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Rush by hike is a popular gaming website that allows players to play their favorite games online and earn real money. You can get started by downloading the rush earning app, registering on it, entering into tournaments of your favorite games, and earning real money by winning. You can compete with other players and earn real money online. Rush by hike similar apps OR rush earning app is a community of real players and they employ no bots. The online gaming platform offers skill-based games and a great way for players to use their skills, win rewards and cash prizes. Many other apps like Rush by hike are getting popular these days.

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Rush by Hike boasts a set of premium features, including 100% safe and secure payment options, reliable wallets like Paytm for transactions, instant withdrawal of your reward money, and round-the-clock customer service. Rush by hike app is a fun gaming platform where users can play their favorite games while also earning cash prizes. Currently, they offer only 2-player Carrom Freestyle. They will soon be adding more games to the platform.

The only drawback to this online gaming platform is that if you are from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim, you won’t be allowed to play real money games. Regardless, let us find out about some apps like Rush by Hike app available online.

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List of top similar apps like Rush by Hike

Here is a list of similar apps like rush by hike if you are looking for some fun apps to play games online and earn some real money:

1. GetMega

  1. GetMega is one of the popular apps like rush by hike and its popularity has only increased in recent years among Indian players.
  2. GetMega is an online gaming platform that allows you to play your favorite games online and earn real money.
  3. The online platform boasts a set of premium features, including a wide range of games, 100% safe and secure banking options, video chat, and instant withdrawals.
  4. You can select your favorite games from the three categories available: card, casual, and trivia.
  5. The top games available on the platform are carrom, poker, rummy, 8-ball pool, and many more.
  6. With the video chat option, you can play your favorite games online with your friends and family.
  7. You can also instantly withdraw your funds in just 60 seconds.

2. WinZO

  1. WinZO is a multi-gaming platform that we recommend because it allows you to offer more than 70 games from various genres in a single app.
  2. One of the best features of this online gaming platform is that it is available in more than ten Indian languages.
  3. This online gaming platform is completely safe and secure, with over 3 million active users and a 4.6-star rating.
  4. Mr. Racer, Basketball, Cricket, Snake Rush OR rush by hike, Fruit Fighter Rummy, and other money-making popular games are available to play on WinZo.
  5. You can begin by betting a minimum of Rs. 2 and withdraw your winnings by Paytm, UPI, or Bank Transfer.
  6. WinZo also offers practice games for free.

3. Gamezy

  1. It is one of our favorite apps like rush by hike.
  2. It is a great app for new players as it supports a great and user-friendly interface.
  3. Ludo, Carrom, 8 Ball Pool, Cricket, Bubble Burst, Fruit Slice, and Quiz are all some of the most popular games available on Gamezy where you can earn real money.
  4. You can also increase your reward money by playing Rummy and Fantasy Sports games on the online gaming platform.
  5. When you make your first deposit on the online gaming platform, you will receive a 100% cash bonus.
  6. You can use this bonus to play games and withdraw your winnings to your Paytm or bank account.
  7. These exclusive features make this app one of our top selections in our list of best apps like rush by hike.
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4. Ludo Ninja

ludo ninja
  1. Ludo Ninja is one of the fastest ludo games, allowing you to win more games in a short time and earn Paytm cash in as few as 24 moves.
  2. The game will automatically terminate after 24 moves, similar to Ludo Supreme, and the winner will be determined by the way of the highest score.
  3. It's an RNG-certified game, and the platform guarantees that you'll be playing with genuine players in every tournament. The online platform doesn’t have bots.
  4. When it comes to payments and withdrawals, this app allows you to make rapid cash withdrawals and deposits.
  5. Cashfree, Razorpay, and MobiKwik, Ludo Ninja's connected Payment Gateways, all offer 100% safe and secure withdrawals.

5. Gamethon

  1. It is another one of our favorites in our list of best apps like rush by hike.
  2. Gamethon, an online real money gaming app, has made it easier to earn some extra money while playing money-making games and entering into daily income tournaments.
  3. These are tournaments for single-player online games that can be played anywhere and at any time. These tournaments are quite popular among fans of online gaming players.
  4. You just have to pick your favorite game and get started.
  5. You can play some of the best games like cricket, basketball, 8 Ball Pool, Solitaire, Uno, Knife Cool, Fruit Blast, Brick Out, Monster Car, Rabbit Jump, Gun Shot, Fish Hunt, and more on Gamethon.
  6. Some of the primary features of Gamethon include: single-player same, your high scores determine your reward money, play for an indefinite time until the tournaments are live, and 100% safe and secure banking options.

6. Qureka

  1. This is the last selection in our list of top apps like rush by hike.
  2. Qureka is a live quiz game in which a new quiz is released every hour, increasing your chances of playing more quizzes and winning more rewards.
  3. You can play up to 25 quizzes per day, so your chances of earning real money rewards are considerably high.
  4. Additionally, for students, this app is a well-known real money-earning games app where you can take GK Quiz, Maths Quiz, and other subject quizzes to prepare for your exams.
  5. Qureka also has Qureka Pro, which requires you to deposit cash to play games. At the same time, earning opportunities increase when you are playing with Qureka Pro.
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These all are games like rush by hike.

How to make money from these apps like Rush by Hike?

Now that we have listed out top apps like rush by hike, here is a list of some simple steps you can follow to earn money by playing one of your favorite games on any of your favorite apps like rush by hike:

  1. Download your favorite app to play your favorite game online.
  2. Register your account on the app.
  3. Choose your favorite game from the list of games the app has to offer.
  4. Understand the technical functionalities of the app in terms of tournament rules, cashouts, withdrawals, payment options, and more.
  5. Enter into contests.
  6. Earn reward points.
  7. Redeem the reward points for real money.
  8. Instantly withdraw your reward money to your account.
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How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega is a popular Indian online gaming website among players and among apps like Rush by hike. It offers a wide range of popular games to its players worldwide. The games are categorized into three broad categories, including card, casual, and trivia. You can then choose your favorite games from these categories, start playing, and earn some extra cash online. Carrom, 8-ball pool, rummy, and poker are some of the most popular games on the platform.

GetMega is one of the best sites for playing your favorite games online and earning real money. What makes it our favorite site for playing online games is that it comes packed with a set of premium features, including 24*7 customer support, instant withdrawals to your bank account, 100% safe and secure banking options, an exclusive video chat feature, and many more. With the video chat feature, you can play your favorite game online with your friends and family. With GetMega, you get all your favorite games in just one app.

GetMega offers some fun features for a great time together with your friends and family. GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and prioritizes the safety and security of its players over everything else.

GetMega is one of the India's popular real-money gaming app with an extremely nice users interface and real players. With 10,000+ daily players on the app, you can win up-to Rs 1,00,000 everyday. Download the app now!
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Nikhil Aimani
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I have tried almost all of their games & I really like their Card games. One thing I can say say that if you want to win big, practicing matters. Took some time to study Poker and Rummy, but now I am winning about ₹75,000 a month.
21 January, 2021
Arvind Jadhav
Arvind Jadhav
Pune, Maharashtra
GetMega has some of the most fun & well designed games I have ever played. Plus winning real money playing games — what more could I ask for! My childhood favourites - Carrom, Warship, Chinese Chekkers & GK quizzes - everything's here.
29 January, 2021
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Nitin Chaudhary
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Playing games with real stakes & real people is so much more exciting than playing alone. What makes GetMega special is that I know I am playing against real profiles - now I can play without worrying about trolls, bots or fraud.
2 February, 2021
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