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A long time ago an app came into existence known as PayTM. It simplified our online transactions, offered us great cashback benefits, and really helped us transition our finances for the current era.

However, the app did not stop there. Nowadays, you can shop on PayTM, pay bills, book services, covid vaccinations, and even play games. Talk about an all-encompassing app, right?

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While the concept of PayTM First games was inspired by other similar apps, to play small games and earn money, the app has evolved to accommodate more options such as Rummy, Poker, and PayTM fantasy sports as well. Now you can play all sorts of games, partake in a little sports action and earn money or coupons especially using the PayTM First Games hidden tricks.

Today, we will take a look at how to win money in PayTM First Games hack and a PayTm First Games winning strategy that will come in handy. So let’s get started, shall we?

PayTM First Games
PayTM first poker

What is the PayTM First games app?

PayTM First is an online gaming platform that allows users to play tons of games and earn money. The application is a byproduct of the PayTM app itself so anything you earn goes directly to your PayTM bank or PayTM wallet. You can even opt to cash out in PayTM coupons that allow you to avail certain services and purchase products as well. Either way, it is money in your pocket which is an excellent PayTM First games hack, so it is definitely worth a shot.

Since the PayTM First games are largely low-ball offers, people have a lot of questions about whether the app is genuine or fake. The claims are legitimate but you have to remember that it is a secure and verified platform so if you win by using unlawful PayTM First games hacks and cheats, you won’t be rewarded. If you try to cheat or manipulate using Paytm hack app or Paytm hack tools your account may be banned as well.

Instead, we suggest using the PayTM first games hacks that are legally allowed, which, in a way, are to utilize the offerings of the app to its full potential. This way you do not violate their corporate policies and end up making a lot of legitimate money to support your immediate needs.

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How to earn on the PayTM First games app?

Want to know that how to earn money in PayTM First games then you need to install the app. While it is a subsidiary of PayTM, in order to play games, you need the extension app.

You can register on the platform using your PayTM mobile number or email ID. After that, you can follow up with a two-way authentication to keep your money safe from other hackers.

Once you complete the registration on the PayTM First games app, you will find a list of small games, card games, as well as Fantasy sports leagues. If you want to play games to earn little cash on the side from time to time, you can opt for the simple PayTM First Games. However, if you wish to earn chunks of cash, then you are better off with their card games and fantasy sports leagues.

Since most of our readers want to earn big, let’s focus on these major league sporting events and card games for today. We have the perfect PayTM First games tricks that you can use to amplify your earnings tremendously with these games.

For the card games, you can choose high-ball events like Rummy, Poker, etc. You need a little investment but in the initial stages, you can earn this amount directly from offers provided by the PayTM app and you also receive a signup bonus, which is quite substantial. You need to join a table where the games are ongoing and use intensive strategies to win the rounds. The more you win, the more you earn.

To use the PayTM First games hacks for the PayTM First fantasy leagues promoted by Sachin Tendulkar, you can find a list of upcoming matches. The app will generate a list of players who are about to play in the match. You need to choose the ones that have the best potential for scoring in their own rights, create a roster, and lock your team. You can take part in several contests both privately and publicly. Winning with the highest score in these contests is what will help you earn.

Let us check out a few in-app PayTM First games hacks and tricks that you can employ to ensure that you earn big.

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Tips on how to hack PayTM First games

As we have mentioned, do not use external programs and apps to hack into PayTM First games. Keep your self away from tools like how to hack PayTM First games or Paytm hack games tools. Your account will be blocked. Instead, use the following PayTM First games tricks that are part of the app’s own offerings. The reason that these are hacks is that most people don’t know about them, thus their earnings are limited.

