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One thing everyone seems to have known about poker is that they require a lot of money to play big tournaments of poker. Well, for the most part, the aforesaid statement does hold some truth to it but it isn’t the entire truth. You don’t always need to have pockets filled with cash to play a game of poker. The amount of money you need to put in depends on the variant and the type of poker the house hosting the game decides to play. One way to play poker without a lot of money is to play a poker game that follows the button ante system. In this article, we talk about how button ante is used in poker and its due benefits.

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What exactly is button ante in poker?

To delve deeper into the button ante in poker, one has to know the true meaning of ante. Ante is a compulsory bet for every hand of every player, meaning that each player has to contribute a certain amount of money to the pot. Now, coming back to the significance of button ante in poker – it basically means that the person on the button will have to pay up the ante for the whole table instead of everyone pitching in.

Button Ante in poker

Effect of button ante in poker

Button ante in poker seems to be quite the fan-favorite among the players. This is mainly due to the fact that the action in this game moves way more swiftly when compared to a general ante tournament. The dealer doesn’t have to wait in on more than ten players to pay up their predetermined amount, instead, he can just sweep away that amount from the player who is on the button. This makes the game much more effective and leaves so much room for the rest of the gameplay.

Even individually, players preferred giving out chips once in a round rather than having to put in chips every single hand of the round. In this way, the button ante in poker is way more aggressive and sets a lively environment during the game. Button ante also pushed for the usage of small stacks before blinds. If one is unsuccessful in folding their hands before the big blind, they will be forced to pay big blind, small blind, and button ante in their successive hands according to the rules of the game.

Impact of button ante

Who is using the Button Ante?

The button ante is rarely seen at this point in time. It has been used by The Playground since early 2017. Several online tournaments on sites such as Party Poker and Dusk Till Dawn have recently launched. Button Ante has been incorporated by various casinos in Asia and Europe. The Tournament Directors’ Association position appears to be wait and see before they comment on the practice. Button ante will surely be accepted majorly in the world gaining complete acceptance in the future.

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Which is better – Big blind or Button ante in poker?

Some believe that a big blind ante is a much more effective and convenient way to play in comparison to a button ante. This is because the game moves quickly as the dealer only has to collect two bets per hand instead of the original three bets, excluding the case of a dead button. The single ante system proved to be an easier structure in the long term as it not only helped the dealers but also helped the players struggling to find change for any small chips that they didn’t possess. However, a few other players might argue that button ante in poker is much more forgiving on their pockets and doesn’t require them to put out both big blind and big blind ante at the same time. This saves the players a lot of money and would be one of the few reasons for them to choose button ante in poker.

There was always a much-heated debate and argument over which one should be used to pay the poker ante for the table. In the end, it depends on the game you are playing and the kind of betting you want. All this is predetermined by the casino or the online host that you are playing at.

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