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Poker chips are no longer just the currency chips that you use on a table at casinos but have more significance than what meets the eyes. If you have played poker in a casino, you must have heard the different noises or rumbles coming from different tables. What is it? It is the sound of the players playing with their poker chips. Simply put, it is the sound of players performing various poker chip tricks, be it something as simple as flipping poker chips or shuffling.

Over the years, different players have used different poker chip tricks with some even getting popular for their flipping of poker chips than their games. However, some players have nailed the art of doing poker chip tricks as well as winning big pot money, making them legends of the game. Antonio Esfandiari is one such name who has performed exceptionally well in both fields. In fact, thanks to the incredible tricks he performs, they are now popularly known as Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks. In this article, we will teach you how to perform the poker chip flip and various other poker chip tricks and why you should perform them.

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Why should you perform poker chip tricks?

Tricks like a poker chip flip or chip twirl or riffle are some of the most common chip tricks performed by various poker players. Such poker chip tricks came into existence when players started doing them to pass time, while other players were making the move. However, this has now been used as a simple tool to intimidate the opponents during the game. Experienced players have multiple ways of flipping poker chips or do the poker chips flip trick or even the tough Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks, which can be used to scare off the weak newbies on the table. Moreover, this has now become a sort of status symbol as well. So, if you want to learn that classic poker chip flip or some of the best Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks, here is a list of the top poker chip tricks that you can practice to show-off at the table.

Top Poker chip tricks that you can try


If you attend any major poker tournament you might hear a sound of a bunch of crickets chirping all at once. But it is actually the sound of the players riffling chips all at once.

This move requires some dexterity, but this is relatively easy for many poker players to master before moving on to other tricks.

Here’s a step by guide to help you to learn this trick easily to impress your friends at the next poker game.

As a beginner, start with just six chips at a time.  Divide into two stacks of three each. Now align your fingers in such a way so that each side of the chip is covered.  Put a pinky on the back, a ring finger on the front on the left side. On the right side, put a thumb and an index finger. So basically your fingers  are around the chips.

Now use the middle finger, to slowly lift the chips, while guiding them together.  You will see that the chips just slide together.  At first, your hand will feel uncomfortable, because you might not have used these muscles before in this way.

Then, once you get used to the six chips and you can riffle back and forth  a couple times, you start adding chips. It’s best to  add chips in increments of two.  So, now instead of three chips, you have eight chips in two stacks ( four and four) .

Gradually add more, and you will be able to riffle a full stack of twenty chips like a pro.  Try to shuffle chips with different colors resulting in them alternating perfectly.  So, when you riffle fast, it creates a fancy optical illusion and you can impress your friends.

The Chip Twirl

The chip twirl is a moderately easy poker chip trick. Once you get the habit, you can find it a relaxing stress reliever.

The aim is to use one hand to hold a stack of three chips and pull the middle one out, twirl it, and return it to the stack. Here is a step-by-step guide on the chip twirl.

Take a stack of three chips. You can initially take two chips of the same color and a chip of a different color. Put the differently-colored chip in the middle of the other two.

Hold the stack with your index finger and thumb. Position it just so your fingers are aligned with the center of the chips. Think of an imaginary line cutting the chips in half. You should place your fingers on this imaginary line.

With your middle finger, reach below your index finger so it touches enough of the edge of the stack. Try to feel the edge of the middle chip, and drag it down with your middle finger.

Catch the middle chip with your ring finger. Simultaneously release your middle finger and hold the chip between your ring finger and the side of your index finger. Make sure that the middle chip is completely free from the stack. This means that the edges do not touch the other chips. Also, make sure that your ring and index finger is holding the chip firmly.

This step can be a bit tricky at first. You might drop the chip a few times, but don't worry as you will soon get the habit. With your middle finger, push down on the edge of the middle chip so that it rotates or twirls. The key to this is to push it all the way round instead of flicking it, so that it does not fall off. Then slide the chip back into the stack. Repeat as many times as you like.

Initially it will take a bit of practice. But once you master it you will find it works as a stress reliever. You can also combine the chip twirl with finger poker chip tricks and impress your friends with a good show.

Chip Roll

This move is one of the deceptively easy tricks. It seems to be only rolling a few chips from one hand to the other. But it actually requires some practice and skill to become good at it. A good chip roll will look like a natural wave flowing from one hand to the other,

Get a few chips, say five or six in one hand. You have to roll them to the other hand, and then be able to easily pick them up.  So, you start with the chips in your dominant hand.  Hold them between your thumb, and your index finger.  And then, slowly release your thumb from the end, so that one chip falls off.  Do this with all the chips one by one.

The key is the angle of your hand.  You must hold them tight in your hand then lift your thumb the slightest amount so that it rolls to the other hand. The main practice is how you will  position your hand/ The best way is to have a forty-five degree angle in your hand and then just release from the thumb up.  And just practice hitting your other hand.  Once you can do that, you will be able to roll them all, from hand to the other.

poker chips tricks

The Vanishing Chip

This trick requires finger dexterity and is more difficult than some of the other tricks. It needs fluid motion and good balance to make that chip “vanish”. You have to balance the chip on your wrist while you show your hands as “empty”. Master this one, and your friends will think you are a magician.

