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With the growing need to find alternative ways to make money these days, we are seeing more apps like My 11 Circle sprout out. These apps are optimized to promote making money using your vast knowledge of sporting events and playing games.

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My 11 Circle is an app endorsed by Sourav Ganguly himself and it features unique earning opportunities through Cricket Fantasy Leagues. You can create particular batting leagues or bowling leagues or you can partake in the traditional methods of creating an all-encompassing team. The app pays using multipliers when you win instead of ratios which is also a plus point and sets it apart among My 11 Circle competitors.

Still, there is scope for better-earning potential via different games besides Cricket. You can participate in games yourself too and earn money, which provides better control of your finances.

Thus, today, we will discuss a few apps like My 11 Circle that you can use to make money.

Explore few less-known tips which can secure a win every time you play.

List of Apps Similar To Fan Duel

There are other apps like My 11 Circle that allow you to not only create your own Fantasy Leagues but also partake in a little betting action. You can even play your favorite games to earn money. Here are the top apps that we recommend:

1. GetMega

GetMega is the best app like My 11 Circle even though it is not optimized for Fantasy Sports. The site is actually a full-blown gaming platform wherein you can participate in quiz games, casual games, and even legalized casino games. The app is certified so there’s nothing to worry about.

The Trivia games include quizzes based on General Knowledge and Math. You even have a visually stimulating game called Pic Me.

There is a multitude of casual games such as Pool, Warship, Carom, ABC Rummy, Dot and Dash, and several others.

You can also play casino games like Rummy and Poker. Every game offers cash games and contests. There are also regular tournaments held on the platform to encourage more earnings from playing games.

All the games have a set of rules that are easily accessible so if you don’t know how to play something, just go through the guidelines. You can play against amateurs and professionals and earn lots of money.

The site does require a little investment but they start at as low as Rs. 5 for low-stakes games. There are also high-stakes tournaments and cash games so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and skills.

This is a great platform to launch a professional online gaming career, especially in Poker. All the money that you earn can be withdrawn using PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, and other such verified channels.

2. Mobile Premier League

A ‘My 11 Circle’ alternative app with additional features is MPL. It is a My 11 Circle jaisa app but they have more earning options.

For one, you can create your fantasy leagues in this app but you can do more. You can also partake in a little sports betting with good odds. You need in-app coins to invest in your fantasy leagues and betting but you can earn them in the app itself by watching videos and completing other small tasks. Although, if you want to participate in full-fledged sporting events, it is easier to just add some money from your bank account.

The app also offers casino games that you can play to entertain yourself and earn a little extra cash. All the amount can be withdrawn using PayTM and other secure payment options.

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3. My Team 11

If you’re looking for apps like My 11 Circle for Football, then you may like My Team 11.

This app supports both Cricket and Football fantasy leagues. You have options to create your private team or partake in public leagues.

The concepts are similar where you can select a specific upcoming cricket match or football game and build your dream fantasy league with the top players. If you score well, then the app pays up as per the ratio of their payout options available.

4. HalaPlay

A similar app like My 11 Circle in its entirety is HalaPlay. It is a Fantasy sports app that provides daily fantasy sporting events.

It is another viable option for apps like My 11 Circle for Football but there are also games like Kabaddi and Cricket. The earning potential on this app is good because they have diverse games and good options for choosing your players.

Much like My 11 Circle, you select your top players from both teams and if they perform well, then you get paid. You can easily withdraw your online earnings via PayTM. You need to invest money to participate in the events so choose which matches you think will be most profitable.

5. PayTM First Fantasy Leagues

PayTM First Games have been gaining quite a reputation in recent times to engage gamers and sports enthusiasts. Hence, the platform introduced the option for Fantasy sports apps like My 11 Circle.

There are various earning options in this app. For one, you can share your referral code with people and earn from that. Next, if these referenced accounts win money, you get a percentage of that amount too. Thirdly, you can create your own fantasy leagues for certain matches.

Aside from the Fantasy sports leagues, you can also partake in PayTM First games. These are small events wherein you can spin the wheel, play slots, and even participate in casual games. The money you win from these games and fantasy leagues is added to your PayTM account.

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How to Earn Money From Apps Like My 11 Circle?

You can use Apps like My 11 Circle to earn money for not only side hustles but also to make a living from your extensive knowledge of sporting events and games. These My 11 Circle-type apps are optimized such that when you make informed decisions based on facts pertaining to the teams, players, and the games themselves, you are rewarded with real earning potential.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Start by reviewing different apps like My 11 Circle. You will find a lot of options in referrals, betting, sports picks, gambling in casino games, and building your fantasy leagues as you do in My 11 Circle-like apps.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to one app. There are other sites like My 11 Circle which provide better odds and team options, including choosing your Captain and Vice-captains. Winning on these players results in added cash benefits.
  3. Learn about the promotions and offerings of similar apps like My 11 Circle. You can indulge in more than one app to improve your odds of winning and thereby earning.
  4. Study the aspects of the sporting events supported by apps similar to My 11 Circle. Keep yourself updated on penalty rules, player statistics, injuries, weather conditions that affect the gameplay, equipment, etc.
  5. Learn the tips and tricks that you can use when creating your own Fantasy leagues. Thus you can optimize your earnings with better odds.
  6. If you don’t want to indulge in Fantasy Leagues because let’s face it, they are risky, you can always play games on My 11 Circle alternatives such as GetMega. There you will have control over how much you invest and in what. You also know your own caliber better than you know that of the professional players. Therefore, your odds of betting on yourself and winning are much higher.
  7. Keep your expectations realistic. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Only invest money that you can stand to lose that way, if things don’t break your way, you’re not taking a major hit. If, on the other hand, you win, you earn a lot of cash.

In order to make good money from these apps, do your research before you start wagering your hard-earned money. They seem easy but nothing in life that brings you money should be taken at face value. Identify your own strengths and invest in apps like My 11 Circle when you are certain about the chances.

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How to Earn Money from Playing Games on GetMega?

GetMega, as we have discussed earlier, is an online gaming platform, similar to apps like My 11 Circle, except better. You can play a wide range of games on this platform and when you win, you earn money.

Here’s how you can use this gaming site to your advantage:

  • Start by creating your account on the platform using your Facebook profile. GetMega only allows verified profiles to play games to avoid scams. Using your facebook account makes it easier to verify your profile quickly.
  • You will receive a signup bonus once you log in and a referral code to go with that. You can share this code with other enthusiastic gamers who want to earn money.
  • Open your GetMega wallet and check if you have sufficient funds to start playing. If not, you can simply use secure payment gateways like PayTM or PhonePe to add money to your wallet.
  • Now, select games from the drop-down menu that entice you. There are cash games available for each event.
  • If you like a game but are uncertain about how to play it, then access the guidelines pertaining to that particular game and learn how to play it.
  • You will find several tournaments and contests too. Once you feel like you are proficient or at least capable of handling the gameplay against amateurs and professionals alike, you can partake in these.
  • There are also paid leaderboards. If you maintain your rank among the top 10 players here, you stand to win more than additional cash prizes. You can get gold coins, mobile phones, and other goodies.

Winning games on GetMega earns you cash. It is as simple as that. So, start playing and reap the benefits of this extraordinary platform that wants to help support your finances.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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