How To Play And Rules Of Big O Poker

How To Play And Rules Of Big O Poker

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What is big o poker?

Big O Poker is a variation of poker very much like Omaha, aside from the fact that the players are managed five hole cards rather than four. As in Big O Omaha, players should utilize precisely two of their hole cards at showdown and precisely three of the community board cards to make their best five-card poker hand. It can very well be played in limit and pot-limit forms, and can be played for high, or as a hi lo split game, generally with an eight qualifier (as is normal for Omaha).

In this article we will be talking about all the basics of Big O Poker also including some tips to help you play to the best of your ability. So, here we go –

poker o big

Big O Poker (also called five-card Omaha or Omaha-5) started showing up in Southern California in 2008, and had spread to the majority of the card rooms nearby before the next year. Many players in more smaller card rooms particularly like it, and favour it over standard Omaha, because of the fundamentally expanded activity it produces. It is right now regularly played with a limit betting structure.

In spite of the fact that it might seem that one extra card would not change the chances of a standard Big O Omaha game that much, that extra card entirely doubles the quantity of conceivable 2-card combinations (from 6 to 10) a player has accessible to make their hand, making it more likely that the players make incredible hands. Two pair is basically never a triumphant hand in Big O Poker, and three of a kind is rarely a combination to win. On the chance that a straight or a flush is possible with the given community board cards, at that point all things considered, it is highly likely that a player has it. In the event that the board has matched, it is almost certain at any rate that one of the players has a full house. When played in a hi lo structure, the nut low is the most probable low to be seen at showdown. Now that we have a basic understanding of the Big O Poker, lets discuss the rules of play that comes with it!

Why Is It Called Big O?

There are several reasons why this format is known as the Big O.

At first, the full name of 5 card pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better can be a bit mouthful, with it much easier to say Big O.

How to play Big O poker & Rules of Play

The play of a hand or how to play big o poker works similar to a hand of Omaha, with the exception that the players are dealt five hole cards before the flop, rather than four. In light of the additional card included in the hands, Poker Big O can be played by a maximum number of 9 players. At the point when the game is played with 9 players, the deck needs more cards to permit the dealer to burn before every reveal of board cards. Appropriately, there is no burn card before the river. When played with eight players or less, the dealer burns before each board betting, as in standard flop games.

Big O Poker rules:

Like in Omaha and Holdem, there are four betting rounds in Big O poker game :

  • after the dealing of cards to the players but before the community board cards (preflop)
  • after the reveal of the first three community board cards (flop)
  • after the reveal of the fourth community board card (turn)
  • after the reveal of the fifth and last community board card (river)

In the limit betting structure, the bet size of the last two betting rounds is double the first two rounds.

At showdown, a player should utilize precisely two of their hole cards alongside precisely three of the community board cards to make their best poker hand (or their most reduced, if going for the low of a hi lo game). They can't play any less than two of their hole cards, nor anything more than two. Now that you know the rules of Big O Poker or big o poker strategy, below we have provided you with some tips that will help you in your game.

big o poker

10 Tips for Big O Poker game

The following are ten tips that will give you the information and certainty on how to play any poker Big O game:

  1. Always play low card hands and dodge middle cards.
  2. Since hands play to showdown all the more regularly, you have a superior chance to break down and observe your adversaries' plays.
  3. Raising the pots does little to help you win. The nuts on the turn are not the triumphant hand ordinarily. The hand is won on the river.
  4. In the initial three positions, check-raising is essential to build up your pots.
  5. Back up cards are the most important weapon in your armoury.
  6. Your swings are more prominent than in most poker games, so when your surge happens deal properly with your money.
  7. At the point when you're running terribly, take a break to refocus.
  8. Keep your rivals in, so the pots are greater when you are drawing at the nuts.
  9. Always pick games with loads of activity. Dodge dead games which implies that the players are too tight, folding a lot, which means more small pots and higher rake.

Here, we have reached the end of our article on how to play the Big O Poker game. If you have understood What is big O Poker so you are now more than ready to play your first Big O game. Download the GetMega app and play a fun game of Big O with your friends!

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