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11 sixes App is a fast-growing fantasy gaming platform that provides online players with exciting opportunities in various multiplayer cricket contests and live tournaments, helping them earn massive cash rewards and gift vouchers.

The 11sixes App has been widely trusted and frequently used by millions of users from different parts of the world because it provides high-quality and enhanced fantasy gaming experiences.

Let us take a detailed look at the App history and unique features of the 11 sixes fantasy App.

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Unique Features of 11sixes App

  • 11 sixes App offers online players with many different online contests and ranking-based tournaments to win big cash awards and gift vouchers by making a fantasy team of 11 players for live cricket, football, hockey games.
  • The players compete for securing higher ranks, based on the point system, with their selected teams, against the fantasy teams of the 11 best performing players in the game.
  • The 11 sixes App has been designed for users to keep investing small amounts of cash for winning the exciting prize pools and gift vouchers in the game.

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11sixes App History

11 sixes App was launched in September 2021 to provide the best fantasy gaming experiences to online cricket fans and fantasy tournament lovers.

The 11 sixes App allows them to compete in real-time fantasy game experiences with quality online ranking systems for fantasy tournaments, contests, etc.

11 sixes App boasts new and attractive features such as 'no commission contests' and ‘large prize pools, which attract millions of sports enthusiasts and online gamers across the globe.

11Sixes login

11sixes App Download on Android & iOS devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets, iPhones, and many more:

11sixes App Download process for Android & iOS. Users need to click on the link here, 11sixes App Download / online fantasy cricket and earn real cash (

The links are safe to download. Please click on the 'Download for Android User' if you have an Android phone.

  • Click the 'Download from Apple Store’, if you are an iOS device user such as iPhones, Ipads, etc.
  • An option will appear for installing the app. Click on '11 sixes Login.’
  • The QR code to access the download of the 11 sixes app download has been displayed as follows:
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How to Register on 11sixes App

  • After your 11 sixes app or 11sixes App Download has been installed, go to the select team options and make the best possible team from the total points on the application.
  • Users can log into their app using their email or mobile number if they already have an account on the 11sixes Online Website.
  • While registering, users need to enter their mobile number, email ID, and a password between four and 12 characters.
  • The 11sixes App has been designed to promote the winnings of the Online Players that can check out the account balance in the below column.
  • They can easily redeem their winnings after linking their bank accounts, wallets, etc., with the 11sixes App platform.

How to Play on the 11sixes App

11Sixes app
  • Once your 11sixes App Download has been completed and logged into your account, you can see the options by following the link here, Play online fantasy cricket and earn real cash (
  • Users can check out the Fantasy rules and the point system to create their best teams.
  • Online players can select the sport and match of their choice from the home page, such as Cricket, Football, Hockey fantasy games.
  • Each fantasy game will have multiple types of contests to select from based upon the prize pool and cash rewards.
  • Meanwhile, the other contests will come with different entry fees and competing players.

Types of Games on 11sixes App

11sixes App provides many online contests and tournaments to fantasy league players, such as single-player, multiplayer-player, and head-to-head options, in the game.

There are face-to-face competitions, where two users can individually compete with a single team each in the game, and the winner gets entitled to take home the entire prize money.

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How to Play on the 11sixes App? (Specific games)

  • After your 11sixes App Download, check out the fantasy point system and individual player performances in the game.
  • After selecting the competition of your choice, please choose the right set of 11 players that can help you secure better ranks than your competitors in the live fantasy games.
  • It is suggested that users take a closer look at the injury records and regular performances of their team players to properly understand who would play in any game, or else choosing the wrong player could lead to securing zero points for each unavailable player and loss of cash rewards in the game.

Winning tips for 11Sixes

  • Before selecting any player in your fantasy team, see their past match performance and then select your team.
  • Before selecting your team, keep an eye on the team's playing 11 members.
  • Research thoroughly before selecting the captain and vice-captain of your team.
  • Before choosing your team, get the prediction information.

How to Earn Money via 11sixes App

Online players can compete in a large variety of contests, tournaments, and fantasy games regarding Cricket, Football, Hockey, etc., for gift vouchers and cash prizes.

It is highly recommended by the game designers that the online players try to first play with very low cash investment entries and in small group contests to acquire knowledge about the live points system in fantasy games.

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Further, you can reach out to the customer support team for the 11sixes App at [email protected].

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Question Answer
Is playing fantasy sports on 11sixes App legal in India? 11 sixes App is completely legal in India because it has become the general law for online gaming sites to involve small cash pool prizes after the recent amendments in online gaming and betting laws by the Judicial Courts of India. The Indian courts permit skill-based online app games for these purposes to a certain limit.
How much time is required to credit the winning amount on the 11sixes App? 11 sixes App provides an instant money withdrawal mechanism on the fantasy app platform by easing the payment processing methods for the customers. The maximum time taken to credit the withdrawal amount in their bank accounts, wallets, UPIS is 3-4 hours on working days.
How much is the minimum withdrawal limit in the 11sixes App? The minimum winning withdrawal limit is set at 500, whereas the minimum referral bonus withdrawal limit is 100 for the online users in the game.
How long does it take to verify the bank account and PAN number on the 11sixes App? It takes 24 working hours to verify the bank account & the PAN card takes details. A player can also contact 11sixes App's support team to make any changes to the PAN or bank details after registering on the 11 sixes App.

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