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After the economic hit since the dawn of the corona pandemic, people have been looking for new and innovative means to earn money. No amount is too big or small as long as it contributes to your daily needs. Also learn Best Rozdhan Hack For You To Play And Earn Money.

With that in mind, the app RozDhan came to be. It inspires users to perform small tasks like watching and sharing videos, creating and uploading entertaining tapes, referring the app to friends and loved ones, etc. to make some money at a time. While this does help with small expenses, you need better methods of making more money, right? Get a complete guide on How To Download, Log In, Sign In, Register On RozDhan App.

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That’s why today we have put together a list of apps like RozDhan to help you in your quest for financial independence.

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List of apps like RozDhan

RozDhan and similar apps can help you earn small amounts of money by doing the bare minimum. However, we have some options that offer a lot more money for doing what you love. Check this list of apps like RozDhan:

1. GetMega

GetMega is a little different than RozDhan and similar apps like rozdhan because it offers a much higher and guaranteed chance of earning real cash.

It is a gaming platform where you can play simple Rummy & Poker for entertainment and upon winning, you earn money. There are also casino games, which, as we all know, offer more potential for earning.

GetMega has an excellent referral program as compared to other apps on this list. You can use this money or the gems to play games and earn more cash.

Additionally, GetMega has games starting at as low as Rs. 5. There are cash games, tournaments, and contests where you can win and earn ten, sometimes a hundred times that amount.

Furthermore, there are paid leaderboards on GetMega. If you play consistently to keep up your position among the top 10 ranks then not only can you win more cash but gold coins and even a brand new cell phone.

All the money that you earn can be easily withdrawn using UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, etc. it is a legit and certified platform to earn big by playing games.

2. 4Fun

This is a fun app that you can install on your phone or tablet. You can register on it via your Google account and add your PayTM wallet to it. For the signup itself, you get Rs. 50 and for each time that someone uses your referral code to register on the app, you get an additional Rs. 6.

The 4Fun app has amazing videos which you can share on your social media platforms and get paid Rs. 6. It is one of the trending apps like RozDhan and Tik Tok. You can earn some easy money for doing the bare minimum. The amounts will be credited to your PayTM wallet with ease.

3. Data Buddy

Another similar apps like rozdhan that requires minimum effort is Data Buddy. You can sign up on this site and earn Rs. 220. In order to get the money credited to your PayTM account, you need to link them.

Furthermore, you can refer this platform to people and earn roughly Rs. 20 per new user. If you successfully refer the site to 1000 users then you get Rs. 20,000 in earnings. It is easy. All you have to do is keep promoting the app.

There are also in-app events that you can use to earn additional cash. All the money is credited to your PayTM wallet so you can pay your bills, recharge your phone, or even pay to merchants quickly.

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4. Google Pay

A viable alternative to apps like RozDhan, Google Pay is more reliable. The app offers Rs. 51 if you simply refer other users. Subsequently, you can add your bank account and PayTM account to earn additional small amounts.

There are more earning options on Google Pay too. Each time you make a substantial payment to an online or offline merchant, you get a scratch card. If you transfer money to one of your contacts, you get more scratch cards. These cards reward you with unlimited cashback and coupons that you can use on other merchant sites. The cashback will be credited to your bank account within 3 working days but they are actually much faster.

Furthermore, Google Pay often holds small events wherein you can collect heart boxes to help the needy, miles for virtual trips that also ultimately end up with bonus cash back, and so much more.

Basically, you spend money through the app and get a percentage of it back with no strings attached.

5. True Balance

A simple and fun apps like rozdhan is True Balance. You get money for completing simple tasks such as signing up, verifying your mobile number, and referring the app to your friends and family.

If you optimize your usage of this app, you can easily earn up to Rs. 10,000 a month as a side hustle for doing hardly anything. The true Balance app has to be linked to your wallets in order to transfer your earnings swiftly.

6. Magic Pin

Saving is money in your pocket too.

Magic Pin is one of those apps like RozDhan that promote spending a little to save some money and earn some money. It is a fun and entertaining platform that offers you Rs. 50 for each referral.

Following that, you can upload your bills from several places that you shop at or restaurants where you eat. If they are certified with a Magic Pin, then by simply uploading the bill, you can get cash back or coupons for your next outing.

Furthermore, you can upload your selfie at popular places and earn more cashback and coupons. This app really helps you save money and earn exciting opportunities to participate in activities.

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How to make money from these apps similar to RozDhan?

Apps like RozDhan may not be active money-making platforms but savings, cashback, coupons, and small rewards are still excellent ways to spend frugally to have money in your wallet. This, of course, does not apply to GetMega, which is in fact, an earning platform by simply playing games. Also, learn How To Withdraw And Deposit Money From Rozdhan?

Still, there is a good probability here to earn and save with RozDhan-like apps so let us take a look at how you can benefit from them:

  • Apps like RozDhan offer money for doing menial tasks that you would be doing anyway. Why not register on these sites and get paid for them, however little.
  • Google Pay, which is a similar app like RozDhan, usually has events going on wherein you need to make a payment, scan a QR code, transfer money to a friend, etc. to earn rewards. You do these tasks anyway so if you use Google Pay to do them, you can get cashback for as much as Rs. 3000 sometimes.
  • These apps offer scratch cards that can earn you a lot of money in cashback up to Rs. 800 sometimes for transacting only Rs. 50.
  • The scratch cards also offer coupons that you can use in shopping for essentials, clothing, spa treatments, and numerous other events.
  • You can make money by spending money.
  • Referring apps and locations to friends and family can win you more coupons and cashback.

We understand that most of these apps, other than GetMega, don’t have a lot of potential in terms of earning. Regardless, any money you save, all the cashback you get, even small returns as small as 50p is still usable cash. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean so start using these apps and collect small earnings. It will make a huge difference in your finances.

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How to play and earn through games on GetMega?

GetMega, as you know, is a real cash-earning platform that allows you to make money while playing fun and entertaining games. The site itself is simple and user-friendly. However, there is some doubt about how to use it to make money, so why don’t we take some time to discuss that?

In order to play games and earn money on GetMega, you need a valid and verified user account, so let’s start there. You can easily log on to the site using your Facebook profile so the account will be quickly verified. If a friend or family already uses GetMega to play and earn, then ask them for a referral. That way, your account will be verified quicker and both of you will receive bonuses.

Use this to your advantage because they have a monetary value assigned to them and can be used to play various games on the online platform.

Now, you need to select the games of your liking. You can find the list of available games in the drop-down menu. There are trivia games to entertain you while sharpening your skill set. There are a number of casual games that you can play with friends and family or random strangers on the internet while earning handsome sums of cash.

Our personal favorites are the casino games such as Rummy and Poker. If you know how to play these, then you’re already prepared to make a lot of money. On the other hand, if you’re not familiar with these gaming concepts, don’t worry. GetMega has a set of rules and strategic plans handy on the dashboard pertaining to every game they offer. Take some time to learn the casino games and improve your odds of earning more money.

Once you are familiar with the rules, choose a game that you can buy into. As a beginner, we suggest low-stakes games which start from Rs. 5. If you’re a pro gamer, just go ahead and partake in the high-stakes contests and tournaments.

The more you play, the quicker you develop strategies and win. The more you win, the more you earn.

So there it is. The easiest way to earn money is by playing exciting games. For the record, playing poker and rummy have actually elevated many online gamers to become some of the wealthiest professional players of all time. Maybe you can be the next one.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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