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These days, with the wave functions of the economy, it has become a necessity to find alternate means of earning money. The simplicity of this requirement is met head-first by various apps and websites that encourage people to use their resources from the comfort of their homes to make money.

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There are gaming apps like GetMega, Gamee, etc., quiz apps like Loco, Qureka, and more, sports betting and fantasy apps like Betway, Mobile Premier League, and others. Then there are apps like Swag Bucks, Rakuten Insight, Attapoll, and other such platforms that allow you to make a quick buck by simply participating in surveys.

Today, let us take some time to discuss a few Swag Bucks hacks and how you can make the most money from this app without a sweat. It is an excellent means for earning so let’s get started.

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What is the Swag Bucks App?

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The Swag Bucks app is an online platform where you get paid for sharing your opinion about various subjects. They conduct surveys wherein a surveyor posts a list of questions and offers a certain sum of money for completing the survey.

The topics for these surveys and the questions offered to you will predominantly depend on the answers to your answers provided during profiling. The app itself will segregate and offer you questions from surveyors that match your demographic, preferences, abilities, personal ownerships, and other such factors.

Swag Bucks is a nice app that allows you to connect with people who need a service and are willing to pay for it. The app works as a mediator to connect people looking for means to earn to those who need opinions from freelancers. You can sign into the app and quickly make some money without a hassle.

You can also earn points and Swag Bucks for redeeming your Swag coupons in daily essentials such as visiting the grocery store, purchasing necessities, and completing other such small activities using your Swag Bucks account. Not only you earn points on Swag bucks but also you can shop online. The another cool feature Swag bucks offers is you can scan receipts, discover new offers and receive huge bonuses. The coupons and gift cards that you receive are admissible in most places which makes it that much more fun to use Swag Bucks for your benefit.

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How to Earn on the Swag Bucks App?

As we have mentioned, Swag Bucks is a survey-taking application where you can connect with companies who need your opinions to improve their products and services.

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Here’s how you can earn on Swag Bucks hack:

  • To start with, you have to register on the platform. You can do so on their mobile site, computer website, or app. You will need to use a valid email id and verify your mobile number as well to prove that you are a genuine individual interested in taking their surveys to earn real cash, gift cards, and several other offerings.
  • Once you log in, you will find that the Swag Bucks site has paid you 50 Swag Bucks as a signup bonus. However, you cannot withdraw this sum unless you take some more surveys to reach the withdrawal limit, which, in hindsight, is a fair deal.
  • Now, you also have a referral code that you can use to invite more people to the site. Just share your referral code with your contacts and across social media so that people who are looking for a side hustle in today’s economy can easily find the site and register. As a bonus, Swag Bucks will reward you with more cash or points.
  • Once you are set with the signup and referral process, you can begin taking surveys and completing tasks.
  • There is a profiling quiz that will help determine your USP so Swag Bucks can send you personalized surveys, coupons, and gift cards. Finish this small questionnaire and you will earn some points or Swag Bucks for that too.
  • Now, answer the daily survey and take part in the daily poll.
  • You can also watch videos and advertisements tailored to your preferences in order to earn Swag Bucks. We have a very useful Swag Bucks hack for this that we will share shortly.
  • You can play games on Swag Bucks too. There are several appealing options to choose from and you earn a small reward on a daily basis for playing these games.

If you finish all the daily activities prescribed by Swag Bucks, you get a neat little reward for your efforts. We have a few Swag Bucks tips and tricks to speed up the process of earning a large number of Swag bucks in a day. Read on to find out.

