Blank in Poker

Blank in Poker

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Poker is an interesting card-game with a trio of variants. These are stud, draw and community card poker. There are a lot of terms that are commonly used in the game with some of them being official ones and some being just nicknames. Nonetheless, it is important to understand what these terms mean so that you have a better hang of what the game is about. One can safely say that any variant of poker is all about the hands you have and what you make of them. Be it a royal flush or a four-of-a-kind or a full house, you need to have certain cards to make them. However, there are a few cards that do not add any value to your hand, and they are called a blank in poker.

Let us explain this further.

What is a blank in poker?

Empty, null, worth nothing - These are the dictionary meanings of “blank”. In fact, a blank in poker also means something similar. It is something that adds no value to the cards of players who are left in the hand. It is mostly used to refer to a community card while playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha. Each player deals with an incomplete hand in these games. If the player gets a card that adds no value to his/her hand in turn, the hand remains incomplete. In fact, it might be a card that cannot be of any help to any player. This is exactly the reason why it is called the blank card.

Let’s consider a small example to understand the meaning of a blank card in poker better. If you get a trio of A-K-9 in the flop and the 10 in turn, then a 4 will be a “poker blank” card as it cannot help complete any of the winning hands.

A blank in poker can also be referred to as a “brick” or “bomb”. In some other games such as Tarock games, French Tarot or the Brusbart family of games, similar names are given to very low-scoring cards.

Though a blank in pokeris meaningless for a player in the game, it is necessary to understand what it means. It might not complete any hand for a particular player but may be useful for others. There are many such small but relevant terms which are a must to know for every poker player. So, always consider yourself a learner and keep improving your game.

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