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About CricPlay

CricPlay is an Indian virtual fantasy cricket app. It is also a ‘virtual cricket money’ gaming app. In other words, you won’t get any real money rewards with this app. You can enjoy this game on a free fantasy cricket platform after completing CricPlay App Download from CricPlay website

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After your CricPlay App Download, you can enjoy the thrill of interacting and competing with cricket enthusiasts. These cricket aficionados come from all over the world.

CricPlay offers you the perfect platform to flaunt your cricketing knowledge.

CricPlay App Download has a virtual betting feature where you have to make predictions on the outcome of a match. Players get multiples of their coins as a reward for every correct prediction they make.

Features of CricPlay

  • Make predictions on match outcomes using coins.
  • Free-to-play virtual money gaming app.
  • Download CricPlay App and register easily with basic details.
  • Play in the Daily Fantasy League with 11 players and an allocated budget.
  • Choose from 5 types of contests.
  • With CricPlay online, create your own private contests or join others’ contests.

History of Cricplay

CricPlay is a fantasy cricket startup that is the brainchild of famous entrepreneur Gaurav Sarin. It was launched in April 2018 by Sarin and his technical team. The idea behind CricPlay was to provide Indian cricket fans with a unique, free fantasy cricket app in a country, where the sport is treated like religion. Since 2018, the app has gained a huge user base that extends well beyond India.

After this sudden influx of users, CricPlay ran into a bit of trouble with several users complaining of a technical problem. Nevertheless, the response of Gaurav Sarin and his technical team was truly magnificent. The team worked day and night to get rid of the technical error, much to the satisfaction of their users.

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How to download CricPlay for Android

You can download CricPlay in a straightforward manner on the Android platform. Complete your CricPlay Sign-up and download with the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the official CricPlay website, to download the app.

Step 2: Now, click on the Download link for CricPlay shown below.

Step 3: Click on the Install option shown below.

Step 4: Once the CricPlay Android app is successfully installed, you can access it by clicking on the ‘open’ link.

Step 5: Finally, you can start enjoying CricPlay by simply accessing the app on your Android phone.

How to download CricPlay for PC

CricPlay App Download is not available for PCs. However, by downloading PC Android emulators like BlueStack, you can get to your CricPlay login easily.

  • Download BlueStacks.
  • Complete the installation of the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Click on the ‘Customize installation’ link shown below.
Cricplay pc

  • Install and download BlueStacks on your PC.
cricPlay pc
  • Now you can run the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC and enjoy CricPlay.

How to register, log in, sign up and create an account on the app/website

Follow these simple steps to start showcasing your cricketing knowledge with CricPlay.

  • Click on the installed CricPlay app.
  • Enter your mobile number to continue cricplay login proceeding with the app.
  • Enter required information like your full name, email, and password for cricplay login credentials.
  • Finally, submit the information to start enjoying CricPlay.

Types of games CricPlay offers

CricPlay has two major formats - virtual prediction betting and Daily Fantasy League. For virtual prediction betting, you can make predictions on the outcomes of an available match. For Daily Fantasy League, you have to select 11 players from two teams, whose match is available. Our daily fantasy is characterized by five types of contests, which are as follows:

  • Private Contests – Invite and play with friends
  • Challenger Leagues - Play smaller contests for handsome rewards
  • Super League – Boost your fantasy team with power-ups
  • Expert Leagues - Play with an expert
  • Mega Leagues - Play without any limit on the number of participants

How to play on CricPlay

  • After your CricPlay Download, you need to sign up by entering basic details.
  • To understand CricPlay’s how to play rules, just keep in mind that you have to select from two formats - virtual prediction betting and Daily Fantasy League.
  • You need to win coins on CricPlay by either winning contests or by referring individuals to join the app.
  • Using your coins, you can make predictions on the outcomes of an available match. For every correct prediction, you will get multiples of your coins.
  • For Daily Cricplay online Fantasy League, you can select 11 players from both the teams, whose match is available. You will receive points on the basis of the performance of your chosen 11 players. The points of your chosen Captain will be doubled and the points of your Vice-Captain will be multiplied by 1.5.
  • You will get an allocated budget of 1000 credits to select your 11 players in the Daily Cricplay online Fantasy League.
  • You can also challenge your friends by creating your Cricplay 11 team and invite them join contest.
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How to earn money using CricPlay

On CricPlay, players can use virtual currency known as CricPlay coins. Using the CricPlay coins, you can compete with millions of cricket lovers from over the globe.

CricPlay is largely free, with the exception of some contests. To join such CricPlay contests, you will have to spend your coins. In order to win CricPlay coins, you need to win contests. Another way of earning CricPlay coins is by referring your friends to join this app.

How can you play games on GetMega?

GetMega is an Indian app that lets its users indulge in real-time, online money earning. A variety of games are offered by this platform through which players can earn on a real-time basis. Of course, the players would have to win at GetMega games in order to make money. Players will get the opportunity to earn money by competing either against their friends or against just random players.

  • Visit the official platform’s website - GetMega.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Verify your profile via an SMS link.
  • Sign up and verify your account by uploading the necessary documents.
  • Finally, deposit the money and begin your betting journey.
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Question Answer
Can you earn real money with CricPlay? No, you cannot earn real money with CricPlay. The app does not offer real money rewards
Will the rewards amount at CricPlay expire after a certain period of time? No, the rewards amount at CricPlay will never expire even if a long period of time has passed.
Is the CricPlay app safe and secure? Yes, CricPlay is 100% safe and secure to play.
Is the CricPlay app free or paid? The CricPlay app is a free app.
Can users interact with the developers of CricPlay app? Yes, users can interact with the developers of the CricPlay app by leaving messages in the review section.
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