Blocker Bet In Poker: Meaning, How To Use, & Risks Involved


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Everyone starts their poker journey as an amateur, but enthusiastic players, which leads to us undermining many things that poker has to offer, and this could turn out to be a major rookie mistake. As beginners, you might always be on the list of experienced players who want to take advantage of you and raise the bet to a larger value. Don’t worry when blocker bets are here to save the day. Beware, as this could go either way; if your opponent spots your blocker bets, it is a great chance for them to earn a couple of bucks, but if they don’t, well, way to go, champ!

Below are some ways you can use and strategize blocker bets in your game and how they can efficiently help you win.

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What exactly is a blocker bet?

A blocker bet poker is a small-sized bet that you can make to ensure that your opponents do not make a large bet, especially when you are not in a good position. You bet around 20-30% of the pot and hope your opponents will get confused about your hand and make lower bets. The idea is to make them call and not raise on the preflop.

It comes in handy when you are unaware of the hands other people have and when you are not that experienced. Therefore, a blocker bet helps you keep it low and be cautious about your opponents' moves.

Blocker bet in poker

When and how to use blocker bets?

Knowing when to use blocker bets is as important as knowing how to use them. Here we elaborate on the specific situations you are meant to use them,

· Be cautious of being forced into a big bet in poker games having 1 on 1 pot, especially if you have been leading throughout and end up with a marginal hold on the river.

· It is a game changer to fold with a blocker bet during draws, which will go on to confuse the opponent and give you an upper hand.

· This bet could be useful to prevent the opponent from betting on the river and make sure to bet with a hand that might win the showdown. In this case, you can easily get away with having the second-best hand at a cheap price.

While you might be tempted to use blocker bets anytime, you feel unsure about your poker strategy; this may be a weakness to strong opponents. It might end up being unprofitable and futile in the game's long run. It is suggested that you do not use blocker bets against opponents who have exploited your weakness before.

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Risks of blocker bets and how to counter them

Some risks are briefly associated with blocker bets that one must consider before using in their strategies.

· As discussed earlier, if an opponent observes you using blocker bets frequently, this situation could be a loose cannon. They might consider this as a weakness and begin bluff-raising you.

· This contrived game of trying to read each other’s minds during poker games could sometimes end in a disaster. Players are never known to raise the bet at lower stakes as a deception strategy.

· If you have to use blocker bets repeatedly, then that could mean that your opponent might be having a good run of form, where they are getting good hands-on the trot. In such instances, you should re-strategize and ensure you develop a full game plan.

Blocker bet

Blocking Bet Example

Let’s understand this with the help of an illustration. Assume that you limp alongside the other preflop limper carrying J 10, and suddenly, a face raises again, originating from the button. After that, A 7 2 appears, giving you a flush draw. You interrogate and inspect, and by the time, button wagers ½ Pot. You decide because you feel the practical stack sizes are adequate enough to offer you the optimal implied probability of landing your flush.

Now is the time for you to play, and the board reads this: A 7 2 K.
You are pretty sure and cancan anticipates that if you inspect again and over, your rival will wager for a hefty amount, and at that point, you won’t be able to proceed with a flush draw. Instead of placing a hefty amount, you proceed with the relatively lesser amount, say 1/3 of the pot. This tactic can be used when your rival wants to commence with a big bet.

Now that you know what blocker bets in poker mean, you should be able to use it more efficiently while playing games. Make sure you practicepractice daily on the GetMega app to become a pro at poker and win big money regularly.

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