What Is Tash Game: Learn Its Meaning, Rules, Types, And Gameplay

What Is Tash Game: Learn Its Meaning, Rules, Types, And Gameplay
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Tash game

A tash game is any table game that requires the use of playing cards and participants. Tash game is basically the Hindi variation of cards except for the rules of the game may differ based on the area of origin and practice.

Tash wala games, as they are popularly known in India, have been carried down since the reign of Kings. Tash patti games were played to entertain a crowd as well as to evade boredom. In many Indian cultures, tash patti wala games are introduced to children from a young age to develop their strategic thinking skills and an ability to find joy on mundane days.

These tash games have since evolved into internet-based tash games online. Now, since the pandemic of 2019, tash wala games have met a new requirement to keep people entertained during the lockdown and limited social gatherings. Tash games is also known as juaa game. Experience the excitement of strategic play in our real money poker game, where every hand dealt holds the potential for genuine winnings and skillful victories.

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History of Tash Game:

The invention of playing cards originated in ancient China. They were found in China as early as the 9th century, during the Tang dynasty (618–907). The first reference to card games in world history dates back to the 9th century. The first known book on cards called Yezi Gexi was reportedly written by a Tang-era woman and commented on by Chinese writers of later dynasties.

During the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), characters from popular novels such as the Water Margin were widely depicted on the faces of playing cards. By the 11th century, playing cards could be found throughout the Asian continent.

Also, with improvements in technology, tash games are now online, and you don't even need a card deck to play these tash patti games. Here, you compete with hundreds of other virtual people to win real money. You can download Tash game to experience it on your phone or tablet screen.

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How to play tash game?

In a tash game there's a dealer gives you new cards at starting of game. When the dealer dealt's the cad you have to bet, call or raise after each round is dealt, if you wish to. You can increase the bet based on cards you have in your hands already. All the players will do the same in clockwise direction. The process continues till pot is full or a player with high card wins. Lets know about some popular tash game that are played

How many cards in tash can you actually play with?

There are a total of 52 playing cards, also known as tash, in a deck. Aside from that, there are also a number of jokers introduced that can be used in gameplay or discarded at your discretion. Also read about how to play tash on GetMega!

Popular tash games to play

Tash games are not just for solo players getting bored at home. They are also intense forms of entertainment during game nights with family and friends. You can also play these games online with strangers but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Here are some uber popular types of tash Online games & tash game rule that have passed down through generations in India for wholesome family fun:

tash game
  • Satte Pe Satta

Wish we were talking about the mind-blowing movie starring Amitabh Bachan and Hema Malini but no.

Satte pe satta is a tash game that has been played in India for centuries. The cards are dealt out to every player and the one holding the 7 of hearts initiates gameplay. The players who sit on either side of this player are allowed to play 6s or 8s of heart.

The gameplay is quite challenging and the multiplayer factor makes it that much more interesting. You can play Satte pe Satte with a deck of 52 cards and 3 to 8 tash wala players.

The objective of the game is to finish the game with zero cards. The first player who is able to quickly get rid of his or her cards in hand wins.

  • Rummy

You may have been hearing about this game a lot lately. It is being featured in movies, TV shows, and constantly sending email and mobile correspondence to your contact information.

Rummy is a very popular ad challenging game. The objective is to create sequences much like poker except the sequences are a bit more complicated. It requires strategy and critical thinking, not to mention the ability to identify the best possible hand value with a limited set.

The game is played among 2 to 6 players. It starts when each player is dealt a hand of 13 cards from 2 decks of cards, irrespective of the number of players.

Once shuffled, each player receives their allotted 13 cards and the rest are set aside in the stack. Then each player must proceed to create sequences with their stack. If they cannot accomplish that with the cards dealt, they can exchange them from the remaining stack.

Each player needs to have two sequences: 1 pure sequence, which means three or four consecutive cards at least from the same suite. The second can be a random impure sequence of consecutive numbers from different suites.

In each game, a joker is declared aside from the printed card. It is selected at random but they cannot be used as substitutes in pure sequences. They are only applicable in impure sequences to finish the set.

