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Cricket betting has been around for years to help sports enthusiasts use their extensive knowledge on the subject and make money. Although the concept was first introduced by bookies and betting exchanges that facilitated betting on cricket matches, these days, software developers and app creators have provided several innovative solutions. Now you can find cricket betting apps on several websites or register yourself on the websites themselves to avail options for cricket betting.

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Today, let us take a look at the cricket betting app list to help you find a suitable forum for all your gambling needs.

Top ten cricket betting apps available (pros, cons, features)

Here is a cricket betting app list with the best ten cricket betting apps that you can use to wager on sporting events:

1. Betway

Betway is one of the most highly regarded apps when it comes to cricket match betting apps. This app offers a variety of features and options for all your cricket betting needs, plus casino games for additional earning. The Betway Cricket Betting app for Android and iOS allows players with smart devices to connect with the platform and choose excellent picks and odds for their wagers.


  • It is a good cricket live betting app.
  • It has a user-friendly interface thus making it simpler to use.
  • The program uses intuitive techniques to calculate high cricket betting odds.
  • You can secure your account with a biometric code.


  • It has excellent selections for matches, picks, and odds.
  • You can easily transact using secure payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Has a casino to play more gambling games and earn extra cash.
  • Provides a hefty no-deposit bonus.


  • There are not many promotions available.
  • Their customer service is not well-equipped so it takes a long time to receive satisfactory assistance.

2. ComeOn

Highly acknowledged as one of the cricket betting best apps is ComeOn. The Cricket betting app for Android and iOS is optimized for high-earning through the sports betting features as well as viable casinos.

Although their casino games are limited, the app is still good for earning a lot of money.


  • The best betting cricket app in terms of odds.
  • A varied range of beneficial offers and promotions.
  • Supports Indian payment gateways for easy transactions.


  • Wide cricket betting app features tuned to Indian wagers.
  • Tons of promotions and offers to help you earn more making it one of the best betting cricket apps.
  • User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface.


  • The terms for utilizing the welcome bonus are very demanding.
  • You have to pay 2.5% of the deposit amount as an in-app deposit fee.

3. 22Bet

This is one of the best cricket betting apps for Android and iOS users. The application uses a simple interface which makes it easier for everyone to find suitable cricket betting app features.

The 22Bet app is popular for supporting both football and cricket matches, thus widening the betting horizons. Additionally, they have an in-app casino where you can earn more money.


  • The login process is simple and relatively faster.
  • For a cricket match betting app, they offer high-paying odds.
  • They provide a high welcome or signup bonus.
  • It is a good app for traditional gamblers since the interface is straightforward.


  • Transactions are very easy using various secure payment methods including UPI ids ad PayTM wallets.
  • The customer support team is highly efficient and serviceable.
  • Supports Football betting as well.
  • Offers an online casino with a no-deposit bonus.


  • It is not ideal for beginners since it takes a while to get accustomed to the user interface and betting methods.
  • The design for the app seems outdated and could use some upgrades.

4. Casumo

Another best cricket betting app for Android and iOS is Casumo where you can find a wide range of odds and picks. Their sportsbook is seriously impressive and helps elevate your earnings.

They also have an online casino where you can play numerous games and earn more cash.


  • It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it a popular cricket betting app among beginners.
  • There are several promotions and offers, especially for new players.
  • The app is small so it won’t slow down your smart devices.
  • They support UPI and Net banking.


  • One of the best cricket betting apps for beginners.
  • Has an in-app casino.
  • Withdrawals are credited within 72 hours.


  • Account verification takes way too long.
  • The number of available betting markets is pretty limited.

5. 10Cric

One of the best cricket live betting apps is 10Cric. The platform is well optimized for the Indian cricket betting app market, thus making it a popular choice among sports gamblers.

This best betting app for cricket offers excellent choices of betting odds and is available as a cricket betting app for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Intuitive options that make it convenient as a mobile cricket betting app.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to navigate for both beginners and practiced sports gamblers.
  • As a cricket betting – best app it offers excellent bonuses.
  • You can quickly deposit and withdraw your money.
  • The push notifications are optimized to help you stay updated on new promotions and offers.


  • It is the best app for betting in Cricket for beginners
  • They have beneficial promotions
  • It is the best app for cricket betting considering the Indian markets and gameplay.


  • The bonus wagers are too high for a cricket betting app
  • Their customer support lacks efficient responses.

6. Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the best apps for betting in cricket these days, especially in the Indian market. They offer a wide-ranging sportsbook to increase your earning potential, not to mention, access to online casinos where you can play plenty of high-paying games.


