How to Play Flop Poker?

How to Play Flop Poker?

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Want to try your hand at a new variant of poker beyond the usual Texas Hold’em, fun Pai Gow poker and fascinating Mexican poker? In the plethora of games that poker has to offer, poker enthusiasts, it is time to try Flop Poker! Read on to learn more!

Objective of flop poker

Players compete against one another to get the highest hand ranking to bag the player-supported pot of money, with occasional chip-ins from the house for a good hand. The highest 5 card hand wins irrespective of whether the player makes a flop bet or not.

Back to the basics

§  A flop is the first three cards that the players are exposed to.

§  The game uses a 52 deck card which contains no wild cards or jokers.

§  The players have to complete a five card hand by using a three card starting hand and three card community flop.

How does flop poker work?

§  Each player is to make an ante bet and a pot bet. Pot wager is the table minimum whereas, ante wager is any amount that fits the table limits.

§  The ante bet allows the player to receive a three card starting poker hand to play the game.

§  The pot bet is made along with the ante wager. 100% of the pot money is paid to the player with the highest five card hand at the end of each hand.

§  The flop bet will be made after all the three cards given to the player is evaluated. In case, the player wishes to play for the house pay table odds, then the flop bet is made. However, if he/she does not wish to make the bet, then the ante bet is surrendered and the player gets to play only for the house money.

§  The decision to play the flop wager is based on the cards that the other players on the table hold and hence, the cards are not revealed to the other players on the table.

§  Each player receives three cards face down.

§  A pair of jacks a lower hand is a house win. The pay table, from the lowest to the highest, is as follows -

Ante flop pay table
Pair of jacks 1 to 1
Two pairs (contains two pairs at once) 2 to 1
Three of a kind (it is 3 cards of the same value) 4 to 1
Straight (all the cards are in sequence but belong to different suits) 11 to 1
Flush (consists of 5 cards of the same suit but in random order) 20 to 1
Full house (it consists of three of a kind and one pair) 30 to 1
Four of a kind (consists of 4 cards of the same value) 100 to 1
Straight Flush (when all 5 cards are in sequence and also have the same suit) 500 to 1
Royal flush (A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit) 1000 to 1

§  If two or more players hold the same winning hand, then they are to split the pot.

Some points to keep in mind while playing flop poker

§  There is no house edge on the pot bet.

§  There is no player edge on the pot bet.

§  More players imply that there is a bigger pot to win, but it also means that there is a slimmer chance of winning the pot.

§  The player can call for a raise with some confidence, with a three card hand that has a jack or higher or if there is any pair or three-to-a-flush or straight.

§  Players cannot wager on more than one hand.

§  The game can be played with an optional three card bonus and progressive wagers too.

Some tips to win flop poker

§  Always consider what the opponent is holding and think about the potential of your own hand.

§  Be prepared to let go of good hands.

To sum it up

A quick and easy poker game, Flop Poker, is a must try out for all those poker enthusiasts, who don’t feel the need to spend months improving their game and deeply strategizing. Have fun while you are at it!

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