The Term Aces Up In Poker

The Term Aces Up In Poker

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In poker, a player has a set of five cards known as a “hand” and the strength of the hand decides who will win the pot. The strength of a hand depends upon the value of the cards in that hand. There are almost ten different hand rankings ranging from high cards to five of a kind and all of them are played with different strategies depending upon different situations.

Here we discuss another hand ranking in poker, that is, Aces up.

What do you mean by Aces up in poker?

The term aces up in poker refers to a hand which consists of two pairs where one of the pairs is aces. For instance, if you have an Ace-King pair and the flop is Ace-seven-seven, you have aces up. This naming formula can be applied to describe any card combo such as a Queens up or Kings up. The method of naming implies to use the name of the highest card in the pair.

Aces Up is mostly played aggressively because this hand does not play well in large fields. Against two or three players, you might be a favourite, but when it comes to four random hands, your Aces might prove to be an underdog in the game.

How to play aces up in poker?

How they are played completely depends upon the situation in which they appear. They might be dealt in a cash game, a tournament, heads-up, playing limit or no-limit. The strategy involved is generally to raise aggressively pre-flop and to continue betting you meet the resistance supported by the board.

❏ You must avoid the temptation to slow play: Many players choose to slow play from early position by just limping in. However, it is too tempting to slow play as you raise with Aces only to pick up the blinds and get no further action. Therefore, you must avoid this temptation unless you know for sure that someone for your right will raise for you.

❏ Your bets are what matters the most: Players must try to avoid the mistake raising just the minimum as this might lead to suck a big hand such as Aces or Kings. Always remember that your bets matter the most in the game and by raising the minimum value you tell the table to perform some action.

❏ Play Aces postflop: This is one of the biggest decisions when you encounter an Aces up as your opponent can get very aggressive on a big bet. He might flop a set or two pair to push you off the hand. Here, try to take the safe route and fold to come over your opponent’s raise. Remember there is no money back guarantee in poker. Hence, even with the best starting hand you should never ignore the capabilities of your opponent.

Most of the time, Aces win small pots and lose big ones. The players who keep all these vulnerabilities in mind as they devise their strategy are the ones who can win big pots and lose small ones with Aces. So, the next time when you are dealt with a hand of Aces Up in any game of poker, you should take a moment to decide the better way to proceed based on the situation and the variables available at your end.

Now that you know all about Aces Up, it is time to practice what to do with it in a real game. To play poker online and win big money, register yourself in the GetMega app now.

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