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Online gaming is such a fun way to spend the day, and when you add the factor of earning real cash from these games, it just adds the cherry on top of our sundae. Practically all kinds of games are available online from battlegrounds to pool hustles, even casual games like Ludo that inspire happy childhood memories.

With online gaming and earning apps storming the play stores all over the world, the Ludo games have also monetized their platforms to attract more players. One such app is Ludo cash, which is offering a substantial earning potential for Ludosters.

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Today, we are going to discuss a little bit about this app including how to play and how to win money in Ludo Cash. We have some Ludo Cash hacks that are going to turn the tables so you end up winning the maximum number of games to increase your earning potential.

We also have a bonus app for you where you can play more entertaining games apart from Ludo and that is a table-turner by itself. Read till the end of this article to find innovative ways to earn cash from the comfort of your home.

What is the Ludo Cash app?

Ludo Cash is a relatively newer app on the market as compared to other games but it has quickly gained recognition. The platform offers a coin-based earning opportunity where each coin is worth 1 Rupee. The more games you win, the more cash you earn.

The app has attracted over 500 thousand gamers, give or take. The problem is, most gamers are not aware of how easy it is to make money because of their twisted conversion rates. That’s why our Ludo cash hacks are handy. We have the perfect Ludo Cash winning strategy, not to mention, a lot of Ludo Cash hidden tricks that will aid in your quest of earning a good sum of money during your withdrawals.

Before we discuss various Ludo Cash hacks and tricks though, let us take a look at how the game is played and how you can earn on this platform.

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How to earn on the Ludo Cash app?

In order to use the full benefits of our Ludo cash hacks, you first need to download and install the app. It is available on their official website. There are also variations on the Google app store so choose from where you want to download it.

Once you install the app on your smart devices, you will need to register on the platform using a valid email account or your mobile number. Upon finishing the complete registration process, the app will award you with a signup bonus that you can use to play games. The amount is small, so you need to deposit more money into your Ludo Cash wallet. The minimum deposit should be Rs. 10 but you can add a lot more based on how many games you want to play.

A Ludo Cash hack to earn some bonus free cash is to use the referral code. Each successful referral awards you Rs. 10. It is not a lot of money but at least you can play more games with free money.

Every Ludo Cash game is worth Rs.10 too, and we’re really seeing a pattern here, aren’t we?

With the referral bonuses themselves, you can play as many games as the number of successful referrals you make.

The objective of the game is to unleash your four knights from the cell block and take them around the board till you reach the Victory Line. At the end of the Victory, the line is the home slot and you can use our Ludo Cash winning tips to get there quickly, before your opponents so you win the game. The more games you win, the more coins you earn, and the more coins you earn, the more you can use our Ludo Cash hacks to improve your overall earning potential.

Now that you know how to play the games, let us look at the Ludo Cash tips and tricks that will aid you in your quest to earn.

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Tips on how to hack Ludo Cash

Earning money on the app using our Ludo Cash hacks is very simple. However, before we start, we just want to clarify one thing. When we say Ludo Cash hack, we do not mean an external Ludo Cash tips and tricks app that will help you cheat. No, we are referring to the legal in-app Ludo Cash tips and tricks that will help you develop a Ludo Cash winning strategy so you can win the maximum number of games and earn a lot of cash.

Without further ado, let us take a look at these Ludo Cash hacks:

