How to Play Poker for a Living?

How to Play Poker for a Living?

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Many people dream of having successful careers grinding poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online. But it does not come easy. There are a lot of factors involved. Go through this guide on how to become a professional poker player and begin your dream career! Check out if poker is legal in India or not.

Choose your game wisely

There is a multitude of poker games, online and offline to choose from. The choice you make matters a lot because that choice is what you end up doing. This choice goes a long way in launching a successful career grinding poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online. For a player who is just starting out, it is better to start with cash games instead of tournaments. This is because, with tournaments, you do not have the freedom of playing at your own pace.

With cash games, you have the freedom to schedule those games. This helps you not just earn money, but also manage your social life and other aspects of life. In tournaments, players have the option of earning more money as compared to cash games. But, in cash games, you have more peace of mind while playing and can enjoy the game more. Once you become a more seasoned player, you can switch to tournaments.

Learn all the rules

Learning the rules ranks very high on the list of skills required for playing poker for a living. Knowing the hand combinations and what they mean is good but not good enough. Every player who thinks of playing poker for a living or who thinks of playing poker live for a living, online, knows everything about hand combinations and what they mean. The information that sets a player apart is the knowledge of the game, the ins and outs of it.

To become a good player and to become successful at grinding poker for a living, you need to know poker like the back of your hand. You should know everything from the types of players in a game to different strategies of bluffing that can be used to win you a game.

Be good at math

Math is a very important part of playing poker for a living. Poker is a game about strategies and while counting cards does not yield a promising result, you should still practice and know poker math. To estimate and calculate the right odds you have of winning the pot with your hand, or if it is monetarily beneficial for you to call a raised bet, knowing poker math is very important. With the knowledge of all this, you get the ability of making informed and educated decisions and can make the right moves instead of guessing blatantly.

Improve your game

This is one of the most basic points in learning how to start grinding poker for a living. Just learning about the game is not going to make you a good poker player and have a successful life playing poker for a living. Mastering GTO strategies and learning how to apply them is one of the main things that need to be done when trying to start a career grinding poker for a living. Learning how to use different tactics to bluff your opponents and ultimately beat them is the key to see successful and solid results.

Get experience

You cannot just go to a poker tournament and expect to win. Having experience is very important. It does not just make you good at poker, but also enhances your skills at reading people and helps you with your decision-making skills. Starting with low stakes poker games is an important step towards starting a career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online. Playing at a low stakes poker game helps you improve your skills along with making you feel more comfortable with the financial aspect of the game. Being a low stakes poker game, a small amount of money is at stake which does not hurt your bankroll. It also teaches you the dynamics of the game and helps you prepare for more serious and high stakes poker games. Once you start feeling comfortable with games of these stakes, it means that you have the skills required to start your career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online in tournaments and games with much higher stakes.

Learn to make proper decisions

Poker is all about making decisions under pressure. These decisions are important because they determine whether you win the game along with all the money in the pot or lose the game, forfeiting all the money you contributed to in the pot. Professional poker players or, people who make money grinding poker for a living, need to learn how to take time, evaluate all their options and then make decisions. One player cannot see another player’s cards. But, they can still evaluate all their options by assuming the poker positions and their opponent’s previous actions to help them decide. If you can do all this and decide which ultimately helps you win, you are on the right path to have a successful career grinding poker for a living.

Go for different trainings

Experience is important. Learning the tricks of the trade are also very important. Keeping yourself updated with all the new rules and the new techniques to win a game of poker is very important. With new software coming in and new tricks and tips being developed every day for poker players, it is very important that one keeps themselves updated. These improvements come in the form of small but precise online courses and training. These do come at a cost but should be seen as an investment. If you invest in yourself, you will see favorable and successful returns in the form of tournament wins and an influx of cash. A lot of these courses and training also have a community of active poker players. These poker players are players just like you, trying to make it big in the gambling world. Along with monetary returns on your investment, you also make connections which might help you in the long run. These investments will help you start a successful career grinding poker for a living.

Become emotionally strong

A player’s emotional strength is very important in their game. The involvement of money in games like poker usually means that there are a lot of emotions involved. It is very important to keep your emotions at bay while playing professionally. To have a successful career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online, you need to have good emotional strength. When starting your career, it is important that you learn to remove any and all distractions from the environment you play poker in. by removing any and all distractions from your environment, you have more of a chance of reading your opponent correctly and estimating their play accordingly.

Learn when to quit

It is very important to know when to quit. Playing a bad hand or playing a hand which might lose is a fool’s errand. There is no point in chasing a losing game or a lost game. This point also requires you to keep your emotions in check. Losing a hand every now and then is a part of playing poker. You should let it go if you lose a hand to another player. Targeting them and going after them to get your lost money back can end up in you losing more money. This is where you also need to keep your emotions in check. Sticking to your strategy instead of going after another player like a bloodthirsty hound will help you in winning that game and in keeping your cool. Sometimes letting go is best. Learning how and when to quit will go a long way in helping you build a strong and successful career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online.

Bankroll management

Bankroll is technical jargon for the money that you set aside for using in poker. It is perhaps the most important aspect of playing poker. Players betting an unhealthy amount of money as a raised bet only happens in movies and television shows. To have a successful career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online, knowing how to manage your finances is key. There are load of professional players, perhaps some of the best in the world, who couldn’t make it because of their poor financial management skills. Making the most out of a set amount of money is important in poker. You cannot keep adding more money into your bankroll just because you lose it while playing a game. for a successful career playing poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online, you should know how to not go out of line with your finances. They are the things that keep you afloat.

Entering tournaments

This is the part where you start making money. For you to have a successful career grinding poker for a living or playing poker live for a living, online, you need to make a lot of money. Entering tournaments like WSOP, World Series of Poker is where you make a lot of money and get famous. With your experience and your bankroll, developed over time with the many low-stakes games won, you can take part in any poker tournament and high stakes game you want to, and win.

Now you know how to start a successful career grinding poker for a living, it’s time to download the GetMega Poker app and play on!

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