How To Download, Login, Sign In, And Register on Skillz.

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Presently Skillz is a dominant gaming platform. Specifically in the mobile gaming field. Skillz app connects players in fair, enjoying, and meaningful competition. The Skillz platform provides social competition in their application. Skillz organizes and conducts billions of casual esports tournaments for billions of mobile players worldwide and disperses millions in prizes.

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The company has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Features of the app

Skillz online has many unique features that make it a more safe, secure, and technically fair game.

  • Skillz is a fun game but a fair game as well.
  • Players can compete in leagues and live tournaments.
  • Players matching is a featured technique used to play with beginners only, and experts can play with experts to earn rewards and real cash.
  • 24/7 player support.
  • Expert developers have developed Anti-cheat technology.
  • Skillz is moving ahead with the strength of “Gaming for Good” by connecting players to non-profit partners.

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History of the app

Skillz application was developed and launched in April 2012. Casey Cafkin and Andrew Paradise founded the gaming platform that was first launched on the Android operating system. Soon it has become a trendy mobile gaming base. Very fast it reached over one million downloads with real-time cash winning game registrations.

Soon Skillz became a popular way to compete with other players over mobile phones with various categories of games powered by Skillz.

Here are some of the screenshots of Skillz download process:

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How to download Skillz app (In steps ) for android & IOS

Skillz APK is available for both the Android platform as well as IOS platform. How To Download Skillz app has very few simple steps.

  • Click here to get the official app from the Skillz website.
  • To download the Skillz APK file, scroll down and scan the QR code.
  • The link is provided on the mobile phone to download the Skillz APK file.
  • Tap the GET button to download Skillz APK.
  • After Skillz APK is downloaded on the mobile phone, follow these steps

Settings → Security → Enable Install From Unknown Source.

  • Install the Skillz app and open it on the device.

Skillz App download Screenshots

How to register, sign up and create an account on the app?

To start playing on the Skillz app it needs to create an account. The following steps are to be followed for the Skillz Sign Up process.

  • Tap on the top right corner menu and select Create a profile.
  • Then the screen appears with options to be filled up to register in the Skillz app.
  • First of all, any avatar is to be selected from the Skillz app. Or the player can upload his or her photo also.
  • Next enter username and password.
  • Checkbox to be checked which takes the consent that the player is at least 18 years old.
  • After the above process tap on the Continue button.
  • Next screen asks to enter a valid Email address and check the checkbox.
  • Tap on the Submit button to complete the registration process on the Skillz app.

How to log in to the app

To log in to the Skillz app, the following steps are to be followed. The Skillz login steps are easy to follow.

  • Enter username and password registered with the Skillz app.
  • Click on the Login button to enter the game on the Skillz app and Skillz Sign In process is completed.

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How to play on the app?

The home screen of the Skillz app shows some Exclusive Events, Live Events, and Upcoming Events. Some of the games on the Skillz platform are free to enter and play. Some games have an entry fee mentioned.

In the case of Live games, the ending time is displayed and the beginning time of Upcoming games is also displayed.

For games under the categories of Exclusive Events and Live Events, the PLAY NOW button is to be pressed. Upon clicking or tapping on the PLAY NOW button the gaming application asks the player to download the APK file and install the game. After completion of the installation, the players can start to play.

For Upcoming Events, players can use the REMIND ME button to set reminders and will join the game at that time.

Types of games this app offers

The Skillz app is a platform of esports played on mobile phones with great fun. There is a large variety of games available on the Skillz platform with fair rewards and a real cash win system.

The different types of games available for the players are:

  1. Action
  2. Arcade
  3. Bingo
  4. Board
  5. Bubble
  6. Card
  7. Chess
  8. Dominoes
  9. Mahjong
  10. Physics
  11. Pool
  12. Puzzle
  13. Solitaire
  14. Spades
  15. Sports
  16. Strategy
  17. Sudoku
  18. Tetris
  19. Trivia
  20. Word

Some of the popular games are:

Blackout Bingo

It is a Bingo category game where players can play it free or play with money to win real cash.

Solitaire Cube

It is a popular Card game on the Skillz app. Because of smooth animation development and fast touch controls the game is very popular.

Dominoes Gold

An exciting way to play the game is with Skillz Ticketz or earn cash prizes with an entry fee.

Pool Payday

It is fun to play the Skillz pool game where the goal is to earn more by defeating the opponent.

21 Blitz

It is a mixture of Blackjack and Solitaire. It's a perfect game to practice the skills and train players' minds or just pass the time.

Cube Cube

It is a fast Skillz matching game that is simple to learn, but hard to master.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

This Skillz app game gives a cultural image as the world's favorite hunting game. A huge number of players play this game.

Bubble Shooter Arena

This is in the category of Puzzle games in Skillz. A player is able to earn points by popping many clusters of bubbles within a time period of 3 minutes.

How to play on the app?

The Shooter is one of the many games in the stock of the Skillz app.

  • Tap on the EXPLORE button on the Skillz App.
  • Most popular games and other games are listed on the Skillz Web application.
  • Select any game and click on the GET button. The APK file gets downloaded on the device. Install the game on the device.
  • After installation, tap on the particular game and start playing with the Skillz profile.
  • Get a login bonus in the form of Tickets.
  • Click on the Play button to play with real cash and deposit cash to start playing. Cash deposit can be done using a debit/ credit card or Paypal payment account.
  • Game rules are mentioned on the welcome screen.
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How to earn money using App

To earn real cash on the Skillz-powered games, players need to deposit money either using credit or debit card details or PayPal account details.

Once a Skillz account is created the Skillz app generates a unique code. Upon sharing that code with other players and a deposit by them on the Skillz both parties get the Bonus cash prize. Bonus cash prizes can be used to play more cash tournaments.

After that player has to play Skillz-powered games with real cash. More a player wins cash tournaments they are rewarded with cash prizes. A skilled player wins more cash on Pro Leagues.

A player can win Bonus cash by winning a few consecutive practice matches also in the Skillz games.

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Question Answer
What are the Game levels and the Skillz levels? A Game Level displays the mastery of a player on a game application. Skillz Level shows the experience of a player with the titles achieved by a player.
What is Ticketz? In the Skillz app, the Ticketz is a virtual currency that is being used to redeem prizes and rewards. As part of the royalty program at the Skillz app, players are awarded Ticketz.
Can a player win real money? Players can enter real cash tournaments and if players win a cash prize that can be withdrawn at any moment.
How to check the balance in the Skillz application? The player needs to go to Account from the Main Menu and then Account Balance.

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