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Tips on How to Hack Swag Bucks

We do have a number of Swag Bucks tips to help you, however, before we start, we want to prove this by pointing out that these Swag Bucks hacks are not hacking applications or computer programs. You can simply use Swag Bucks tricks to speed up your earning process and make the most from this app Let us see how you can do this:

  1. Share your referral code to as many people as you possibly can to earn a considerable number of Swag Bucks quickly.
  2. Go through your daily activities and compartmentalize them. With a little multitasking, you can finish all the daily tasks and earn a significant bonus.
  3. Log onto the app every single day and take part in the daily quiz, daily poll, play a few games, watch a few videos, and use the daily offer.
  4. Use the Swag search option instead of Bing and Google. You will earn small amounts of Swag Bucks for that too.
  5. Using the Swag Bucks hack, redeem your shopping coupons for online stores, physical stores, and small businesses. You can use 10 coupons in a week to earn 100 Swag Bucks on a weekly basis.
  6. Use Swag Bucks hacks throughout the day for all your activities in order to make the most money from the app.
  7. Download the Swag Bucks app on your smart devices such as television, tablet, PC, laptop, and cell phones. It will make it easier to multitask on the platform and use our Swag Bucks hacks. Just keep the videos running in the background on the app and finish your daily activities. It is an automatic income on a daily basis.
  8. Download the Swag bucks extension on your PC and laptop’s internet servers. This will help the application track your activities, thus offering better chances for you to make some quick cash.

Swag Bucks is a hack in itself to help you earn money quickly and effortlessly. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to use Swag Bucks for every activity. We do have a defined winning strategy to help you make more money out of Swag Bucks, so let’s take a look.

Top Strategy on How to Win Swag Bucks

You can make a substantial amount of real cash with Swag Bucks hacks by maintaining the following habits to improve your chances:

  • Take part in the daily poll that awards you 1 Swag bucks a day, which is 365 a year.
  • Participate in one survey daily for at least 60 Swag Bucks, which is 21900 a year.
  • Keep the videos running in the background on the mobile app to earn 50 Swag Bucks a day, which is 18250 a year.
  • Watch 10 Swag Bucks worth of videos on the desktop, tablet, or laptop platform. That’s 3650 a year.
  • Play at least 2 games that award 2 Swag bucks each day. That’s 730 a year.
  • Earn 50 Swag Bucks every week for using the Swag search, which is 2600 a year.
  • Use 10 Swag bucks coupons per week to earn 5200 a year.

Using this patented formula of earning Swag Bucks hacks, you can make 52,695 swag bucks a year, which is $526 a year roughly about Rs. 38000. That is worth $43 a month, which is around Rs. 3100. It may not be a lot of money but as a side hustle, it does wonders to your bank account.

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Benefits of Playing Games on GetMega

If you enjoy making money on the side using apps and sites like Swag bucks, then you can certainly make small amounts of cash with our Swag Bucks hacks. However, if you want to make additional money without the hassle of working on your side hustle all day to make a few measly Rupees, turn your attention to GetMega instead.

The best part is, on GetMega you can find certified casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy. They offer high-stakes and low-stakes games where you can earn a substantial sum of money using your skills.

GetMega has cash games pertaining to each category but they also host contests and tournaments for all of them as well. These games start at Rs. 5 and can go up to thousands. Choose the ones that suit your requirements and skills in the game to improve your chances of earning with lower investments.

Speaking of investments, since GetMega offers genuine earning opportunities, you do need to deposit a small sum of money in order to take part in the games. They get you started with rewards but you still need to invest a little. Luckily, they also offer referral bonuses for each successful referral.

There are other benefits of playing on GetMega such as accessing the rules and strategies for each game so you can play a variety of games and earn money. Once you start developing viable strategies, you can also partake in their paid leaderboards. These are special lists that are updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even hourly basis. The specialty of these leaderboards is aside from reflecting your improvement over time, they also offer additional rewards like cash prizes, goodies, gold coins, mobile phones, and more All you have to do is play consistently on the site to maintain your position amongst the 1st to 10th on the list.

The list of benefits for playing games on GetMega is never-ending so we will leave you with one very important thought. Register yourself on the site and begin playing as soon as you can and as much as possible. The amount of money you earn will surpass your expectations in no time to the point where GetMega becomes your primary source of income.

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