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What is LudoPe?

LudoPe is an app for playing strategic board games where users can challenge their opponent by investing real money. In LudoPe, one needs to exercise their knowledge, training, and expertise to win contests and gain cash prizes.

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LudoPe App Features

  • LudoPe is India's first online Ludo app.
  • It has followed all the 'Make in India' norms as a part of the government's push for boosting local businesses.
  • It claims to have India's only 24/7 customer support platform for online Ludo.
  • The app has special concepts such as year-round campaigns, leaderboards, bumper draws, and mega wins.

LudoPe History

LudoPe is a product of Tecrevolve Private Limited, a game development startup. Tecrevolve was incorporated on 22 May 2019 as a non-government company. The company currently identifies itself as Elliptical Networks.

Tecrevolve released the LudoPe app in early 2020, and it is their only product so far.

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LudoPe App Download

For Android and iOS

  1. The LudoPe download process for Android and iOS versions is super easy. Users can simply google ‘ludope’ or ‘ludope India’.
  2. Users will see the ‘ludope Download’option and should click on it.
  3. After that, they would see the below screen, which offers options for both Android and iOS downloads.

At the moment, users cannot download LudoPe on Windows and macOS. The app developers’ focus is currently dedicated only to the Android and iOS versions.

How to Register, Log In, Signup, and Create an Account on The App/Website?

  1. Once the users click on the LudoPe app download option, they may receive a message asking confirmation to download it. Once they complete the action, the following screen will appear below the APK file.
  2. Please click on the ‘open’ option. A final screen will appear below:
  3. Kindly click on the ‘Install’ option. Once the installation finishes, a message will appear on the screen indicating successful LudoPe app download. Users can now open the app.
  4. A screen will appear below. Users can enter their mobile numbers to register on this app and enter a six-digit verification code. They will receive a prompt to enter their email ID and a referral code, if available. Once users fill in the details, their account is ready.

There would be periodic LudoPe update requests from the app. Users can click on them to upgrade their app experience.

How to Play on the App?

Upon completion of the LudoPe App download, users need to warm up to the unique style of the app’s gameplay.

To play on the app, they would first need to select the game type. They should choose the ‘play with bot’ option to practice first. Playing online Ludo for the first time can have a different feel to the offline option. Players need to play within a time limit online, which would force them to make faster decisions. Once the players have developed a certain level of expertise via practice, they can play cash games.

Casual players can play private tournaments with their friends to compete in lower-priced entry contests. As users play with each other more regularly, a skilled player would predict their opponent’s moves and have a greater chance of winning.

Once a player has selected a contest, they need to pick one of three game modes — classic, master, and quick. All the modes have slightly different rules to make things interesting. Based on our observations, we believe that the ‘quick’ method is the riskiest, as it involves a considerable amount of luck. Therefore, those who invest a lot of money can avoid it.

Playing random four-player/two-player games is riskier, as the competitors are unpredictable. The opponent could be an absolute novice or even one of the country’s top players. In such a case, users should play with a lower entry fee at the beginning. Moreover, Best LudoPe Hack For You To Play And Earn Money.

Types of Games on LudoPe

As the name suggests, the only game currently available on the app is Ludo. It is currently available in two-player and four-player variants. Users can also engage in a four-member private game between their friends.

Additionally, there are tournament games where competitors are randomly drawn against each other to win the grand prize. There is also a practice mode available to play against the bot. The company may add more games and rebrand the app to expand its user base in the future.

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How to Earn Money Using the App?

In the app, users will see gold and silver coins. Simply put, gold coins represent real money, and silver coins indicate virtual currency. One excellent option is to reconvert their gold coins and withdraw the funds to prevent further losses.

When a player enrolls, they receive 5000 silver coins for free to begin playing. Once they win a suitable amount of rewards, players can update their financial details for money redemption and receive their payments.

There are multiple ways to earn rewards from this app. Regular players who top the weekly league leaderboard will gain a massive 5000 gold coins!

Even in the game itself, players can choose the investment amount. The higher the investment, the higher the rewards. In a two-player game, with 50% odds of winning, an experienced player could take their chances and win a decent amount of money in the game over some time.

Meanwhile, there are also regular tournaments that offer plenty of rewards to the top players. Last but not least, certain players with consistent performances over a fixed duration are also entitled to prizes such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc. Also, get a complete guide on Ludope Withdrawal-How To Deposit And Withdraw Money?

How to Play Games at GetMega?

GetMega is a popular platform that allows users to play several skill-based games across the cards, casual, and trivia categories. Games such as carrom, rummy, pool, poker, and trivia games like 1-2-3 are available. Players can compete with others in real-time for an entry fee starting as low as Rs. 1/-.

One of the features of this app is that gamers can also communicate with each other via video chat. This communication allows them to socialize and create new friendships. The app has been installed over 50 million times and is available to download for free.

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LudoPe FAQs

Here is a list of the most common questions associated with the LudoPe app download :

Question Answer
How can users make payments to buy chips in the game? Users can make app payments using the following methods: Paytm, Net banking, Credit/debit cards, and BHIM UPI.
How can a user redeem their earnings? Users need to update their KYC and bank details. Once their verification process is complete, they can click on the ‘Redeem’ button and avail of the winnings present in their wallets.
Are there any charges on the redemption of earnings? No, there are no charges on the winnings. Additionally, the cash earned is directly transferred to the user’s bank account and not any third party.
Are there any differences between this game and an offline Ludo game? No, there are no differences in the basic rules. However, there are slight variations in the three formats — classic, master, and quick — the rules of which users can check on the app. The only significant difference in the conditions is that users compete for cash rewards with this app.
How can one clarify their queries regarding LudoPe? Unfortunately, LudoPe does not have a separate section dedicated to answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). However, they have a support chat box in the corner of the home page, where users can pose their queries. One can also contact LudoPe at [email protected] or 1800 572 7900.
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