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Poker might be a game of aggressiveness and action, but there is always a window for protecting your cards and invoking privacy against other players in the game. You might think how awful one would feel to lose at a showdown and to reveal their cards for others to further chew over them. However, online poker rooms have the exact solution to avoid that embarrassment. The players are allowed to have control over what happens to their cards after a showdown – enter show, muck and auto muck in poker. This article gives a brief view on the aforesaid options available in poker.

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What does muck mean during a showdown?

Showdown practically is supposed to be the final act in a game of poker after all the initial rounds have been done for leaving only two or three players at the final table.  The betting that goes between these players is known as the showdown. Showdown generally involves players turning their cards over to reveal all their hands at the end of the game and establishing one true winner of the game. However, if one tends to lose the showdown, they can essentially have their cards not revealed to the other players in the game and can also be referred to as “muck”.

Muck can only be used if your turn to reveal the hands comes after the winning showdown of another player. On the other hand, if you are comfortable enough to reveal your cards even if you have lost, that option is still valid. In situations of online poker games, other players involved in the game can ask to see your hand through the hand history by the end of the game only if you had chosen the “muck” option.

What does auto muck mean in poker?

In situations where one loses the showdown and has chosen the option of auto muck in poker, then their cards would automatically be revealed to the other players on the table without the approval or consultation of the player in question. Most of the online poker rooms have been equipped with three options that appear before the showdown of the game namely show, muck and auto muck hand. The players can auto-muck their hand in certain situations like when they already know they have a losing hand before folding their cards on the table.

How to use auto muck in poker?

·         Many strategists would recommend and prefer you to choose the auto muck option way before the showdown because of the reasons mentioned and also to push for a faster action packed game. If not for the auto muck hand, the player will be stuck with the options of show and muck, and eventually, the player might just choose muck which will turn out to be a waste of time. Hence, turning on the auto muck hand in the beginning is the best bet to have a fun and quick game of poker.

·         It is a common practice for most of the skilled and experienced players to jump into the hand history right after the showdown to review the hands owned by their opponents. This is their chance to extricate any sort of information that they can get on their opponents and use that knowledge against them in the future games. In case of auto muck in poker, they wouldn’t be able to check others’ hand history, leaving the players’ cards as a mystery for another day.

·         In the game settings that appear prior to the showdown, “Don't Show When Folding Last” can also mean auto muck in poker. So, selecting this option would lead to mucking your hand automatically if you were to fold last among the other players in the game. “Muck losing game” and “Don’t show winning hand” can almost mean the same thing as it auto mucks the hand if you were either losing the game or prefer not to reveal your winning hand.

Now that you know about these terms, you can certainly use these practically, while playing a game of poker online. Download the GetMega Poker app now and register yourself in any of the contests to win money.

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