Rules Of Fouls In Carrom: Everything You Need To Know

Rules Of Fouls In Carrom: Everything You Need To Know
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Carrom foul rules

While playing carrom, if you are not careful, you might commit fouls which will lead to the end of the player’s turn and he has to pay a penalty. As a penalty, one of the pocketed pieces has to be returned within the boundary of the main circle by the player who committed a foul. To avoid this, learn the fouls of the carrom game.

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What are the fouls in Carrom Game?

Generally, a foul in a carrom game is an act of violation of the laws or anything done contrary to what is understood commonly in carrom foul rules.

Fouls can be broadly classified as:
A. Technical Foul &
B. Foul


  • A technical foul is any act of violation of the Laws committed by an offending player before the first stroke of his turn.
  • The offending player will have to give up one coin for placing by the opponent but the offending player’s turn shall continue.
  • Any act of violation committed by a player presently not having his turn shall also be deemed as a Technical Foul.
  • A penalty shall be imposed in these cases.


  • A Foul is any act of violation of the Laws committed by the player during or after the first stroke of his turn.
  • After a foul, your turn comes ends immediately and a penalty is incurred.
  • As a penalty, one of your pocketed pieces is returned to the board and placed by the opponent anywhere within the main circle.
  • Your opponent will always position the carrom men in such a way so as to have an advantage.

When can Fouls in Carrom Game happen?

A carrom foul happens in the following situations:

  • Pocketing the Striker
  • If you pocket an opponent's piece
  • If a piece leaves the board
  • If your final piece has been pocketed before covering  the Queen
  • You have incorrectly positioned the striker before taking a shot
  • If your arm crosses the diagonal  line on the board
  • If you fail to break correctly on three attempts

Remember, if you commit a foul while pocketing any coin (including the Queen) then you must give back the coins pocketed. Also, you have to give an additional coin for placing and you will lose your turn.

We have covered various fouls in our other articles. There you can learn about the dues in carrom game and the fouls that can happen while covering the queen.

What are the rules in carrom?

  • For the first turn, the player is allowed three attempts to "break", that is, upsetting the central group of counters.
  • It doesn't matter which piece the striker hits first and it doesn't matter if the striker hits apiece.
  • If a striker pockets the queen and/or one or more pieces of his or her own color, the player retrieves the striker and takes a second strike.
  • If the player makes no pieces or commits a foul, the turn ends.

Is Backshot allowed in carrom?

Yes, they are allowed. In fact, there is no rule to allow a coin to be hit because of its location on the board. Each coin is allowed to be hit, regardless of its position.

What if Queen and striker pocketed together?

If this is your first coin to be pocketed with the striker, the pocketed coin will be placed inside the board by your opponent and called a bailout. When you pocket your next coin, the balance will be immediately kept by your opponent. But you will be allowed to continue with your strike.

What is double due in carrom?

If you only pocket the striker, your turn will be lost. Also, 1 of your coins will be taken out by your opponent as payable in carrom. If this happens because of an improper stroke, you will lose your turn. Your 2 coins will be taken out to be kept by the opponent.

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