Remember to have the audience face you. Don't have people to your side or back.

Take the chip in your left hand fingers. Smoothly pass it to your right hand. As your right hand closes, quietly shift it to your wrist. Make sure to balance it on your wrist. To the audience it will look like it is still in your right fist. Rub fingers and open hands to show as if the coin has vanished.

Now your left hand crosses back over on the right hand. Pick up the coin with your fingers smoothly with your left hand. Make up and down movements while pushing out the chip with your left thumb.

Remember to act out some hand movements during the trick like a magician. It will help to maintain the illusion.

Finally, practice this trick in front of the mirror to see how it looks.

Standard Chip Shuffle

This is by far the most common and easiest poker chip trick out there. You can see almost every other pro player perform this. So let’s dive into it. At first, you should start with just 6 chips with two stacks of 3 each. The chip value does not matter here. Put your pinky finger and the ring finger on the sides of one stack and the thumb and the index finger on the other stack to cover the stacks from all sides. Now use your middle finger to slowly lift the chips from between and then push the chips inwards to make a single stack of 6 chips. With enough practice, you will be able to do it involuntarily. Remember that you need to practice this with an increment of 2 chips over time. It may not be one of those amazing Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks but it sure is one of the basic poker chip tricks that everyone should know. Since it doesn’t include flipping of poker chips tricks or poker chip flip tricks, it should be easy to perform even for a beginner.

Chip Thumb Flip

Another one of those classic chip tricks that is seen quite commonly on a casino table, the chip thumb flip is one those easy poker chip flip tricks that you should definitely know. Well, it doesn't get easier than this when it comes to flipping poker chips tricks.

You can start by taking 3-4 chips and resting them inside your index finger, ring finger and middle finger. Use the thumb to put some pressure on the first chip to lift it up. You can then turn it over the rest of the chips to put it at the back of the bunch. This way, you would have performed an easy poker chip flip trick. Practice it over and over again but do not go more than a bunch of 5 chips when it comes to this trick of flipping poker chips tricks. These chip tricks come in handy to intimidate your opponent when your chips are down.

Knuckle Roll

Now this is the first tough trick of flipping poker chips in this list of amazing poker chip tricks. A knuckle roll usually requires a lot more practice than other poker chip flip tricks because you literally have to use the muscles of all your fingers to do this trick. You start by holding a chip on the inside of your index finger with the help of your thumb. You then slide it over to the top of the index finger and balance it just over your knuckle. Then comes the middle finger to push it down towards itself so that it sits vertically in between the index finger and middle finger. Then you roll it over to balance on top of the middle finger before using the ring finger to push it towards itself. Here, you can take the help of your index finger as well to push the chip upwards. Then you do the same flipping of the poker chip with the ring finger and the pinky finger before rolling it completely inside the palm once again. You then use your thumb to bring it back to your index finger and this cycle repeats, giving this poker chip flip trick the name of knuckle roll. It requires continuous flipping of poker chips to truly master this trick.

The Muscle Pass (anti-gravity)

Here is one of the most amazing Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks out there, for which the poker player has been popular for. Even though most Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks are pretty entertaining to watch, this Antonio Esfandiari chip trick, in particular, has a separate fan base because of the incredible feat it appears to be. It is mainly because the poker chip trick looks like defying gravity. So what’s this Antonio Esfandiari chip trick about?

To answer that simply, you apparently throw the chip from one hand to another in a way that it seems that a magnet has pulled it. It looks like an anti-gravity pull rather than a basic throw. So, how can one perform this Antonio Esfandiari chip trick? Here, we will explain that.

To start with, you need to learn to hold the chip in your palm the same way a magician holds coins or chips in their hand. There is a reason why these Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks have given him the nickname of ‘The Magician’. The idea here is to hold the chip using the muscles below your thumb and the middle of the palm in such a way that you can easily use all your fingers. You must have seen how magicians hide the chip or the coin inside their palm and still use all their fingers to perform tricks. Once you have learnt to do this, you need to focus on putting pressure on top of the chip to spring it out of your hand. This way, it will pop out and fly to the other hand. Remember that you need to put the pressure from the top and not from the centre of the palm. Once you master this, you need to throw it upwards and catch the chip with your other hand to make it look like it is going against the gravity. Just like any other Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks, this too will require a lot of practice but it will be worth the show.

Chip fanning

Here is a simple yet very effective poker chip trick that you can use to impress your friends, especially while hosting a poker night. It does not really include any flipping of poker chips of poker chip flips but the chip fanning is one of the smoothest poker chip tricks out there.

You need to simply hold a stack of chips in your hand and slide it in a straight line or a curve, in a way that half of a chip 2 is still over chip 1 and half of chip 3 is still over chip 2 and so on. This way you can simply spread the chips in a neat way and stack it back up with equal efficiency as well. While re-stacking, you have to lift the first chip a little without disturbing the structure and then slide through the stack to complete the move. Note that the surface you perform this trick should be smooth, something like a felt.

So, these were five of the best poker chip tricks you can master to impress your friends and intimidate your opponents at the casino table. If you are not that great with the flipping of poker chips or poker chip tricks or those tough Antonio Esfandiari chip tricks, you can simply play poker online. Download the GetMega Poker App now and register yourself to get started.

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