Ludope Withdrawal-How To Deposit And Withdraw Money?


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What is LudoPe?

LudoPe app is a modern take on the classic Ludo game, where players compete in a fair online Ludo tournament. There are various unique earning potentials in the LudoPe app, where winners can redeem their earnings as LudoPe Withdrawals.

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To be eligible for LudoPe Withdrawals, you must first sign up using a valid email address and phone number. You will receive INR 250 as a sign-up bonus once you register with the app. You may then add more money to your account and begin playing and competing against anyone on the app – friends, family members, or random strangers.

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How to play:

Ludo in general has 4 colors on the board - Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Each player has 4 colored tokens of the same color, and the goal is to bring all four tokens from their home cell to the winning cell.

The 'home' section of the board is formed by a huge square in the center that is split into four home triangles, one for each color.

When a piece has completed a full circuit of the board, it moves up the home column. The player who moves all four pieces into the home cell first wins.

Ludo can be played by 4 players in one go, but if there are not enough players, it can also be played between 2 players.

LudoPe is a straightforward game that is enjoyed by people from all age groups.

Now that we have discussed what LudoPe is and how you can make real money from it by playing online, let us discuss how to withdraw and deposit money from and into the LudoPe wallet.

How is my Money Managed within the LudoPe App?

Before sharing the step-by-step guide to depositing money into your LudoPe account, let us understand some important terms used in the game that might come in handy in times of confusion.

TIP: Always ensure that the instrument of payment used for depositing money is yours and that the money is deposited into your user account only.

Three different wallets within LudoPe are used to store all your funds and rewards:

  1. Deposit Wallet: The wallet where all your deposited money is stored. It is a redeemable wallet.
  2. Winning Wallet: All the winning funds of the player are stored in this wallet. The wallet balance is also redeemed as LudoPe withdrawal.
  3. Instant Bonus (IB): This wallet balance is not redeemable.
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How to deposit money in LudoPe App

To make it convenient and accessible for people to add money into the LudoPe wallet, the company has provided multiple options to make the transaction.

You can choose from any of the following modes of payment to safely and securely add money into your LudoPe wallet and start playing.

  1. Paytm: To add money using your Paytm account, you must first log in and connect your Paytm account with your LudoPe account. It will be a one-time activity. Once both the apps are connected, you can repeat the transaction without worrying about logging in repeatedly.
  2. Debit/Credit Card: If you prefer using your debit or credit card to add money into your LudoPe wallet, you can do that too. LudoPe uses a secure and encrypted payment gateway to process all the transactions. Hence, you can be worry-free of any unintended charges on your account.
  3. To add money using your debit/credit card, select the card option, enter your card details, enter the OTP received on your phone, and that is it. You can check your wallet balance to confirm if the transaction was successful.
  4. BHIM UPI: With the advent of digital payment apps in India, UPI has become the most preferred and convenient way to send, receive, or spend money – online or offline. So how can it be that LudoPe does not include the BHIM UPI payment option?
  5. There are multiple ways to add money using UPI. You can use the UPI apps such as GPay, PhonePe, and BharatPe to make the payment. Or, you can enter your UPI ID and confirm the transaction on the UPI app. Either way, it should not take more than a minute to add money into the LudoPe wallet using UPI.
  6. Net banking: If you prefer to use net banking for online transactions, LudoPe has your back.
  7. To add money using net banking, select the net banking option. Then select your preferred bank. You will be redirected to your bank's website, where you can enter your user ID and net banking password to authorize the transaction.

So, no matter the age group you belong to or your preferred mode of online transaction, you can choose from the multiple payment options available within the LudoPe app and get on with playing Ludo and making money in no time.

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How to withdraw money from LudoPe App

Within the LudoPe app, you will find two types of chips or coins that you can use to play the game. One is Gold coins, and the other is Silver coins.

Gold coins are real money as 1 Gold coin is equivalent to INR 1, and it can be redeemed and transferred into your bank account. On the other hand, Silver coins are dummy coins that you can use to play and learn the game, but you can not redeem them for real money.

Now, let us walk through the steps involved in withdrawing your winnings (Gold coins) into your bank account:

  1. KYC: To be eligible to withdraw your winnings into your bank account, the first step is to get your KYC done. If your KYC is not complete, you will not be able to make a LudoPe withdrawal.
  2. Bank Details: To redeem and transfer your hard-earned Gold coins into your bank account as real money, you need to add your bank details to the LudoPe app. The same account is used for all future LudoPe withdrawals.
  3. Convert coins to wallet: To withdraw your winnings, you are required to convert your earned gold coins into the wallet first. To do so, you need to click on the "convert to wallet" button on the redemption page, enter the number of coins you wish to convert to the wallet balance, and then click on OK. The minimum amount for conversion is 100 Gold coins.
  4. Wallet Balance: The minimum LudoPe withdrawal amount is INR 100. Before making a redemption request, you must ensure that your LudoPe wallet balance is at least INR 100. If the wallet balance is below 100, you will not be able to withdraw the money. But, you can still use the wallet balance to play another round of the game and earn more money.
  5. Withdrawal: Finally, if your KYC is complete, bank details are updated, and your wallet balance is more than or equal to 100, you become eligible to withdraw the amount into your bank account.

Once you click on the "Withdraw" button, it typically takes around 10-15 minutes for the amount to reflect into your account. If the amount does not credit, you can reach out to the LudoPe team with your transaction details to resolve the issue.

As per Government regulations, 12% TDS is deducted from the total withdrawal amount. For example, if you enter INR 100 as the withdrawal amount, your account will be credited with INR 88.

Other crucial Information about LudoPe withdrawals

As per the guidelines provided by the Registrar of Companies in India, the company shall refund the amount present in the deposit wallet into the player's bank account after 300 days of inactivity.

If the bank details of a player are not available, the company may request the same from the player. If the bank details are not submitted within the timeline, the company reserves the right to either forfeit the wallet balance or act as per its due diligence.

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