Top 10 Most Popular Card Games India

Top 10 Most Popular Card Games India

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Card games are fun. Be it online or offline, with children or with adults, during special occasions, or to pass a dull day, different types of card game names add so much fun and entertainment to the mundane.

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Cards games in India have been a long-standing tradition for families and friends to get together. Some games are taught to children to have a little fun while training their brains for strategic thinking. Adults play other games in casinos to while away the time on a lazy evening or make a ton of money. There are also popular card games that are naughty and add a little zing in the bedroom or on a date night.

Say what you will, but you won't get bored if you have a deck or two of cards and know how to play famous card games.

Today, we will discuss a list of card games you can play with friends and family. Of course, knowing the card game names list is not enough, so we will tell you how to play these card games online and offline. We will also share a few tips on how to win the games on this playing cards game list, so regardless of whether you play a card game online or offline, you will have tons of fun and win a lot of money.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Card Games India

Before we start, we want to share something. While the playing card game names you see here are very popular, some are casino games. Playing these games is not entirely legal unless you are participating in a casino or on authorized online gaming platforms such as GetMega. These casinos and the GetMega platform verify your profile before they allow you to play. Thus, it is safe and legal with them. So, please be careful and don't participate in illicit activities.

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i. Poker

Poker is the best if you're looking to play a card game online. The game's premise is betting to determine if you have a better hand than your opponents to win the pot in the game.

How to play:

Based on the type of game you play, Poker starts with the dealer distributing 2 or 5 cards. These are your whole cards. In Texas Hold'Em, you receive 2 cards in hand and 3 community cards that the dealer will reveal in turns. You can use all 7 cards to make a valid, high-ranking combination. In a five-card stud, you get five cards in hand that you must use to make combinations.

Anyway, there is a big blind player who must add the current stake amount to the pot before the cards are dealt. The small blind player has to add half the current stake before the cards are dealt and can choose if they want to contribute the rest and continue playing or fold once they receive their hole cards.

The players take turns to bet money in the pot based on the probability of good combinations they can make with their hole cards. Once all the players unanimously agree to the bets and everyone has checked or called, the dealer reveals the next three cards. The players can either bet more money, call the raised bet or fold if they don't see a possible combination.

The dealer introduces the fourth community card, and more raising, calling, folding, and checking ensues. After the fifth card is dealt, another round of betting, calling, checking, or folding takes place before each remaining player must show their hands.

The player with the highest ranking hand wins the pot. If two players have a drawing hand, the pot is split between them. if you want to know more about best best top 10 poker site in India so we have made good list for you.

The ranking of cards is as follows:

  1. A royal flush of consecutive cards from 10 through Ace with all the face cards in between, all from the same suit.
  2. Straight flush with all consecutive cards of the same suit.
  3. 4 of a kind which is four of the same ranking cards from all four suits.
  4. Full House of three cards of the same rank and two cards of another same rank.
  5. Flush, which is five cards from the same suit.
  6. Straight run of five consecutive cards from any suit.
  7. 3 of a kind where three cards are of the same rank from three different suits.
  8. 2 pairs of four cards, each pair of the same rank.
  9. 1 pair of the same ranking cards.
  10. 1 High card when no other player has a viable high-ranking hand.

Tips to win

Poker is one of the most difficult games among card games. It requires a certain finesse and the ability to conceal your emotions to win the game. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Practice your poker face and body language. Develop a routine where you sit, look at your cards, study your opponents, add your chips, and speak during gameplay.
  • If you have a high-ranking card, i.e., Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, in your hole cards, don't fold just yet. However, if you have low-ranking cards and other players are betting on hole cards, folding is safer.
  • Don't bet unless you have anything above a Full house ready to deploy. Call if others raise but don't actively bet before the fourth and fifth card is released.
  • If other players are playing safe and you have two high-ranking cards, then bet high to bluff them into folding.
  • If you have four of a kind or a better hand, allow other players to raise first so you can re-raise. If you raise the bets beforehand, they will know you have good cards.
  • If you've added money, but have a losing hand, fold immediately. At least you will stay at the table to play another game and win back your money.
  • Lastly, and we cannot stress this enough: keep checking your emotions. Whether you win or lose a hand, be stoic. That way, others cannot guess how you react to good and bad hands.

