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Brief about Cricket++

Cricket++ is an intriguing fantasy sports platform in India. You can play fantasy cricket like never before with Cricket++. Cricket++ download is simple for Android devices.

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Users can start playing and learn the basics of cricket with Cricket++. You can also invite friends and family members to come and play fantasy sports on Cricket++. Along with playing intriguing cricket contests, one can also earn real money via Cricket++ app. Cricket++ offers an easy gaming interface to facilitate fantasy players. Read on to know more about Cricket++ download and how to play fantasy cricket contests.

Cricket++: app features

  • After Cricket++ download, you will get a 75 cash bonus to start playing right away.
  • Cricket++ offers an intuitive UI that is easy for beginners.
  • Many international and domestic cricket matches are live on Cricket++.
  • Cricket++ offers rewards to tournament winners.

Cricket++ app: history

The Cricket++ app has been around for some years now. It was launched after several fantasy platforms had established their market share in India. In starting, people thought that Cricket++ is yet another fantasy sports platform working on the same redundant process. However, Cricket++ followed a unique gameplay approach that lured fantasy sports lovers. People who had been playing fantasy cricket for more than a decade also found something unique on Cricket++. Bonafide Fantasy Private Limited oversees the development of the Cricket++ app. From Cricket++ download to quick withdrawal, everything has been made efficient for fantasy sports lovers.

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How to download the Cricket++ app on mobile devices?

Cricket++ offers an easy installation process for Android mobile devices. One can quickly complete the Cricket++ download process and start playing fantasy cricket. The process for Cricket++ app download is given below:

  • Visit the official website of Cricket++ i.e., Make sure you complete the Cricket++ app download process via the official website. Unreliable sources may not provide you with the original Cricket++ application.
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Download Android App’ icon to start the Cricket++ app download process.
  • Once the apk file is downloaded, proceed to install the Cricket++ app.
  • Once you have installed the Cricket++ application, open it and start the login process.

At present, Cricket++ only offers an android application for fantasy sports buffs. For any future updates on the Cricket++ app download, you can visit the official website of Cricket++. You can also connect with Cricket++ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know about the latest app updates.

How to download the Cricket++ app on Windows/macOS?

Information is not applicable.

How to sign up/create an account on Cricket++?

Once the Cricket++ download process is completed, it won’t take you longer in creating an account. The intuitive UI of Cricket++ will help you create an account quickly. The process for creating an account on Cricket++ is as follows:

  • Open the Cricket++ app downloaded from the official website only.
  • Click on the ‘Register’ button to start your Cricket++ sign-up process. When you click the ‘Register’ button, you will have to enter your email address and password. You can directly sign-up on Cricket++ via your google account.
  • As soon as you enter your email address and password, your Cricket++ account will be created. You are now ready to play fantasy cricket on Cricket++.
  • Cricket++ will randomly create your username based on your email address. You can edit your Cricket++ username whenever needed.

How to play fantasy sports on Cricket++?

Once you have completed the Cricket++ download and sign-up process, you are ready to play fantasy cricket. With the intuitive UI of Cricket++, you can understand the gameplay quickly. The general steps for playing fantasy cricket on Cricket++ are:

  • Choose an upcoming cricket match on Cricket++.
  • Join any contest for a cricket match on Cricket++.
  • Choose your 5 Hot Picks and 3 Not Picks. Put your cricketing brain to work and choose your players on Cricket++.
  • Pay the respective fee and enter the contest on Cricket++.
  • Make correct predictions and win cash prizes on Cricket++.
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Types of games offered by Cricket++

For each contest on Cricket++, you have to choose 8 players (5 Hot picks & 3 Not picks). However, the positive is that for each cricket match, you can choose from many contests. You can go for a low-entry contest or a mega contest with huge rewards on Cricket++.

Cricket++ gameplay in detail

One can play easily on Cricket++ due to its intuitive UI and easy gameplay. The steps to play on Cricket++ in detail are as follows:

  • Choose an upcoming cricket match on Cricket++ and join any contest.
  • Make predictions and choose the five best performers of the match. The best performers to be chosen are called Hot Picks.
  • Predict the three worst performers of the cricket match and select them on Cricket++ as Not Picks.
  • The player that makes the maximum accurate predictions wins the fantasy contest on Cricket++.

How to earn money on Cricket++?

Many users go for Cricket++ download to earn money by playing fantasy sports. Cricket++ uses the impact factor which is a fantasy point system to determine the Hot picks and the Not picks. Your predictions should match Cricket++’s Hot picks and Not picks after the completion of the match. If you have made the highest number of accurate predictions in your lobby, you will win the contest. After the match finishes, the cash reward will be deposited in your Cricket++ wallet. You can link your bank account with Cricket++ to easily withdraw the winning amount.

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Question Answer
How much minimum amount can I withdraw from Cricket++ wallet? You can withdraw a minimum of INR 200 from the Cricket++ wallet.
Is the Cricket++ app legal? Cricket++ is a registered and legal platform for fantasy cricket in India.
Is Cricket++ download available for Windows? At present, only Android application download is available on the official website of Cricket++.
How to log in after Cricket++ download? You can sign-up on Cricket++ via your google account. You can then use your Google credentials to log in to Cricket++.
Can a player register multiple accounts with Cricket++? A player cannot have more than one account on Cricket++.
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