutes. One may miss canceling an instant withdrawal on MyFab11 as it is quick.

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Question Answer
Can I refer MyFab11 to my family members and friends? You can refer MyFab11 to other users and earn referral rewards.
Is it safe to play fantasy sports on MyFab11? MyFab11 is fully encrypted and, it is safe to play fantasy sports.
What is instant MyFab11 withdrawal? If you want money quickly, you can choose the MyFab11 instant withdrawal. Your withdrawal request will be processed in less than 30 minutes by MyFab11.
What is eligibility for playing fantasy sports on MyFab11? You should be more than 18 years of age and a resident of India to play fantasy sports on MyFab11.
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