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Fantasy sports participation has become the new norm for anyone who is interested in sports games in general.

Lately, apps like DraftKings came up with a similar concept to entice users. Although the app is fun and you can participate in a lot of cool sports including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and even golf, CFL, and MMA, there have been some complaints. Turns out, apps like DraftKings only claim to reward people with huge earnings but the actual users haven’t had much luck.

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Still, the concept is intriguing and sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for innovative ways to earn money by participating in games, betting on games, or creating their very own fantasy leagues.

Hence, today, we will discuss some legitimate apps that not only claim to give rewards but actually do.

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

List of apps like DraftKings

There are several apps like DraftKings which provide real earning potential. Let’s take a look at some of these legitimate DraftKings competitors that can really make you rich:

1. GetMega

The GetMega platform is unlike DraftKings in many ways but it deserves to be the top contender on this particular list because it allows users to make legitimate cash from playing games.

The site is optimized to only allow real, verified profiles to partake in several games such as casino games. If you win, you earn real cash which is instantly credited to your GetMega wallet. You can withdraw this amount through secure payment channels such as PayTM, Google Pay, etc.

GetMega also allows users to gamble in casino games. Therefore, instead of throwing away your hard-earned money on the probable win or loss of various players, you can take matters into your own hands and gamble on your own skills.

If you feel like you don’t have the skills to partake in games like Poker and Rummy, fear not. You can find a handy set of rules and guidelines on how to play the game, what good hands are, which hands to fold, and a lot more information on the dashboard and while playing the games.

All in all, if you really want to earn money, GetMega is your safest bet.

2. ESPN Fantasy Sports

If you like DraftKings, you will love ESPN Fantasy Sports. It has a diverse range of sporting events such as Hockey, Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

The app provides detailed records of the ranks, statistics, and projections of players which brings us to choosing your leagues. You can create your own league or partake in public leagues with other participants.

You will have access to all manners of draft help including mock drafts. You can also indulge in material designs for some added fun. Lately, they delved into cash games which are still in need of tweaks but they do make for extreme entertainment.

3. CBS Fantasy Sports

Apps like DraftKings are meant to provide valuable features such as mock drafts and live drafts. CBS Fantasy Sports kicks it up a notch by providing an all-inclusive channel for all your Fantasy sports requirements.

You will have constant access to news on various players around the globe and all the season projections you need. You also have access to help with drafts including mock drafts for practice and live drafts for your actual participation.

The extensive amount of information on this platform is not all that you get. You can partake in diverse fantasy sporting events such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Therefore, you can skip around from one sport to another and enjoy the full extent of the sporting universe.

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4. Dream11

This fantasy sports app was developed in India and initially started off supporting Cricket games alone. Over time, they have indulged in other sporting events such as Basketball, Football, kabaddi, and Hockey too, thus making it one of the best options for fantasy leagues.

Dream11 provides updates of sporting events so you can personalize it for sports games that you enjoy. You can create your own league and partake in fantasy sports. Not just that but you can earn a good sum of money from this app. Of course, it is a paid platform. However, as a DraftKings alternative, it is legit and less frustrating.

5. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Another excellent choice for Fantasy draft leagues is Yahoo Fantasy Sports. This app, much like DraftKings and its counterparts, allows you to participate in games like Hockey, baseball, Basketball, and Football events.

Much like ESPN, on Yahoo Fantasy Sports you can participate in public leagues with other candidates or choose to create your private league. You can also join several tournaments, daily leagues, and other contests to earn money.

Of late, the app has delved into paid leagues to become one of the DraftKing competitors, except, this app has better chances of helping you earn money. The app has a few glitches and odd stuff but as a DraftKings competitor, it is doing very well for itself.

6. My 11 Circle

This particular app promoted by our very own Sourav Ganguly is another fantasy sports app that supports cricket games. The concept of this app is a little different from apps like DraftKings though.

You start off by creating your league. You can choose a league of 5 bowlers that you think might take down the most wickets. You can choose to create a league of the top 5 batsmen who you think may score the most runs. You also have an option to participate in the classic fantasy sports format of choosing whoever you like.

The unique quality of this app is the payouts. They offer to pay you ‘X’ times the amount that you invest. The value of ‘X’ itself is predetermined so you can decide how much you want to invest in your fantasy league.

For example, if the value of X=4 then upon investing Rs. 1000, you will receive 4000 if you win. That’s a rather neat way of making money.

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How to make money from these apps like DraftKings?

Whether you create your own Fantasy league or simply invest in sports games and apps like DraftKings, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Not only do you need to study up on the apps and DraftKings alternatives but you also need to know the ins and outs of the games and sporting events.

That would be the primary focus when you want to earn money from apps like DraftKings. Once you have that down pat, you can use the following steps to improve your odds of winning:

  • First, a little arbitrage is helpful to determine which apps provide better odds, better teams, and altogether better-earning opportunities.
  • Once you have selected the top apps, (we recommend the ones on this list) create an account on each of them.
  • Now choose your picks and build an efficient team. Some apps allow you to choose a roster for the bowlers, batsmen, and even the overall team. If you’re delving into other sports such as Football or baseball, select players who perform really well or provide good odds.
  • Now, your Fantasy League game only earns you money if the picks you chose pan out. Be realistic about your expectations and don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Diversify on various platforms to improve your chances.
  • Take a little time to get the hang of the apps and sites like DraftKings. This will be a learning opportunity to figure out your investments.
  • Always keep separate bank accounts for your sporting endeavors and savings.
  • Last but not least, if you find these to be a little risky then just start playing games on GetMega and take control of how you win and lose your money. You can hold back your betting action when you don’t see a win coming your way, which gives you an opportunity to invest when the likelihood of winning is greater.

To be honest, gambling on Fantasy leagues or even sporting events poses a higher risk. Other people will be playing the game and if they are not sufficiently motivated or lack sportsmanship, your money is on the line. It is always best to take matters into your own hands. You can play games on apps like Draftkings and earn more money than you lose on Fantasy sports.

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How to play games to make money on GetMega?

As you know, GetMega is an online channel that affords opportunities to play games and earn substantial amounts of money. Not only can you make a side hustle but make a living by playing your favorite games. This is because GetMega offers games like Poker & Rummy, etc. that people play professionally and build careers out of them.

Get started by creating your GetMega account. The process is simple because you can use your Facebook ID, which also makes it easier to verify your account. GetMega only allows verified players to partake in games to keep the platform fair and devoid of bots and scammers.

You will receive a signup bonus at the beginning and a referral code. You can use this referral code to earn more rewards that have a monetary value to them. You can also deposit money easily into your GetMega account using secure UPI channels.

Now choose one or more games that you like and buy into them. There are tournaments that start from Rs. 5, various contests in which you can participate, or even cash games for amateurs and professionals alike. Aim to win the games and you will start accumulating money in your GetMega account.

Don’t be discouraged if you find a game that you really want to play but don’t know how to. Just access the rules and strategic guidelines including how to play that particular game on your dashboard and learn everything you need to know.

Whatever money you win on your GetMega account by playing games, you can withdraw to your bank account using safe payment gateways such as PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, etc.

Seeing as the platform is legit and only allows verified users, you can earn real cash up to lacs by simply excelling at the games.

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