Without further ado, here are the PayTM First games hacks that you can use to your advantage:

  • Start by exploring PayTM First offers on the PayTM app. Often, you will earn up to Rs. 10,000 in coupons. Using these coupons, if you deposit money in your PayTM First games wallet, you get equivalent amounts in bonus cash.
  • After signing up, share your PayTM First games referral code with as many people as you can. The in-app PayTM First games hack allows you to win money in commissions up to Rs 10,000 when your referrals earn from the games.
  • Referring friends to the app also offers you free spins. These spinning wheels have more cash amounts that you can easily earn for a few seconds on the app.
  • In order to earn from the PayTM First fantasy leagues, we have a PayTM First Games winning strategy for choosing your players that we shall share in a minute but first, you need to know this. The fantasy leagues are one of the main attractions. You need to deposit money and purchase the rights to use each player in your team. Do your research so you know which players have the most potential to help you earn.
  • In card games like Poker, Rummy, Call Break, etc., you need a winning strategy in PayTM First games. Learn the gameplay and optimize your tactics. It is best to start with low-stakes games so you can get accustomed to the workings of the PayTM First games app before you join major tournaments and contests.

While the PayTM First games hack seems pretty straightforward, it takes time to develop strategies. Never join these high-ball games unless you learn everything about the sporting events, games, and rules pertaining to them all.

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Top strategies for how to win PayTM First games

We have strategies for the three main types of events held on PayTM First games, so let’s get started:

PayTM First games winning strategy for Poker:

  • On PayTM First game poker table first of all, if you are not in a blind position, check your cards. If they are high cards or you have a pair in hand then play, otherwise, fold the Paytm first game.
  • Since you can’t see your opponents, keep track of their folding and raising habits. You can bluff when you know that they’ll blink. If your opponents are playing safe and checking a lot, it is probably a good time to bluff.
  • If you have good cards, preferably straight or higher, then raise slowly so your opponents will continue to call till the end.

PayTM First games winning strategy For Rummy:

The best PayTM First game rummy hack

  • Check your cards at the start of the game. If you don’t have at least one pair or two consecutive cards in the same suit, fold.
  • Always aim for pure sequences as much as possible.
  • Discard all the high-value cards if they are not part of a pure sequence.
  • Keep track of the discard pile so you can bluff your opponents into throwing away cards that you need.
PayTM First Game

PayTM First games winning strategy for fantasy sports:

  • Just like any other fantasy sports league, in PayTM First games take the time to go through the roster and choose the top players as follows:
  • Pick 4 of the top batsmen from both teams.
  • Pick 1 star-bowler from each team then pick the third one based on who takes the maximum number of wickets.
  • Choose only one wicket-keeper, whoever has the best track record.
  • Select 3 all-rounders to balance your team.
  • Pick one of the star batsmen as your team captain since they will score higher, and then their points will be doubled.
  • Choose one of the star bowlers as your vice-captain, the one who has a record for taking wickets. They will award you bonus points and their overall score will be multiplied by 1.5.
  • Keep an eye on any developments regarding the match so you can switch players if needed before the game begins.

No matter which type of games you play, our PayTM First games hack will certainly help you earn more points and money than you expected. Don’t cash it all out though. Since these games require investments, retain some of your winnings so you can play more games and keep earning without depositing any money again.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

While PayTM First games sure have a lot to offer, especially if you use the PayTM First games hacks, there is some controversy about its payouts. Though the app is genuine and many people have earned from it, apparently the reward system is a little slow. That is why we recommend using another gaming site, which has similar features and games, except they provide a much higher earning potential.

The site called GetMega is turning a lot of heads due to its high reward systems and an incredible array of games. You can play casino games such as Rummy and Poker to earn the big bucks.

What’s more is, the games on GetMega start from only Rs. 5, therefore you can participate in a lot of games for very little deposit. There are high-stakes and low-stakes games available, so you can choose which suits your needs and level of expertise.

There are several cash events for each of the games. Ideally, you should play cash games when you are a beginner on the site. Slowly, once you attain some expertise, you can partake in the tournaments and contests that are held on a regular basis.

Furthermore, there are special leaderboards that are paid but they offer humongous rewards. All you have to do is play constantly to maintain your rank and you can win additional cash rewards, fun goodies, gold coins, and in some cases, brand new mobile phones too.

GetMega is an incredible platform for gamers. Not only can it help you earn some extra cash for yourself but it is a viable channel to launch a professional gaming career, especially in events like Poker, Pool, Carrom, Rummy, etc. You can make a substantial living from this platform, which is incredible in its own way too.

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