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RozDhan is an Indian app with over 10 million downloads that allows its users to earn money by sharing videos and games. It also allows users to earn Paytm cash by playing games. It's primarily a gaming app with video sharing and streaming features. RozDhan app can be especially helpful for people who are content creators, as it allows them to post their self-made content on the RozDhan website and get the chance to win lakhs of rupees.

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The different tasks on the RozDhan website can earn you gold coins. Around 250 coins are equal to 1 Rupee, and once you reach Rs 200, you can check out the amount. The coins are converted into money every day at midnight. When you register an account and start using the app, you are initially granted a bonus of Rs 25, and once you make your profile and that's verified, you're granted an additional Rs 25. You can earn up to Rs 5000 in a month on RozDhan. RozDhan's website has several simple ways to earn money and is accessible to all.

Features of RozDhan online app

The RozDhan online app:

  • Has many tutorials for beginners to learn how to use the app.
  • Has a bar that shows which level you are on.
  • Has a gaming section with hundreds of games for users to play and earn coins.
  • Has a news section where one can read news and earn coins as well as share their articles and earn coins.
  • Has different contests routinely updated for different games, where users can play to earn coins.
  • Gives coins for daily check-in.
  • Can be used in many different languages.
  • Allows original content creators to post their original content and earn coins.
  • Allows users to share invites on many different platforms, from Facebook to SMS.

App history

Launched in 2019, the app quickly rose up the app charts due to the easy ways in which it allows its users to make some money. Many YouTubers and content creators started posting on it and about it urging their viewers to download this amazing app. As of 2021, it is one of India's best cash-earning apps.

How to download the RozDhan app

To download the RozDhan app on your Android phone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Search for the Play Store on your Android phone and click on it.
  2. Search for RozDhan in the search bar.
  3. Click on the download button to download the RozDhan Online App.
  4. Alternatively, you can also go to the RozDhan website, "".
  5. Click on "download now to earn" which takes you to the download page on the Play store.
  6. Click on download.

Currently, the RozDhan app is not available for download for IOS, macOS, and Windows users.

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How to register, login, sign up and create an account on RozDhan

To register on the RozDhan app, follow these steps:

  1. After downloading the app on your phone, click on the app to open it.
  2. After opening the app, select your preferred language. Since it's an Indian app, it offers the option of most Indian languages, and many international languages are available, too.
  3. On the next page, enter your mobile number and click on the GO button.
  4. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number to verify your mobile number.

Then, complete your profile by entering your name and other details,

  1. Once you complete your profile, you can also put in an invite code if you have one.

How to login or sign-in on the RozDhan app

To sign in or login on RozDhan, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the RozDhan app.
  • Click on "login to earn".
  • Then enter your mobile number.
  • Once the mobile number is entered, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, and the app will auto-verify your number.
  • Once the verification is successful, you will be logged in/signed into your account.
  • Alternatively, you can also log in using your Google account or Facebook account if you have linked those with the app.

How to play on the RozDhan app

To play games on the RozDhan app, you have to open the app and click on the games section (refer to the below image, it is the third at the bottom, looks like a game controller).

Once you are on that page, you can just click on whichever game you like from the hundreds of available games and start playing.

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What games can you play?

RozDhan has hundreds of games on its app from racing games to football and cricket games. Some of the games on it are:

  • Football online
  • Cricket battle
  • Ludo
  • Basketball
  • Air warfare
  • Basket champ

How to play on the app (Ludo)

To play Ludo on the RozDhan app, click on it from the games section. Once clicked, you are taken to a Gamezop page where the game loads. Once the game loads, you are given the option of either playing online or with friends. If you click online, you have to choose a color, and then the game starts. If you decide to play with friends, you are given a link that you can then share with friends via which they can join your game and you can all play together.

How to play on Getmega

To play on Getmega, you have to download the Getmega app, create an account and a player profile, add some funds to your remittance portfolio, then choose any game and play. Unlike RozDhan, Getmega requires a Facebook account and a mobile number for you to be able to use the application.

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How to Use the RozDhan App for earning money

The app works in the following way to allow its users to make money:

  • The first way to make money on RozDhan is by inviting your friends. You can invite your friends by sharing a link via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, text, etc. Once your friend has received the link, they have to click on it and register an account on the website. Once they do that and start using the website, you are instantly given some coins.
  • The second way to earn money is by daily check-in. That means you have to open the application daily. Each day you open the application, you are given a certain number of coins.
  • The RozDhan app has a news section that provides news from various fields, such as sports-related news or entertainment-related news. Interested people can read these news articles and earn coins as well.
  • The RozDhan app provides some article-related push notifications, which are notifications about some news articles that show up on your phone. When you click on these articles, you are given some coins.
  • If instead of reading the news articles on the RozDhan app, you share them with your friends, even then you can earn some coins.
  • By posting original content on the RozDhan app, one can earn some coins.
  • You can earn coins by playing some of the many games by completing tasks available on the RozDhan App.
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Question Answer
How to create a RozDhan account? To register, follow the following steps:

1. After downloading the app, click on the app to open it.
2. Then select your preferred language. The app has most Indian languages as options, and it also has a few international languages available as well.
3. Then on the next page, enter your mobile number and click on the GO button.
4. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. This enables the app to verify your mobile number.
5. After that, you will be asked to complete your profile.
6. Once you complete your profile, you can also enter an invite code.

How to download the RozDhan app? To download the RozDhan app, follow these steps:

1. Open the play store.
Search for the RozDhan app and click download.
3. Alternatively, you can also go to RozDhan's website, "".
4. Click on "download now to earn" which takes you to the download page on the Play store.
5. Click on Install.

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