If you can master the game of poker, you're preparing for much bigger stakes in your real life. So take it easy and play your hands with good strategy rather than getting angry or frustrated. Trust us; it is an excellent way to make money.

ii. Rummy

No Indian card games list, or any cards games list, is complete without Rummy. This incredible multiplayer game is very popular in casinos and online forums across the globe.

The objective of Rummy is to make sequences out of the cards in your hand, one pure and one impure running sequence. The player who finishes both valid sets and declares it wins the game.

Two decks of cards are used in a 13-card game with 2 jokers in play. The pure sequence must be 3-5 cards of the same suit in consecutive order without a Joker. The impure set can be a running sequence of multiple cards in a pure sequence with a joker. You can also make sets of cards with the same ranks from different suits and use a joker.

How to play:

The game starts with the dealer distributing 13 cards or 21 cards as per the defined gameplay. The players then take turns to discard some of their cards and pick cards either from the closed deck, which is with the dealer, or the open deck, a collection of cards discarded by other players.

Once you finish a pure and impure sequence or a pure sequence and a couple of valid sets, you can declare your hand. The dealer will verify the validity, and the game will be settled.

To settle the game, each player who did not declare will evaluate the cards in their hands. All the cards that are not in sequence will be used to calculate the sum of points based on the face value of each card. This will determine how much they must pay the winner.

If the winner declares their hand but doesn't have one pure sequence and an impure sequence or sets, their hand is invalid. In this case, they are awarded 80 points, based on which they will pay the player who declares their hand next.

Tips to win:

When you play this card game online, familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. For offline games, you will have some breathing time, so take the time to get your sequences right. Here are a few tips to help you win:

  • If your face cards aren't already close to making a pure sequence, discard them at the earliest to avoid a lot of points.
  • Start making a pure set from the get-go. This way, even if you don't declare, your point accumulation will be less.
  • Use the joker. It can be a printed joker or a suit of cards that the dealer declares as a joker. They will help complete impure sequences and sets quickly.
  • Check your hand properly before you declare. It will cost you fewer points if another player declares than if you are penalized for an invalid declaration.

Now you can play Rummy online, offline, at casinos, friends' places, and anywhere else.

iii. Go Fish

If you're looking for a name of the card game to play with kids, Fish is the one to be.

This simple game is based on strategic planning and attention to detail, which is good for children and adults.

The game aims to collect all four cards of each suit of a given rank and make sets. The player who finishes their cards in hand quickly by making sets wins the game.

How to play:

The game is played among three to five players with a single deck of 52 cards.

The dealer distributes the cards so that each player gets the same number of cards and an imaginary player at the table. The cards dealt for this imaginary player become your fishing deck. To clarify, in a game with 3 players, the cards are dealt for 4.

Once the cards are dealt, the player to the dealer's left begins by asking another player for a card, such as "Do you have any Kings?" If the answerer has the card, they must hand it over to the asker. If they don't, they must say, "No, go fish."

If the asker successfully acquires the needed card, they can continue their turn by asking the same player or a different player for other cards. If they have to 'Go Fish,,' the next player gets their turn.

When a player has completed a set of 4 cards from all 4 suits of the same rank, they set it down beside them. The first one to finish all the cards in their hands wins.

Tips to win:

Although it is a game for children, adults can play it too. The game doesn't involve any cash, but it is competitive, so let's discuss a few tips to win:

  • Arrange your cards by rank and check which cards dominate your hand. Then ask for those cards first to complete your sets.
  • If you only have one or two cards from a rank and a player asks, give it away quickly to reduce the number of cards in your hand.
  • FFish as much as possible initially to increase your likelihood of acquiring more cards of a certain rank from the deck.
  • Track the cards that other players are exchanging. With a simple process of elimination, you can determine which cards are still in play, who might have them, or which ones are still in the fishing deck.