  • Bluff

Many of us have played it during our summer vacation with Grandpa and still use the techniques learned in this game to play poker or simply bluff to our parents. The latter is not highly endorsed though.

Bluff is a tash ka game where 1 or more decks of cards, minus the jokers, are used based on the number of players. Although the recommended number is 3 to 10 players, you can include more for a whole lot of laughter.

All the cards in the single or combined decks are shuffled, then distributed equally among all players. The first player on the left of the dealer puts one or more cards on the table, facing down, and declares a number. For instance, they can say they put two 8’s when they put down a 6 and a 2. The other players either join in to put down more eights or bluff about what numbers they are getting rid of as well.

The players can call anyone’s bluff at any time and if the person is caught, they must pick up all the cards in that round. If, on the other hand, they bluff successfully and no one is caught, then the cards are removed from the table and another number is declared by the next player.

The winner of the game is the player who managed to bluff out of all their cards and is left holding none. The other players can continue to determine the ultimate loser or start over.

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Challenging gameplay, no doubt, teen tash patti is a game where each player is dealt 3 cards along with the dealer. Each player aims to have the highest card and bets on their chance. If a player folds, they lose any amount they put up in bet.

By the end when all players have placed their bets, the cards are revealed. The player holding the highest value ranking hand wins the game and the pot of bets.

  • Poker

A time-tested and highly regarded tash game is poker. It is internationally renowned and growing in popularity in India every day.

The objective of the game is to create high-value combinations to beat all the other players. Depending on the variant, each player is dealt 2 or 5 cards. They cannot exchange these cards though unless they are playing Russian or Chinese poker.

The players must determine, based on psychological cues and theories of probability, what kind of cards their opponents are holding. If they think they have a good hand, then they invest in the pot to stay in the game. Players can raise and call bets till the amount is unanimous. If a player does not have a good hand, then they can fold or try to bluff their way into winning the pot. This requires intense strategy and the ability to get into people’s heads.

The cards are revealed at the end wherein the player with the best hand wins the entire pot. If a player invested more than the player who won, they get a percentage of their money back.

  • Blackjack

This game is popularly played in casinos but you can play it at home too. Blackjack is a tash game quite similar to high low.

A dealer deals cards to the players one at a time. The players must then predict through probability whether another card would put them over 21. If the player wants another card, the dealer presents it facing up. If the total sum of all the cards on the table is 21 then it’s a win. If the player miscalculates and goes over 21, then it’s a certified loss. If the sum is still below 21, the player can choose whether to stop dealing or take another card.

The winning amount in this tash game depends on the sum unfolded.

Several other tash games such as Tash Bridge, Andar Bahar, Donkey, Mendikot, High Low, etc. are also quite popular in India. However, the ones mentioned above are largely played throughout the country in casinos and at home.

If you’re wondering how to play a tash game, tash games all have their own set of rules. You can choose a type of game that best suits you, especially if you’re playing with children. A number of tash wala games or tash ki game such as solitaire, go fish, donkey, etc. are designed for children not just for entertainment but also to enhance brain chemistry and their ability to strategize.

As long as you’re not encouraging gambling addiction, it’s fine.

Tash games to play online and earn real money

As we have mentioned before, tash wala games have quickly made gained recognition to the top of the list of activities to do during this pandemic. With the demand in mind, several tash wala games or tash wale gamehave been made available online where you can not only spend a boring afternoon but also earn some real money to contribute to your family.

Tash wala game

Here’s a list or types of tash of tash games available online:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em Poker by GetMega
  • Rummy by GetMega
  • Free poker tash games
  • Teen patti tash game
  • Texas Hold ‘Em cash games in poker
  • Blackjack
  • Omaha poker tash game
  • Bluff card
  • Rummy
  • Hearts tash game
  • Solitaire tash game
  • OFC poker
  • Baccarat tash patti game
  • 29 Tash game

If you have an innate skill to use your knowledge of mathematics and psychology to understand and predict tash games then you stand an excellent chance to win a lot of real cash. These websites offer the means to convert your talents with tash patti or tash game to contribute to your household economy in a big way.

Not only that but this method of game, tash wala games we mean, is also acknowledged worldwide, especially the casino games. These tash patti wala games have helped many accomplished players reach international stardom.