  • The cricket betting apps offer excellent odds for amplified earnings.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is a cricket live betting app with options to stream.
  • Transactions are super simple and quick.


  • It supports a lot of other sporting events for a cricket match betting app.
  • There are numerous betting odds and picks available.
  • Supports UPI transactions.


  • The sportsbook is pretty limited to smaller ranges.
  • Their live customer support could use some fine-tuning for efficient responses.

7. BetWinner

Another unpopular but excellent cricket betting app is Betwinner where you can wager on sporting events and play casino games.


  • Has an intensely wide sportsbook.
  • It is a cricket live betting app.


  • Wide range of sportsbooks.
  • Supports casino games.


  • Takes a while to process withdrawals.

8. Bet365

One of the most popular and best cricket betting apps worldwide is Bet365. It offers excellent odds for cricket bets, not to mention, you can play casino games here too.


  • It is a cricket live betting app.
  • You can stream live games.
  • Easy transactions for deposits and withdrawals.


  • Offers live betting options.
  • Supports online transactions quickly.


  • The casino games are limited.

9. MelBet

Melbet is one of the good cricket betting apps but it lacks popularity. It is a cricket betting app for Android and iOS, thus making it easier for anyone with a smart device to partake in sports betting action.


  • It is a cricket live betting app.
  • Supports live streaming of sporting events.


  • Excellent betting odds.
  • Wide range of sportsbooks.


  • The website is more user-friendly than the app.
  • Additional live-bets are easier to play on the site than the app.

10. Fun88

This is not only one of the best cricket betting apps in terms of odds but they have a betting exchange too, i.e., the commissions will be lower. They also support live streaming of cricket games so you can modify your betting strategy as the game moves forward.


  • Facilitates various Indian payment gateways to make quick transactions.
  • Live streaming options of matches.
  • One of the best app for betting in Cricket in India.


  • Availability of betting exchange makes it more beneficial.
  • It is a cricket live betting app, thus supporting good options to make matched bets.


  • Not very popular yet.

How to choose the best Cricket satta app for you?

In order to select the best cricket satta app to serve your specific needs, consider the following factors and evaluate your options:

  1. Does the app support wide-ranging sportsbooks?
  2. How much is the app’s commission?
  3. Do they charge for depositing and withdrawing cash?
  4. Do they allow multiple betting options including live betting?

These questions will help you determine which app has a lot to offer. You can even factor in the promotions they offer on a regular basis to calculate whether you will earn big or waste your time.

How to earn money playing games online?

Instead of wagering your hard-earned money on the potential of others, you can play games online and earn big.

  • To start off, select the best app that offers a lot of earning potential.
  • Now choose the games that you know really well and take some time to devise a strategy.
  • Once you are ready to face challenges, enter tournaments and contests to earn cash.

It is ideal to select an app that offers cash games too so you can earn even in the absence of contests and tournaments. Additionally, these are great means to help you earn a substantial amount of cash daily.

How to maintain safety when using a betting app for cricket?

Since betting and gambling of any sort is a risky activity, be it legal or illegal, it is always important to maintain safety for your hard-earned money. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with cricket betting apps:

  1. Cricket betting apps need to be licensed in order for you to start wagering on them. Thus, it is good to check the license of these apps before you deposit money into them.
  2. Another excellent way to maintain safety is to place bets with no-deposit bonuses and check if the app legitimately pays.
  3. You must also verify the app’s legitimacy before syncing your UPI ids and wallets.
  4. Lastly, you should never register your primary bank account on a cricket betting app. Use a secondary bank account, where you only add enough cash for your betting needs. When you withdraw your earnings, transfer them to your primary account to prevent hacking.

Can GetMega be the preferred option to play games online?

Absolutely, indubitably yes.

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All in all, the earning potential on GetMega is very high, which is what makes it the best option to take control of your money and play games online to earn cash.


  1. Is cricket betting illegal in India?

Yes, at the moment, cricket betting is illegal in India but the petitions are yet to yield results. You can take part in sports gambling on cricket betting apps that have a license though. They are legally permitted to host sportsbooks, so you’re in the clear.

2. Are cricket betting apps better than bookies?

Definitely. Cricket betting apps have minimal commissions if any at all. Plus, they have much better sportsbooks and widespread odds that provide better earning opportunities.

3. Do I have to pay taxes on winnings from cricket betting apps?

Yes, as per the laws of Income Tax, you need to pay taxes on any money you earn through gambling apps ad sites since they constitute an incoming money transaction. This is why most cricket betting apps and sites ask for your PAN details.

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