Fish is among the popular card games because it is interesting and inspires memory enhancement and strategic thinking. Play it with children or with adults for some top-notch fun.

iv. Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino game in places like Goa, Vegas, and Atlantic City. You can say that it is meant not only for this list of playing card game names but also for internationally renowned names of card games.

In its essence, Blackjack is purely based on luck. The game uses four to six decks of cards to prevent card counting, a felony.

The game aims to get as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer's hand. This is best if the sum of your cards is exactly 21, which is Blackjack!

The value of the cards is given below:

  • Each numbered card carries the same value as the rank. Therefore, a 6 of spades is worth 6 points, a 5 of hearts is 5 points, and so on.
  • The face cards, i.e., Jacks, Queens, and Kings, are worth 10 points each. Therefore, if you get 2 face cards, for instance, a King and a Queen, you already have 20 points.
  • The Ace is worth 11 points in most cases. However, in some games, an Ace can be worth 1 point at the discretion of the players and the House.

How to play the game:

The game starts when the players place a bet. The dealer then deals two cards for the player(s) and themselves, one at a time. The player's cards are all facing up, but one of the dealer's cards is facing up, and one is facing down.

Now comes the interesting part, where the players determine their next action. There are four things you can do at this point.

  1. You can choose to stand where you are, metaphorically. It means you signal that you don't need more cards by waving your hand over them from side to side.
  2. You can ask for more cards to reach 21 by tapping on your cards, which signifies 'Hit me.'
  3. If you see that you have a good hand and a possibility to beat the dealer, you can bet again by doubling down on your original betting amount.
  4. Remember what we said about having two face cards totaling 20? Well, here's what you do if that happens. Ask the dealer to split the hand into two games. You have to match your initial betting amount, but you can ask for more cards for both hands, which are played simultaneously.
  5. You can opt for insurance too. If the dealer has an Ace showing, which is 11 points, then it is highly probable that they have a 10 or any of the face cards, which means they have Blackjack! To insure yourself, you can add another half of your original bet for insurance. If the dealer does have Blackjack, you win double the insurance amount, which is technically your original bet.

Once you've indicated your action and made your bets, the dealer will deal the cards if you asked for them, and upon completing the action and closing the bets, they'll turn over their second card.

You win if your total cards' value is more than the dealer who doesn't have Blackjack.

If you get Blackjack, then you win.

If the dealer has Blackjack and so do you, then you exchange payments.

If the total sum value of your cards is over 21, you're busted, and you lose your bet.

If the total of your cards is very low, then the House wins.

Tips to win:

Blackjack is an individual game with multiple decks. Therefore, the gameplay of other players has no consequence on your game. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • If Ace is worth 11 points and the dealer has one, then bet the insurance; otherwise, don't.
  • Count the total of your cards. If it is too low, only then 'Hit'; otherwise, it stands.
  • If you split your hand and the next card dealt is a face card or 10, stand. If it is Ace, then you have Blackjack. If it is below 5, only then 'Hit.'
  • Consider doubling down if the dealer has a low-ranking card below 5 and you have 18 or above.

And now you know why Blackjack is so much fun to play.

v. Kings in the Corner

Another very entertaining name on the card games list is Kings in the corner. A variant and precursor to solitaire, Kings in the corner is an amazing game to pass the time. This game aims to quickly make piles of all four suits by adding to the running piles before your opponents finish their cards in hand.

How to play:

The dealer starts by distributing 7 cards to each player and placing the remaining pile in the center of the table. Then, they take the top 4 cards and place each of them in the north, south, east, and west of the deck. These cards face upwards to build your foundation. If any of the four cards is a King, the dealer places it at one of the table's four corners and replaces the foundation pile with another card.

Now the game begins with the player to the right of the dealer picking the top card from the deck. They can add it to their hand cards or play it on a foundation pile.

