Donkey Card Game: Basic Rules, How To Play, and Pro Tips


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The donkey card game, or the donkey monkey card game, is a collection card game played with multiple players. This is not to be confused with the Donkey Kong card game, which is a variety of board games. The Donkey card game, also known as "Old Maid" or "Pass the Donkey," is a fun and simple game often played by children.

It requires a standard deck of cards with one card removed, usually the Queen of Hearts, which becomes the "Donkey" card. Players are dealt cards and take turns exchanging cards with the player to their left, trying to collect pairs. The goal is to avoid being left with the Donkey card at the end, as the player holding it loses the game. Donkey is a light-hearted game that encourages strategy and luck while providing entertainment for players of all ages. 

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How To Play Donkey Card Game?

The donkey playing cards are usually from a rook deck with large numbers printed for kids. However, you can also play a donkey card game using a regulation deck.

The game's objective is to pass around the cards until the players are holding 4 of one kind. For instance, 4 fives or four aces, etc.

The game begins by distributing the whole deck to all the players, although the dealing may not be equal. Some players may end up with more cards than others.

The players each take turns passing a card to the player on their left and receive a card from the player on their right. The gameplay continues in this fashion till one player establishes a four-of-a-kind in their hand. Once they have the four cards, they place their entire stack on the table, facing down. Then they slide their hands under the table too.

Other players must take notice and follow suit by putting their cards facing down on the table and sliding their hands under the table. The last player still holding their cards is declared the Donkey, and they will then have to run around the table bleating 'Hee Haw.'

When playing the donkey card game on online platforms, players won't have to run around the table, but this prospect is funny and entertaining for children.

donkey monkey

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Rules Of Donkey Card Game

Since the game is mostly for kids, the donkey monkey card game rules are pretty basic and simplistic. The donkey card game rules are as follows:

  • The players must only pass one card at a time.
  • The players must pass cards to their left and receive from the player on their right.
  • The players must pass cards simultaneously so no player can evaluate their cards and decide which card they want to give away after seeing what they received.
  • A player must pass a card before picking up the card that was passed to them.
  • Players must always place their cards facing down when they acquire four of a kind.
  • The players must put their hands under the table to signify that they have achieved their goal silently. They cannot say it out loud.
  • All the players at the table must be vigilant to notice when one player among them has put their hands under the table.
  • The player who fails to take notice or does so very late in the game must agree to run around the table as the Donkey.

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How Is The Donkey Decided In A game?

When a donkey card game player achieves four of a kind, they lay down their cards on the table and slide their hands under the table. The other players vigilantly look at their cards to determine if they have a set.

During this commotion, the other players must also notice when one or more players slide their hands under the table and do the same. Whichever player is left holding their cards, deep in thought, is the odd one out.

The odd person becomes the Donkey and must run around the table screaming 'Hee Haw.' There are no donkey card game tricks, given that it is played among kids for fun and to develop a sense of being present in their surroundings.

donkey card game

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How do I set up the Donkey card game?

  • To set up the Donkey card game, gather players, shuffle a standard deck, and deal four cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in the center as the draw pile, and designate a "Donkey" card. The player with the lowest card goes first.

What are the basic rules of the Donkey card game?

  • The Donkey card game involves players trying to form pairs and avoid being the last to do so. A player who forms a pair discreetly places it face-down and says "Donkey." The last player remaining without a pair earns the "Donkey" card, and the game continues.

Can I play Donkey with a standard deck of cards?

  • Yes, you can play Donkey with a standard 52-card deck. Remove any jokers and decide whether to include or exclude certain cards for a specific number of players. The game adapts well to different deck configurations.

Are there variations or house rules for Donkey?

  • Yes, players often introduce variations to the Donkey card game. Common changes include using special cards as wilds, implementing penalties for specific actions, or adjusting the pair requirements. House rules can add unique twists to enhance the game's enjoyment.

What strategies can I employ to win at Donkey?

  • Winning at Donkey involves strategic card play. Pay attention to opponents' actions, bluff to mislead others, and aim to form pairs inconspicuously. Timing is crucial – be observant and strike when the opportunity arises to avoid earning the "Donkey" card.
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