  • Start with the referral code. Refer the app to everyone on your contact list and share the code on social media. Each referral earns you Rs. 10 which means you can play that many games for free since they are bonus amounts.
  • Win at least 2 games before you start withdrawing. The Ludo Cash hack shows that you can start withdrawing once you have Rs. 10. The thing is when you enter a Ludo game that costs Rs. 10 against 3 other players, you will end up with Rs. 40 minus the app’s commission. Winning two games will give you Rs. 80 minus the commission, which is an ideal amount to withdraw since the number of withdrawals per day is limited.
  • That brings us to another Ludo Cash hack. The app has a strange payout policy. When you withdraw Rs. 10 or more, each coin you earn is worth Re. 1. However, in order to withdraw Rs. 100, you need 115 coins. It gets worse with you needing 600 coins to withdraw Rs. 500. The conversion is not at all in your favor, which is why the best way to win Ludo Cash money in its entirety is to make small withdrawals.
  • You can withdraw your earnings using online payment gateways such as wallets, UPI, and bank transfers. The next useful Ludo cash hack comes here. Bank transfers cost more. Even if you try to transfer the money to your PayTM wallet and then to your bank account, you will end up paying a transaction rate. Rather, use the UPI network so you can transact money to your bank account without any hidden charges.
  • Utilize our Ludo Cash winning strategy to maximize your earnings.

Ludo cash has a simple concept but a twisted conversion rate. Stick to smaller transaction amounts so you can maximize your profits from playing on this platform.

Now that you know the Ludo Cash hidden tricks, let us discuss the Ludo Cash winning strategy we have in store for you using our Ludo Cash hacks.

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Top winning strategy in Ludo Cash

As you know by now, in order to make money on the app, you really need a winning strategy in Ludo Cash to put your competitors at a disadvantage. Let’s take a look at the Ludo cash strategy:

  • You must begin playing with the signup bonus and referral bonuses that you receive. If you absolutely need to, deposit only Rs. 10 in the account. This will give you a chance to check out the app and its features without investing a lot of money. If it appears beneficial for your personal need then you can deposit more at any time.
  • Now for the Ludo Cash hacks in gameplay, you have to roll a six in order to get started, which could take a while or happen instantaneously. When you roll the first, one of your knights will be released from the cell. If you roll a second six in the same turn, you will get an option to choose if you want to unleash another knight or play with the one you already freed. Choose the first and keep another knight ready in case the first one is captured.
  • Speaking of capturing, the best trick to win Ludo Cash is to check out your opponent’s strategy and keep modifying your own moves. If an opponent’s knight is on your tail and you roll consecutive sixes, don’t release another knight. Take the first one and run away quickly.
  • When you have a choice between capturing another player’s knight from a safe cell and there’s a second player on your tail, capture the first one. However, if this phenomenon occurs when you are about to reach the victory line, let it go and play another knight till the player on your tail passes by.
  • Given a choice between taking a knight along the Victory strip to ‘Home’ and capturing another player’s knight, choose to run the victory line. It is difficult to get the appropriate digits in this position. However, if the choice is between running the victory line and capturing an opponent’s knight that is about to reach the victory line, choose the latter. You can hinder their progress which will inadvertently put you on top.

Ludo cash is a really fun game with a lot of earning potential, even though their conversion rates are a little tricky. Still using our Ludo Cash hacks, you can earn a substantial amount of money and withdraw it slowly over a period of time.

If you want to play games on a genuinely worthy platform, check out the next gaming site here. We will tell you all about it.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming forum that has become very popular among those who want to make a lot of cash from playing games. The site has a lot to offer, starting with its array of games and earning opportunities.

Let us discuss the benefits of playing games on GetMega for a minute:

To profess this discussion, we want to point out that GetMega has a much more beneficial conversion rate for your in-app currencies than the former app, even when you use the Ludo cash hacks. This is evidenced by their signup and referral bonuses.

As we have mentioned, GetMega hosts a lot of games. They also have licensed casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy, which we don’t have to tell you are mines of gold when you want to earn big.

GetMega also hosts a series of contests and tournaments on a regular basis. You can find games with very low stakes if you prefer, or if you want to earn more from single gaming events, you can opt for high-stakes games.

Another incredible benefit of playing games on GetMega is the access to bonus lucky prizes. There’s a set of paid leaderboards, where if you maintain your ranks among the top contenders, you can win additional cash, gold coins, mobile phones, and a lot more.

The GetMega interface is also pretty simple, which encourages a lot of people to play. That means more competition and higher chances of winning excessive amounts of cash. The site provides incredible opportunities to not only earn money but also launch careers as professional gamers. It is definitely worth every paisa.

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