The game continues as each player takes turns adding as many cards as possible in descending or ascending order around the foundation piles. If a player comes across a King, they must add it to one of the corners to start building a pile underneath. Once a player runs out of cards in their hands, the game is over.

Tips to win

Kings in the corner is a sequential game; therefore, you can win if you quickly make valid sequences. Here are a few tips that will help you:

  • Organize your cards in hand by suit and hierarchy so you can easily identify a sequence.
  • Add the kings to the corners quickly to build valid sequences as fast as possible.
  • Take the first few rounds to add cards to your hand, then utilize your turn to the maximum potential by adding as many sequential cards as possible.
  • If you notice the cards that stumped the other players, hold on to the next card for as long as possible to delay them. That's, of course, unless you need the card to finish your sequence too.

You can win Kings in the corner by simply being vigilant of your cards.

vi. Uno

If you're looking for a fun card game online, Uno is the answer. It is a simple game played with three or more players and a special deck called Uno cards.

The game's objective is to finish all the cards dealt out to you before your opponents.

How to play:

The game begins with each player receiving seven cards; the rest are left in a pile. One player begins by playing one card, and the other players must follow the same color or the same number.

Four colors have numbered cards from 0 to 9 with a set of reverse cards, +2 draw cards, and skip-turn cards. A player can play one of these action cards instead of numbers, and the following player must commit the action. There are also 4 wild cards to change the color of the running suit and four +4 cards, which, when played, the following player must pick 4 cards from the pile. Players who cannot follow suit must pick a card from the pile.

The game continues till only one player remains holding cards in their hands.

Tips to win

Uno is a family-friendly game, but there are still some tips you can use to finish your cards quickly:

  • When a player plays the +2 card, you can add another +2 instead of picking two cards.
  • Keep track of which number and color cards players play comfortably, and switch the color during your turn.
  • You can add the wild card to switch to the color you have the most. This is especially helpful when only two players are in a playoff.

Play Uno for fun more than a competition, and you'll end up with laughter.

vii. Teen Patti

This popular gameplay has inspired several cards game online. The gameplay is quite similar to Poker, except there are only three cards each player can use to proclaim a better hand.

How to play:

At the start of the game, the players all pool together a certain sum of money for the pot, then the dealer distributes three cards to each player, one at a time.

The players can choose whether to play as blind or as seen. A blind players cannot look at their cards when they are betting. Their betting amount can be anything as long as it is less than twice the amount in the stake. A 'seen' player can look at their cards, and their betting must start from twice the amount in the stake but not four times the amount.

A few scenarios in Teen Patti involve a mutual understanding between the players.

  1. A blind player can request to show, meaning they need to deposit twice the amount of the running stake and ask other players to show their cards. At this point, the blind player becomes a seen player. A seen player cannot request a show if their opponent(s) are playing blind.
  2. If all the players at a table are seen, they can request to show the cards by paying double the current stake amount.
  3. The players can also request to compromise among themselves. If two players agree to a compromise, the player with the high-ranking cards continues the game while the player with the low-ranking cards has to fold.

Based on these mutual showing options, the players will be rewarded as follows:

  • If the compromising players have the same-ranking hands, the player who did not request the compromise will continue in the game while the other folds.
  • If the players all show their cards and the value ranking is equal, then only the player who didn't pay to show the cards wins the stack.
  • Upon showing, whichever player holds the highest-ranking cards wins the game.

The raking of cards is similar to poker, wherein you can have

  • A Trio of the same ranking cards in different suits,
  • A straight run of three consecutive cards in the same suit,
  • A normal run of consecutive cards in different suits,
  • A color run of three cards of the same color and suit but non-consecutive ranks,
  • A pair of the same rank but in different suits,
  • A combo of three high-value cards from any suit.

If a player doesn't want to continue betting after seeing their cards, they can fold, but they will lose whatever money they wagered.

