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We all love a little casual gaming from time to time to lighten our moods and cheer ourselves. During these times of economic upheaval and emotional trauma, 8 ball pool-like games can be really relieving.

The benefit of playing games on apps like 8 ball pool is that you can play with your family members and friends during small get-togethers or parties. If there is no one around, you can play with random strangers on the web, and who knows, you might end up making a new friend too.

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Such is the appeal of apps like 8 ball pool that more and more people want to participate in these entertaining games and forget their worries. That’s why today we decided to share similar apps like 8 ball pool that you can use to uplift your spirits.

Hey, want to know a secret?

One of these apps actually allows you to earn money while you play these simple and engaging games.

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List of apps like 8 ball pool

8ball pool is actually a casual but competitive game that you play for fun. There are several such games like Dot and Dash, Snakes and ladders, Battleship, etc. which you can play with your loved ones or just about anyone who is willing to participate.

Here are a few apps like 8ball pool that you can use to play cool and casual games:

1. GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform very much similar to apps like 8 ball pool, except you can also earn money from participating in these games.

There are trivia games such as:

  • 123 – Math game
  • GK – General Knowledge quiz
  • Pic me – Game to stimulate visual and analytical skills.

There are also casino games such as:

They also have casual games such as:

You can participate in all these games with your family members, friends, or even strangers on the internet. The more games you win, the more cash you earn. They also have excellent referral programs to help you make money.

There are several contests and tournaments, especially for the big-money games. If you think you know the gameplay well enough, participate in these events and win loads of cash.

You can also play cash games. Although these games require you to buy into them with real money, the games start from only Rs. 5 so it really won’t drill a hole in your pocket. The winnings, however, are massive so not only can you make it a side hustle but you can earn a living by playing these games.

2. Ludo King

Relive your childhood fun days with this app. You can play the classic game of Ludo with your friends and family. Unfortunately, the option for playing with strangers is somewhat limited here but it still breeds loads of laughter for family game nights.

There are no in-game earning opportunities per se, but you can still enjoy the popular game with a little twist. There are voice chat options so you can even play with people who are not sitting right next to you.

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3. UNO

Another classic card game from our days of entertainment is UNO! This game involves a whole lot of strategy and fun action cards.

The online app allows you to play with both your friends and strangers who share the same affinity for playing classic games. There are also small contests in this edition however, there is no option for earning. Still, you can enjoy the game to its full extent with the online features.

4. Pooking – Billiard City

An 8 ball pool-like game with a little twist is Pooking. You can play this game on an online platform using your knowledge of mathematics and physics.

You can play this game against other online players. The more players you defeat at the game, the higher you level up and unlock new features of various bars in several cities.

The graphics of this gameplay is seriously impressive with HD modes and realistic visuals. Again, there’s no way to earn money here but it is an exciting game.

5. Township

This is an online multiplayer game that promotes business strategies. You can build your own township, give it a name, install factories, marketplaces, residential buildings, and a lot more.

Although this game too does not support earning money, you can still learn a lot about strategy. You can even form a coop or join one.

Apart from the simulation gameplay, you will come across periodic contests in which you can participate with your co-op members. There are challenges that you need to fulfill and compete against other coops.

There are also small games that sprout out from time to time such as matching games, arcade games, etc. Overall, this app is very entertaining and you can make new friends too.

5. Chess Live

If you have a knack for strategy then you can try this live chess game. It is a multiplayer platform therefore you can play with real opponents across the globe.

The game allows a few perks and intense learning opportunities in this classic one-on-one sport. You can’t really earn any money from it but you can develop your skills to partake in real-life chess games in the future.

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How to make money from these apps similar to an 8 ball pool?

To be perfectly honest, you can only make money from playing games with apps like 8ball pool if the app that you are using allows such benefits. Of course, there are sites and apps like GetMega that allow you to play 8 ball pool-like games and earn loads of money. However, basic small games and apps don’t allow these facilities in the app itself.

Still, there are one or two ways in which you can make money from them too. Let us take a look at how you can earn from all the apps mentioned above:

  • For game channels such as GetMega
  • You have to create a profile on the platform.
  • Choose a game that you like and participate in the cash games.
  • Win the games to earn money.
  • Join tournaments and contests that start from a mere Rs. 5.
  • Win as many games as possible and accumulate the cash in your GetMega wallet.
  • Once you have a significant amount, withdraw a percentage of the cash but leave some in the wallet to play more games and earn more cash.
  • For other gaming sites and apps like 8 ball pool
  • Choose apps like 8 ball pool that allow you to play your favorite games.
  • Play and perfect your strategies so that your gameplay is fun to watch for an onlooker.
  • Identify good live-streaming apps such as Bigo or YouTube where you can share your live gameplay with gaming enthusiasts.
  • Apps like Bigo allow people to send you gifts which translates to cash that you can withdraw. Keep in mind though, people will only send gifts if they are enjoying your mode of entertainment.

Personally, if you ask us, we think it is better to play games on GetMega because you have access to a wide range of games and you can earn. You don’t need a separate platform to support earning. There are pool games, carom games, trivia games, and so much more that you can play and never get bored.

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How to play games and earn money on GetMega with apps like 8 ball pool?

Essentially, GetMega is a gaming platform that encourages people to earn money while they play various games. Therefore, it is no surprise that they offer all kinds of games to keep you entertained and earn truckloads of cash.

From the list of games that we have mentioned before, you can see that you have trivia games, casual games, as well as casino games. Here’s how you can play these games and earn money:

  1. Start by creating your GetMega account.
  2. Next, you will receive a referral code. Share it with your contacts and across social media channels.
  3. Check your GetMega wallet to see if you have sufficient funds to play games.
  4. If your wallet is devoid of cash, you can simply add some money using UPI channels or online wallets such as PayTM.
  5. From the list above, choose the games that you want to play. You can find this list in the app too, of course, in the drop-down menu.
  6. If you are a beginner in these games, we suggest joining the cash games available. You will get an opportunity to play with fellow amateurs while you perfect your style of playing.
  7. Once you become a little more efficient with the gameplay, you can opt into tournaments and contests available constantly on the platform.
  8. Keep developing better strategies to win more and more games every day.
  9. Once you have enough money in winnings, withdraw a major percentage of that but keep a little amount in your GetMega wallet. You can use this money to play and earn more.

GetMega is one of the best and simplest apps like 8 ball pool that you can use to play your favorite games and earn money at the same time.

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