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The advancement of technology and gadgets has been a revolutionary threshold in today’s progressive culture. Keeping on par with this phenomenon, gaming, sports betting, and everything related to it took huge leaps to meet the demands of mankind. Thus dream11 like apps were created.

On the face of it, Dream11 is a sports betting app that was designed to support cricket betting. However, as the need for an NBA fantasy app like Dream 11 started pushing through, this app accommodated more sports such as Baseball, Football, and Kabaddi.

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With online gambling and sports betting taking the world by storm these days, we thought it is only appropriate to introduce our valuable readers to more dream11-like apps. These web applications and sites are designed to help you participate in more games yourself to regain control of your money and earn bigger. You can have more channels to invest and better opportunities to participate in the innovative style of sports betting as you do on a fantasy sports app like Dream 11.

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

List of Dream11-like other apps

There are several similar dream 11-like apps that allow you to bet on sporting events, create your own fantasy league, and even go as far as playing casino games and trivia games to earn money. Here are a few options that you can try out at your discretion:

1. GetMega

GetMega is the best app like Dream11 to earn money. While Dream11 is a fantasy sporting app where you have to wager your hard-earned money on other people’s potential, even if they are professionals, GetMega allows you to play the games yourself.

You see, placing bets on other players’ performances can be a little risky. They may have health issues, emotional dilemmas, lack of motivation, and several other factors that affect their gameplay. In a way, you gamble your money on the off-chance that they will live up to your expectations.

However, GetMega is a channel where you can play your favorite games yourself. Casino games like Poker and Rummy, your money is in your control.

You have an option here to choose how much you want to invest in your own skills, and in the case of casino games, on the hands that you’re dealt. You can choose to stop at any time or fold or make informed decisions based on your current circumstance. You can change your mind or modify your strategy, it’s all up to you.

The best part is, you have a wide range of games to choose from and you earn real cash that you can easily withdraw to online wallets or directly to your bank account. Not only is it a viable side hustle but a source of full-time income from professionally gaming on a legit platform.

2. My 11 Circle

A true blue Dream11 alternative with a twist is My 11 circle. The app is promoted by our very own Sourav Ganguly and it has a very unique concept when it comes to competitive dream 11 like apps.

My 11 Circle requires investment just like any other app on this list. However, unlike other apps, their payouts are not in ratios but in multiples. So, if the multiplier of the day, i.e., the value of ‘X’ for a particular game or the odds is 5 and you invest Rs. 1000, then, upon winning, your payout would be Rs. 5000.

Aside from their high payout plans, My 11 Circle also offers a unique selection of players. You can create a roster of your 5 favorite batsmen or 5 favorite bowlers for your league. You may even partake in the traditional method of participating in fantasy sports leagues, although, when given a chance, why not choose a specialty team, right?

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3. FanFight

Another Dream 11 alternative app is FanFight. As the name suggests, it is a fantasy sports league app wherein you can create your own league of favorite players based on their abilities and performance.

Not only can you earn money if your league wins but there is a bonus attraction to this app. Unlike dream 11 like apps, this particular application is available on a global scale. Therefore, you can play in any location, choose players from any country, select sporting events across the globe, and create leagues of domestic and international players alike.

4. LeagueX

An alternatively attractive solution for participating in fantasy sporting dream11 like apps is LeagueX. It is a cricket fantasy sports app for enthusiasts of sporting events. Although most apps on this list invariably support domestic and international cricket matches, LeagueX is unique. It only allows fantasy leagues of the IPL.

As you know, the teams in IPL comprise both domestic and international players but the teams are based on different states or cities in India alone. Each team is sponsored by particular industrialists, business people, and the crème de la crème of the country. Thus, this app makes you one of them in theory.

Therefore, creating your fantasy sports league in the same manner as IPL inadvertently means you own a team of your own but at a much, much smaller scale. It is fun and exciting, to say the least.

5. HalaPlay

Another incredible fantasy sports Dream11 alternative app is HalaPlay. The concept of this app is fairly simplistic and so is their reward policy.

To start with, you have to invest a little money in this app. Thereafter, you can create a team of your favorite real-life players based on the statistics and performance. If the players in your team, or league, successfully finish the number of events and you win the league, then you get paid.

The amount paid is the ratio equivalent to the amount you invest. You can withdraw it easily via your PayTM account or other such payment gateways.

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How to use a dream11 like app to earn money?

As you know by now, betting dream 11 like apps and gambling platforms such as Rummy Circle and GetMega have one thing in common. They are all instigated to help you earn money while you play your favorite games or simply bet on the performance of other players.

Dream11 and similar apps that offer betting options on Dream11-like games such as Cricket, kabaddi, Football, and Baseball are powered by your inclination to use your knowledge about the sports. Similarly, apps like GetMega that allow you to take back control of your finances and bet on your own skills offer better rewards for your cognitive capabilities.

Hence, here’s how you can earn money from these websites and dream11 like app:

  • Start by creating an account on multiple channels. This way, you can diversify your investments and improve your chances of earning.
  • Study up on the game of your choice If you’re about to start betting or creating your fantasy leagues then you need to know everything about the sport be it cricket, football, basketball, what have you. Similarly, if you wish to enjoy a little gambling action, study the rules, guidelines, and various winning strategies of casino games.
  • Explore the website or Dream11 jaisa apps that you love. Make sure that you know all the perks and promotions they offer and the percentage of commission they charge.
  • Now, create a separate bank account to keep your finances such as savings, gambling, living expenses, etc. from merging. This way, you won’t dive into your livelihood and you can maintain a detailed account of all your income and expenses on the Dream11-type apps.
  • If you like Dream11 competitors like GetMega then you have an opportunity to delve into more than sports betting. You can gamble on your knowledge of various subjects as well as in casino games such as Poker or Rummy. Ensure that you understand how to play these games well before you get started.
  • Sports betting and gambling are both risky activities, so be realistic. Only invest money that you can afford to lose. That way, if you lose the gamble, you don’t miss much, however, if you come out on top, you earn a substantial amount of cash.
  • Make sure to choose apps similar to Dream11 that are certified and allow easy transactions via secure payment gateways.

You see, it is easy to get caught up in the earning potential of dream11 like apps. However, you must remember that much like earning money through hard work, these websites and apps also require dedication. You are wasting your hard-earned money so don’t forget to do your research and study up.

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How to earn money playing games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming channel that allows you to play different games to earn money.

On the face of it, you can just open an account on GetMega, choose your favorite games from the drop-down menu, and win as much as you can to earn. However, they also offer more potential for earning, and here’s how you can get the most out of the platform:

  1. Use your signup bonus to invest in games.
  2. Utilize your referral code to earn more from successfully recommending the app to your personal and social media contacts.
  3. Start with the small cash games under each gaming category and take some time to learn. If you’re doubtful about your abilities or understanding of a certain game, just refer to the rules and guidelines available on the platform.
  4. Once you’re familiar with the rules of gameplay for any game, dive into low-stakes tournaments and contests and work your way up to higher stakes.
  5. Enter the paid leaderboards and maintain your position consistently among the top 10 players. You can win more cash, gold coins, mobile phones, and other cool prizes.
  6. Keep playing and perfecting your gameplay to earn more money.
  7. Once you have more than Rs. 25 (we hope you have in thousands, actually) then withdraw 80% of your income and keep the remaining to play more games and continue earning.

And that is possibly the easiest and most affordable way to earn money by playing games while you enhance your skills to perhaps become a professional poker player one day.

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