Tips to win

As you can see, Teen Patti is a high-stakes game. Therefore, you can use the following tips to win the game:

  • Much like poker, maintain a poker face and an inexplicable body language.
  • Playing blind reduces your stake, so if all the players place small bets, stay blind for a while before you see your cards.
  • Don't raise too much at once when you have a great hand. Let other players think they have an advantage and raise for a while first.
  • If you don't have a good hand, either fold quickly or observe how other players are betting to make an educated guess.
  • With an almost winnable hand, wait for players to fold but don't actively bet.

And now you know how you can make money with Teen Patti.

viii. Bluff

There are many popular card games in India. One such card game name is Bluff. It is a simple card game played with one or two decks without the joker.

The game aims to finish the cards in hand as quickly as possible by successfully bluffing about it.

How to play:

As stated, the premise of this card game, online or offline, is pretty simple.

All the cards are dealt out equally among all the players. The player who goes first will announce they are playing a card of a certain rank in singles or multiples. For instance, they can say 'two 6s,' and put two cards on the table, facing down.

The other players must look at their hands, call their Bluff, or play more cards. So, if the first player bluffed about their sixes, another player holding three sixes in a single-deck game can call their Bluff. In this case, the first player has to pick up both cards again. If the other players don't want to call their Bluff, they'll announce how many cards of that rank they are playing and place that many cards on the center of the pile, also facing downwards.

The players must only bluff or place cards of the same rank that is running. The game continues this way until one player successfully removes all the cards in their hands and is declared the winner.

In essence, Bluff is more fun when played with multiple decks as it prevents card-counting and increases the chances of a player bluffing.

Tips to win:

Bluff is a simple and fun game, so winning depends on how well you can maintain a poker face and Bluff about the cards you have. Still, there are a few tricks you can use to win the game:

  • If you're the first to start a new rank, then bluff about the cards you're playing. That means if you're holding three sixes, then say that you're playing two sixes and put down one six and another card of another rank. When the turn comes back to you after all the players have played their sixes, you can put down your remaining 6s. This way, you get rid of extra cards.
  • Don't bluff when other players are playing multiple cards of a rank. If caught, you must collect all the cards played and lose.
  • Bluff in small numbers at the beginning of a set.

The game is simple, so have fun bluffing and winning quickly.

ix. Satte pe Satta

The name of card games usually tells you the objective, and none are as clear as Satte pe Satta. The objective of this game is to finish all the cards in hand by simply playing them in sequential order.

How to play:

The game begins with one single deck of cards distributed evenly among all the players at the table. The player dealt the 7 of hearts gets to start the game by playing it on the table.

The next player must follow both suit and the sequence, which means they have to play either a card of one rank lower or higher. So 8 of hearts and 6 of hearts are the only playable options. If the following player does not have a suitable card, they can either play a seven from another suit to start a new line of options or pass their turn.

The game continues with each player playing consecutive cards in ascending or descending order. The card ranks start with Ace and end with King, i.e., Ace is the lowest-ranking card, and King is the highest.

The game ends when one player successfully finishes all the cards in their hands.

The players who still have cards remaining in their hands are assigned points based on the sum of the ranks. After several rounds, the player with the lowest score wins the game.

Sattte pe satta ranks pretty high among the top card games in India because you can play it with adults and children. It is a great precursor to solo memory games and solitaire.

Satte pe Satta's rules are clear that players must only add cards by hierarchy. Whether you ascend or descend, make sure to follow the sequence.

Tips to win:

Since this game doesn't require trick-taking, high cards, or trumps, it is easy to win by thinking ahead. Here are a couple of tips to finish your cards quickly in Satte pe Satta:

  • Organize your cards in hand by suit and hierarchy. That way, you will easily find cards that fit the sequence.
  • If you don't have a card in a hierarchy to follow suit, try to start a new suite of seven.
  • If you have cards of the same suit that's running, then avoid playing sixes or eights of a certain suit. Play the other cards, so your opponents are forced to pass.