You can simply start playing a tash game and develop your skills. Once you are able to deduce people’s thought processes by simply observing their games, face-off table games become a lot easier. With respect to popular games like Poker, several online tools are available to help analyze your opponent’s gameplay.

Think of it this way: When you can predict the opponent’s move when you can’t even see their expressions, playing against them on a live tournament table is child’s play. You can then see their expressions or lack thereof, and predict probable outcomes.

Advantages Of Playing Tash Wala Game

  1. Multiple card games are included in this tash wala game.
  2. Bidding Lets You Be the Decisive.
  3. The tash wala game is highly portable and can be played anywhere and at any time.
  4. Stress-free entertainment
  5. Additional Income
  6. Winning the game requires the right combination of skill and luck.
  7. It is not mandatory to invest actual cash while playing cards; Gamblers can enjoy the game with unreal money.

Why choose GetMega to play tash games?

GetMega is an incredible online platform that allows users to play tash games, casual games, and trivia games. You can download the app and log in through your Facebook account.

Once your account has been verified, you can start participating in cash games. The tash games such as Texas Hold ‘Em require you to buy into the table, which is standard protocol for the game worldwide. However, the first best benefit of GetMega lies herein.

The buy-in values available on GetMega are as low as Rs. 1 to 5. Of course, the higher stake tash games require higher buy-in values but if you’re an amateur tash wala player looking for an opportunity to learn and perfect your style, then GetMega is the ultimate platform for you.

The second best benefit of playing a tash game on GetMega is that you can access the rules of the games at any time. When in doubt, simply check the guidelines uploaded on the platform with a quick shortcut on your game table. There are also several tips and tricks to help novice players learn advanced techniques.

The third, and our personal favorite is the ability to earn real cash on GetMega through tash wala games and more. To start off, you receive a sign-up bonus of 60 gems and an additional 40 gems for each referral. These gems are equivalent to cash in games.

Furthermore, while playing the games, you can win real cash on tables. You can accumulate this cash to the desired amount before withdrawing it.

If you are a consistent player in the top 10 of the paid leaderboards, you also earn additional rewards such as cash, gold coins, and even mobile phones. There are several tournaments and contests to help you win extra money as well.

So, now you see why GetMega is such a crowd favorite with a 4.7/5 rating. The gameplay for each game, including tash games is thoroughly developed for authentic experiences. Every profile on GetMega is verified therefore you won’t be facing any creeps. Lastly, the earning options are abundant through something everyone likes to do – gaming.

Does GetMega support Hindi language users?

Anyone can play tash games, other casual games, and trivia games on GetMega. Whether you are a Hindi language user or comfortable in English doesn’t really matter because the GetMega platform is extremely user-friendly. Therefore, even though GetMega currently does not have an option for language change, you can easily participate in games.

If you are a Hindi language user, you may not be able to see the pages in Hindi but you can chat with friends and family simply by using your Hindi keyboard. Additionally, GetMega has various tutorial videos on YouTube posted by the platform as well as real-life users who explain the interface in Hindi. You can get a lay of the land and use GetMega to play tash games with friends and family.

There are more Indian card games that are equally popular. Poker is one such game on GetMega. Play contests and tournaments with 100,000+ players and win more than 10,00,000 on GetMega.
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What is a Tash Game?

  • Tash Game is a traditional card game popular in Central Asia. It involves strategy and skill, with players aiming to collect specific card combinations to win.

What are the rules of the Tash Game?

  • Players are dealt cards and must create sets of matching cards. The game has specific rules for different card combinations, with scoring determining the winner.

How many types of Tash Game are there?

  • Tash Game has various regional variations, each with its own rules and nuances. Common types include Tajik Tash, Uzbek Tash, and Afghan Tash.

How is the Tash Game played?

  • Players take turns drawing and discarding cards, strategically forming sets. The game involves a mix of luck and skill, making each round unique and engaging.

Can Tash Games be played online?

  • Yes, Tash Game has gained popularity online. Multiple platforms offer digital versions, allowing players to enjoy the game virtually with friends or opponents from around the world.
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