Mendicot Card Game: How To Play, Rules, Tips, Strategies And More

Mendicot Card Game: How To Play, Rules, Tips, Strategies And More

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What is mendicot?

The मेंढीकोट or Mendicot card game is a trick-taking game wherein players are divided into partnerships and the partners sit opposite each other. The objective of the game is to win as many tricks as possible with the highest number of tens from all four suits in play.

Mendicot in English roughly means collecting tens.

The gameplay continues for 13 rounds where the partners with the highest number of tens win the game. If the number of tens collected is equally divided between both teams then the highest number of tricks collected wins the game.

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How to play Mendicot – Rules, tips, and tricks to strategize

In Mendicot there are 4 players in total with 2 players in each team playing the game. The dealer and teams are chosen by drawing cards. The two players who choose the highest cards constitute one partnership whereas the other two players make the second partnership.

How to play mendicot card game

The Mendicot game uses a standard regulation deck of 52 cards that are equally divided among all the players and then they choose the trump card based on the following three variations:

  1. The player to the right of the dealer chooses one card from their hand and placed it face-down. When the need to play a trump arises, they reveal the trump card, and the suit it belongs to becomes the trump suit.
  2. The dealer draws a random card during the shuffle and the suit for that particular card is declared as the trump.
  3. The gameplay begins and when a player is stuck to play a card from the leading suit of that round can play any card from their hand. As per Mendicot rules, the suit for this card becomes the trump for the following rounds.

The players try to match the leading suit and play the highest card to win the trick. The objective remains to collect as many tens as possible during the Mendicot game tricks won.

Mendicot rules:

  • Each player must play a card from the suit that is leading the Mendicot trick.
  • If a trump is predetermined then the player can play a trump card to win the Mendicot tricks.
  • If the trump is not yet declared, a player has the liberty to play a card from a suit that is dominating their hand. This suit becomes the trump, thus giving the player an advantage.
  • At the end of the Mendicot game, if one of the teams has 3 or 4 tens then they win.
  • The top prior mendicot rules is to have maximum number of tens after 13 mandicot tricks of the game.
  • If during the Mendicot card game, the number of tens is divided equally as 2 tens for each team then the partners who collected seven or more Mendicot game tricks win the game.
  • If a team loses all 13 tricks to their opposing team then it is called a Whitewash.

Although the gameplay for Mendicot is fairly simple, you can use some tips and tricks to win the maximum number of Mendicot tricks:

  1. Store your high-ranking cards to win the Mendicot tricks where opposing players play their tens.
  2. Play your own tens when the opposing players have laid down low-ranking cards.
  3. Aim to collect all 4 tens in Mendicot card game.
  4. If you and your partner already lost 2 tens but still collected the remaining two then aim to win at least seven tricks to win the Mendicot game.

Mendicot is a fun and exciting game that you can now play on your computers and cell phones. There are several Mendicot games that you can download or you can play Mendicot game online for practice.

Scoring in the Mendicot Game

The team of players that has 3 or 4 tens in its tricks eventually wins the deal. If every team of players has two tens, then the winners are the team that won seven or more tricks.

Mendicot is called when all the four tens are captured for winning.

Scoring in the mendicot game

There is no official scoring method for Mendicot. The objective of the game is to simply win as much as possible, but a mendicot win is considered better than normal winning.

The result determines which member of the losing team should deal next, as follows:

  • If the dealer's team wins, the dealing turn is given or passed to the right.
  • If the dealer's team loses, the same player continues to deal unless they lose a whitewash (all 13 tricks), in which case the deal passes to the dealer's partner.

Variants of the Mendicot Card Game

In मेंढीकोट (Mendicot card game) more than 4 players like 6 or 8 people can play as two equal teams, each player sitting between two opponents. In this case, the four twos are discarded from the deck, and the remaining cards are dealt equally to the players.

Dehla Pakad is a variant of the mendicot game, played in the Northern part of India.

  1. The main difference is that in Dehla Pakad tricks are gathered only when a player wins two consecutive tricks.
  2. When a player is unable to follow a suit, he can choose to play any card.
  3. The first team to win a total of 5 Kots is declared as the winner.

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