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In recent times, fantasy sports have surely taken a front-row seat in the entertainment industry. The unique opportunity to choose your own players for a specific sport and create your very own team is nothing short of awesome. Add the factor of earning money to it and you’ve got yourself the enigma.

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CricPlay is one such app in India that allows people to partake in their personal little IPL. You can create a cricket team of 11 chosen players, devise the roster, and earn money based on the player’s real-life achievements. However, with the growing demand, the app is becoming harder and harder to handle.

The ultimate goal of CricPlay and similar apps is to provide alternate sources of income so you can build a side hustle and contribute to your family earnings.

Therefore, today, we will discuss some apps like CricPlay that you can use not only to create your fantasy sports teams but also earn money with actual participation.

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List of apps like CricPlay

With the intent of Cricplay and similar apps in mind to promote healthier ways to earn money, we have a list of apps you can use. These apps like CricPlay can help with sports betting, building your very own fantasy sports teams, and even playing games yourself to win lots and lots of money while entertaining yourself.

1. GetMega

There are many apps like CricPlay where you can wager your hard-earned money on the potential of other individuals. However, they are not as motivated to help you earn, at least not as much as you are. Hence, if you like to be in complete control of how your money is spent, aggregated, escalated, or lost then you need to think about participating in games yourself. That’s where GetMega comes into the picture and wins the poll.

You see, the platform has a wide range of games that you can play. If you prefer to strengthen the abilities of your mind, they have trivia games based on general knowledge, maths, and even an innovative version of Pictionary. You even have access to certified casino games like Poker and Rummy. As we all know, casino games provide the best potential to not only earn a ton of money but also develop a gaming career. Just take a look at professional poker players.

For once, you can be at the forefront of the game instead of partaking in betting action. You can develop your own skills and become one of the top players in the world.

GetMega also holds several tournaments and contests in which you can buy into games for as low as Rs. 5 or as high as thousands. There are high-stakes and low-stakes games that you can choose from.

The amount you earn on the platform can be easily transferred to bank accounts or online wallets via secure payment channels.

2. Dream11

It is one of the most popular fantasy sports apps promoted by none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself. The app was first developed to help cricket aficionados live out their dream of owning their personal cricket leagues. Over time, the app has developed to include games like Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, etc.

The premise of this app is similar to CricPlay wherein you host your own cricket team. You can choose players that you think will make the most scores and if they do, you win the sum you wagered on them.

It is a welcome variation on normal sports betting because you get the opportunity to choose your roster across multiple innings. The game rosters are based on real players and you get to choose the best possible picks for the game. You can also partake in multiple cash contests to win lacs of rupees.

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3. Faboom

A unique concept among fantasy cricket apps, Faboom is a fabulous option for cricket enthusiasts to partake in live-action. With this app, not only can you select your teams and elect the Captains and Vice-Captains for posterity, but you can also rank the players in your fantasy league.

The concept is new and innovative, therefore it has inspired some buzz. Now you don’t have to play fantasy sports in age-old ways. You get to decide the ranks of players and how well you expect them to perform.

Due to the new manner of gaming, the earning potential with this app is quite high.

4. My 11 Circle

Dada is the brand ambassador for My 11 Circle, which just happens to be the most profitable fantasy sports app. The unique concept of this app is that users can register and partake in various challenges pertaining to both Indian and international cricket league games.

What you do is, invest money in a certain challenge either in favor or against it. If you win, the app rewards you with an indefinite multiple of the sum you invested. Each game and challenge has its very own variables therefore, the winning sum will vary.

Let’s say you bet on a game where the value of the multiple is 10, then you will receive ten times the amount you invested if you win. Similarly, if the value is 2, then you’ll receive twice the amount you invested.

5. BalleBaazi

This app is promoted by our very own Yuvi. The concept of the app is similar to CricPlay although here you have an opportunity to build three types of teams.

Based on statistics and likelihood of scoring, you can create a bowlers team of 5 players that you think will take the most wickets. You can choose a batsmen team of 5 based on who you think will make the most runs. You can also partake in the classic fantasy cricket league as you do in apps like CricPlay.

This app is fairly easy to use and you can earn a good sum of money with some tactical decisions.

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How to make money from these apps similar to CricPlay?

The concept of CricPlay is to promote investing in real-life cricket players around the world, much like the live version called IPL. Everybody would love to own a cricket team like Vijay Mallya or Priety Zinta but not all of us can afford it.

However, with CricPlay and similar apps, this dream is achievable in a somewhat toned-down fashion. You can make tons of money by promoting the abilities of real-life cricketers and making a roster of your own. Here’s how you earn from these apps:

  • Pick a sports game that you really enjoy. It can be Cricket, Baseball, basketball, Football, Hockey, and just about anything that tickles you in the heart.
  • Choose your favorite fantasy sports app that supports the game in which you want to create your team.
  • Create an account so you can partake in active rosters.
  • Select the members of your fantasy sports team. Based on the game you choose, you’ll have different options.
  • Once you have your players, create a roster according to their abilities and strengths. For instance, in a cricket team, you’ll want to put your best batsmen on the top, all-rounders somewhere in the middle, and good bowlers at the end. The bowlers will also need a separate roster to see who goes first when the other team is batting.
  • Now you can bet money and partake in the game. You will have an opponent who will bet against your team.
  • When you win fantasy matches based on the potential of your team, you are rewarded with the accumulated sum of money.
  • You can withdraw your winnings to your bank account or online wallets as per the allowance of the app itself.

Although apps like CricPlay are great to earn extra income, they are used mainly to fulfill the fantasy of owning your own sports teams. Create a winning roster but don’t forget to have fun with it. You will make money and at the same time, you can put your knowledge of sports to the test.

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How to play games on GetMega?

While apps like CricPlay support the creation of fantasy leagues, sometimes, it is disheartening when you lose money because you put your faith in others. So, if you want to take charge of your finances and play games to earn money, then GetMega is your ultimate destination.

Here’s how you play and earn money on the GetMega platform:

  1. You need an account to start playing so go ahead and register yourself. You will receive a signup bonus for completing your registration. If you have a friend who can refer you then they will also earn a little extra while you get your sign-up bonus, so it is a win-win scenario.
  2. Now take some time to share your own referral code with friends and family.
  3. Once you have your signup bonus and preferably even some referral bonuses in place, choose a game that you like. You have several options under Trivia games, Casual games, and casino games.
  4. You may also take part in contests and tournaments that are available on a daily basis for more earning potential.
  5. If you run out of money in your account, you can easily deposit some and continue playing. It takes a while to start winning, especially at casino games like Poker and Rummy. Once you get the hang of it, you will be grateful that you invested and played.
  6. You also have access to paid leaderboards on the GetMega platform. These leaderboards are unlike any other because they also help you earn money. All you have to do is maintain your position among the top 10 players and you’ll receive exciting prizes and cash rewards.

There you go. The GetMega platform is simple and you can earn tons of money here. Get started and see for yourself.

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