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Myteam11 has leaderboards for championship contests. You can choose your team and become the ultimate champion. The app gives ranks to players who play fantasy games like kabaddi, cricket, football, volleyball, basketball & many other sports.

GetMega has 24x7 leaderboards for Card & Casual Games which include Poker, Rummy, Carrom, & GoPool. The leaderboards are both task and winning based i.e. you can top the leaderboard by both winning or simply playing. The leaderboards are hourly (called flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly.

Players upto rank 10 i.e. position 10th can win the leaderboards prizes. The entry to these leaderboards is both free and paid based on the leaderboard you opt for. Players can win upto 100,000 every week from leaderboard along with attractive gadgets such as Gold Coin, Mobile Phone, & More.

User Interface

There’s no denying that Myteam11 fantasy games like cricket, kabaddi, cricket, football, volleyball, basketball offer a seamless experience to gamers.

Along with a simple and intuitive UI, the players also get to experience an intriguing gaming experience. The games can be played vertically or horizontally according to the demand of the gameplay. Both UI and UX are intuitive and interesting

Clean and user-friendly User Interface and Experience. GetMega has horizontal as well as vertical gameplay experience based on the game. For example, Poker, Carrom, Warship, etc have vertical gameplay whereas GoPool and Rummy have horizontal gameplay.

GetMega’s interface is intuitive and makes it very easy for players to interact with the games and earn.

Game Play

The most interesting thing about MyTeam11's Game Play is that it provides players with both horizontal as well as vertical experience. However, that certainly depends on the games.

Gamers can play a wide range of games in Myteam 11. For this reason, gamers only require registering through the registration form. The registration process is simple and can be done from the homepage or through Facebook or Google+ accounts.

You are able to choose the games in accordance with your preference. There are multiple games in the app. All you need to do is select the icon of the game.

The gameplay of GetMega is adapted for maximum entertainment and fun quotient. The gameplay is horizontal or vertical based on the game you play.

The elements of the game are optimally displayed which makes you focus on the game without worrying about anything else. The use of vibrant colors makes the key elements easy to identify and use.

Number Of Players

MyTeam 11 only lets real players play the games for the safety and security of the game. A valid government-provided ID and phone number are needed to register and play the game.

GetMega has all real players which are verified using a mobile number and Facebook profile. These players can be verified using their Facebook photos.

GetMega allows only real players and no bots. GetMega has over 5,000,000+ Signups, 50,000+ Monthly Active Players, & 10,000+ Daily Active Players.

Number of Games

Myteam 11 supports a series of fantasy games. The app caters to players with intriguing games that not only kill their boredom but also facilitate a seamless gaming experience. You can master your skills and play the Myteam 11 fantasy games. They offer tournaments and events in games like:
o Football
o Volleyball
o Basketball
o Hockey; and more

Master your favorite real cash games across 3 main categories i.e. Cards, Causal, & Trivia.

The games in the Cards category are:
1. Poker
2. Rummy

The games in the Casual category are:
1. Carrom
2. GoPool
3. ABC Rummy
4. Warship
5. Dots & Dash

The games in the Trivia category are:
1. 123
2. PicMe
3. GK

Play your favorites to win exciting real cash rewards, only on GetMega!

Real Players

Myteam11 only allows real players to play the games. By this, gamers get a seamless gaming experience.

GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles and features only legal, skill-based games and not luck or chance. GetMega is RNG certified and a member of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation).

Signup Bonus

There’s a signup bonus that you get upon signing up with Myteam11.

GetMega offers Rs 5 as a signup bonus which can be used to play games on the platform.

Audio video Feature

No such feature is available here.

GetMega is the only real money gaming platform in India which allows video-chat features. You can view high-resolution video and HD quality sound while playing with your friends. GetMega allows all more than 8 games which can be played with video-chat features. This feature makes it the best game to play with friends & family.

Safety and Security

Myteam11 is a legal and safe fantasy gaming app. It keeps players safe and secure. Registration occurs through valid documents, for the app has the required certification and credentials for a smooth gaming experience.

If you don’t want to sign in through the homepage, your Facebook account details or Google+ details are required. If you forget your password, the app offers a safe recovery process.

100% Safe and Verified.

GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and has built a platform where safety and security are of utmost importance. Our Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics have been certified by iTech Labs, Australia, ensuring the safest gameplay of the highest standards.

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