Since the game's objective is to finish all the cards in your hand quickly, don't hold onto cards that you need to finish your sequence. Only block other players if you don't need to discard the cards in that sequence. For instance, if you have the 6 of clubs, hold on to it if you don't have any lower-ranking cards of clubs. If you have a 3 of clubs waiting, release the 6 quickly and hold on to the 3 instead to prevent the 2 and Ace of clubs from being played.

The game is fairly easy and suitable for game nights with the entire family.

x. 3 2 5 card game

The 3 2 5 is among those card games in India that you can play with all age groups. It is a trick-taking game involving laughter and minimum risk because there's no cash involved.

3 2 5 uses a reduced deck with only 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces, where Ace is high. It is a three-player game with 30 cards instead of 52. Therefore, the deck is divided equally among all players.

How to play:

The dealer starts the game by dealing 5 cards to each player, and the one on their right chooses a trump. Then the dealer hands out three more cards, and each player can look at them all before the last two cards for each player are dealt. In total, each player now holds ten cards.

The one on the dealer's left must win 2 tricks, the one beside them must win 3 tricks, and the last player must win 5 tricks. After one game, including ten tricks, the players' trick designation shifts clockwise.

The first player plays a card, and the net players must follow suit with higher-ranking cards. If a player does not have a card in the same suit, they can play a trump card to win the trick.

The designation shifts if the players complete their desired number of tricks, and the gameplay continues. If a player fails to make the number of tricks they were assigned, then the one who won the highest trick and the losing player perform a card trade. That means the winning player gets to choose any card randomly from the losing player's hand and exchange it for a card they don't want. Both the cards are unseen, of course, but it also makes the gameplay more challenging for the losing player in the next round.

The game's rules are quite simple, so all you need to focus on is collecting as many tricks as possible to prevent other players from finishing their assigned numbers. That's how you win the game after several rounds.

Tips to win the game:

Here are a couple of tricks even if you play this cards game online or offline:

  • If you are assigned to choose the trump card, use it to your advantage. Select the suite that dominates your hand. That means you have at least three or four cards of this suit in your hand. It will give you the advantage of winning the maximum number of tricks.
  • If you're required to win only 2 tricks, aim for more. This way, someone is losing, and in the next round, when you need to win five, you will have an advantage when you exchange the cards. You can pick a high card and discard a low-ranking card that is not a trump, thus improving your odds.

The game is pretty easy, so you will have fun and minimum competition if you play your cards right.

Benefits Of Playing A Cards Game Online On GetMega

As we have mentioned before, GetMega is an online gaming platform. This app allows users to play a card, casual, and trivia games to enlighten the mind and win tons of cash and cool prizes.

However, let's come back to something we discussed earlier.

You see, not all card games are family-friendly. You could get into real trouble when you bet money on types of cards game that is considered prohibited activity due to the risks of developing gambling problems. However, when these same activities are played through a legally certified forum or gaming channel, they can be great for your pocket and earn you recognition on a worldwide platform.

One such channel is GetMega, certified to hold tournaments and contests for card games and allow players to win a lot of money with their skills in any card game online.

Here are a few benefits of playing a cards game online on GetMega:

  • We cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to play a card game online on a certified channel like GetMega.
  • The platform verifies each profile before they are allowed to play.
  • Each player must have the money required to join a card game online. Therefore, you will never be cheated out of your winnings because of credit settlements.
  • GetMega holds legal and advantageous contests and tournaments on the platform for pro-level players.
  • The platform has cash games running at all times for amateurs and beginners to participate with pro players so they can earn while learning more tricks.
  • You can play the most popular card games on GetMega, and if you're uncertain how to play, there is an easily-accessible set of rules and tips.
  • You can earn a substantial living by playing a card game online.
  • You can also win cool cash prizes and gifts, including mobile phones and gold coins. All you have to do is participate in the special paid leaderboards.

There is a multitude of other benefits of popular card games on GetMega. Initiate your profile today and start playing. You won't regret it.

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