Whist Card Game: Basic Rules, How To Play, and Pro Tips

Whist Card Game: Basic Rules, How To Play, and Pro Tips

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Whist is a traditional trick-taking card game that originated in England and became popular in the 18th century. It is played with four players divided into two teams. The purpose of Whist is to win tricks with specific high-ranking cards or combinations.

The game begins with a regular deal of 13 cards for each player. The last card dealt determines the trump suit, and in order to win the trick, players must either follow suit or play a trump card.

There are various versions of whist, including solo whist, bid whist, and knockout whist, each with its own set of rules and strategy. Players bid on the amount of tricks they expect to win, which adds a layer of prediction and risk to the game.

Whist Meaning in Card Game

The significance of Whist cards online and offline means a game where players team up in a pair and try to win by scoring on tricks.

Tricks are several hands played and secured by playing the highest card.

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How To Play Whist Card Game?

The whist game begins by dealing all 52 cards in a deck among four players. Each player has a teammate who sits opposite them. A trump card is established based on the last card that was dealt.

The tricks begin when one player plays the first card, and the other players play cards from the same suit. If they do not have a card from that suit, they can play another one from their hand. The goal here is to outrank the cards played by other players and secure the trick for themselves.

On a Whist card game online, the players will take turns, and the computer algorithm will keep track of the number of tricks you win.

Solitaire card game rule, solitaire is a classic single-player card game with straightforward rules. The objective is to build four foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King, separated by suit. Players arrange the rest of the cards in tableau columns, alternating colors and descending ranks. Cards can be moved between tableau columns based on specific rules, such as moving sequences of descending cards onto one another. The game continues until all cards are in the foundation piles or no more moves are possible, with the goal being to complete the game in as few moves as possible.

Scoring In Whist Card Game

To score, each player must win no less than 7 tricks. This is because scores are awarded after the 6th trick. Therefore, if a player hasn’t scored 6 tricks by then, their score remains zero. If a player scores 7 or more tricks, then their score is 1 or higher, i.e., starting from game 6, they get 1 point for each trick they secure.

The player or team to win 5 points first wins the game.

Deals In Whist

The 52 Whist cards in a deck are thoroughly shuffled before each player is dealt 13 cards. The dealer is predetermined by all players drawing cards from the deck, and the one to draw the smallest whist cards wins the position.

Once all cards are dealt, the last is turned facing up to establish trump. This card goes to the dealer, and the player to their left starts the game.

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Different Types Of Whist Card Game

Here is the list of types of whist card games:

Knockout Whist - The knockout whist rules are simple. The game is played singularly among 3 to 7 players with no teams or partnerships. There are multiple rounds in the whist game/whist type wherein each player must score at least one whist trick. The player is eliminated if they win zero tricks at the end of a round. The game proceeds with the remaining players till one player emerges victorious as the last one stands.

Honors – If a team holds all four Honour Cards in their whist hands, i.e., J, Q, K, A, they are awarded an additional 4 points. If a team scores Honours, but the other team wins in Tricks points, then the team with the highest trick points wins.

Dummy Whist – It is a variation where only three players play the game, and instead of a kitty, if a player wins the auction, they receive a dummy whist hand.

Basic Rule of Whist Card Game

It would be best if you remembered a few whist game rules at the playing table regardless of whether you play Whist online with friends or at a table. These whist rules are also applicable for solo games of Whist.

  1. There is no bidding in Whist.
  2. In partnership with Whist games, the teams are determined beforehand for the entire game series.
  3. Partners must always sit opposite each other.
  4. In knockout Whist online and offline versions, there are no partnerships allowed.
  5. A Whist card game online use 52 cards. Offline Whist cards must be from a regulation deck without the jokers.
  6. Ace is high, and 2 is the lowest card in the hierarchy.
  7. The player on the left of the dealer must shuffle the whist cards. The player on the right is dealt the first card.
  8. The final card must belong to the dealer’s whist hand and should be dealt face-up to establish trump.
  9. The dealer must keep the last dealt whist card on the table till it is their turn to play the trick.
  10. The winner of the previous trick plays the first card in the next while trick.
type of whist

The Sequence board game is a popular strategy-based game that combines elements of card games and board games. Players aim to create sequences of five chips in a row on the game board by matching cards from their hands with spaces on the board. Strategy involves blocking opponents and strategically placing chips to create sequences while also disrupting your opponents' progress.

Strategies To Win A Whist Card Game

A little sprinkling of Whist strategy could help you win the maximum tricks in a whist game:

  • Play low-value whist hands when your opponents are playing higher values.
  • Try to win as many tricks as possible in the beginning to improve your chance of scoring after the 6th round.
  • Use probability with card counting to determine what whist cards your opponents may be holding.
  • You can lose some tricks on purpose so your opponents believe you only have lower-value cards.
  • If you’re playing Knockout whist, win at least two rounds in each game to avoid being eliminated.

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What are the rules of the card game whist?

  • The rules of the card game Whist involve players trying to win tricks by playing the highest card of the led suit. Trumps can also be played to beat other suits. Each player typically receives 13 cards from a standard deck.

How many types of whist are there?

  • There are primarily two types of Whist: English Whist and American Whist. English Whist is the traditional version, while American Whist incorporates variations such as Bid Whist and Knockout Whist.

What are the rules of playing cards?

  • The general rules of playing cards involve:
  1. Understanding the value of each card in the deck.
  2. Following suit if possible.
  3. Winning tricks by playing the highest-ranking card.

What is the rule of 11 in the whist?

  • The "Rule of 11" in Whist refers to a strategic principle where players can deduce information about the distribution of unseen cards based on the cards played in a trick, specifically when counting the number of cards higher than the one led.

How do you play whist for beginners?

  • Beginners can learn to play Whist by familiarizing themselves with the rules, practicing basic card-playing techniques such as leading strong suits and avoiding unnecessary risks, and gradually developing strategies for winning tricks and managing hands.
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