How To Apply Spin And Backspin To A Cue Sticks: Strategy And Tips

How To Apply Spin And Backspin To A Cue Sticks: Strategy And Tips
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Be it snooker, billiards, or pool, the primary object of play that sets the game moving is the cue ball. It is the first part of the game that a beginner can claim mastery over.

A cue ball does start the game, but the way it starts with the 8 pool spin tricks will open up a hoard of positional options in the match. By manipulating the two key elements that give a cue ball its velocity—the judgment of pace and spin on the ball—a player can up the stakes to make interesting plays. There are other good shots like bank shots, for which you can refer here.

How to apply spin

But how do you spin a cue ball? How many spins are possible? How to put backspin on a cue ball? There’s some theory for that. To apply those spins, the player needs to understand that the spin is determined by the length of the backswing and the tip height against the ball.

By changing the variables of the ball’s path, a player can alter the game and stand a solid chance to win. It shows the player’s control over the ball and fine technique that paves a way for satisfaction and victory.

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What is spin in 8 ball pool?

When a player has advanced enough to know where the spin will take the cue ball or he desires, he will utilize spin or English. Any strike on the cue ball that is not on the Y-axis is known as spin or English. This is parallel to the table. The cue swerves away from a straight route because of English.

Here’s the Step By Step Process for how you can win!

It’s not just one spin to put on a cue ball. 8 ball spin tricks are plenty, and they are all differentiated by where exactly the tip of the cue stick will strike the surface of the cue ball.

Top Spin

Top spin is also called a ‘Follow,’ most likely because once the ball is put in motion by a top spin, its momentum doesn’t stop until it is stopped by force. Even after striking the object ball, the cue ball keeps spinning for further strikes.

  • To put a Top Spin, strike the pool cue at the 12 o’Clock point above the center of the ball.

The faster you hit it, the faster the cue ball will spin. It is a good strategy when the object ball has enough space to swerve and win because, at the point of contact with a top spin cue ball, the angle of departure is way too wide.

Bottom Spin / Back Spin

Is also called a Screw / Draw. This is a reverse play of the Top Spin. How to put a backspin on a cueball?

  • The tip of the pool cue strikes the cue ball at 6 o’Clock point below the center of the ball.

The lower you strike the ball, the faster it spins. It is the primary spin upon which one can master a Stun Shot that projects and positions the object ball perfectly in its arc.

Side Spin

Left / Right spin. This 8 Ball pool spin trick requires more practice and skill for the player to correctly judge the path that the object ball will take upon contact. This spin is arguably the cleverest of spins since this shot collides with object balls more and leads to a series of movements across the board.

  • When hit at the 3 o'clock position to the right of the center of the ball, it is called a Right Side Spin.
  • To put a Left Side Spin on the pool ball, the player must strike the ball to the left of the center, at the 9 o'clock point.

Some Tips While Applying Spin To A Cue Ball!

8 Ball pool spin tricks are not tools of flamboyance, though if a player can get good at it, they can easily show them off. But without considering the impact of the cue ball’s spin on the object ball and how the rest of the game will play out, learning spins for the sake of it will not work. Some tips are:

Practice Observation

After your spin ball strikes the object ball, pay close attention to all your attempts of the spin to discern the impact your spin has on the receiving ball. Did it meet your expectation of where you wanted the object ball to go? Practice a manner of observing; observe and observe the impact.

Level the Cue

The way you hold the cue stick to practice or perform your 8 Ball pool spin tricks will matter. Move to softly push the spin ball or strike at a proper angle. Level the cue with the spin.

Clock Faces

Because of poor judgment of height, it is possible that the spin expected doesn’t turn out the way the player wanted it to. So, assume the face of the ball facing you as a clock face. Strike at the clockwise quarters of the hour on the ball to accurately execute the perfect spin.

Spinning tips

Shift the Pressure to the Forefront

Instead of gripping the cue stick tightly, loosen the back three fingers and focus on the thumb and the index finger at the front. Often increased pressure on the back causes miscalculated cueing of the ball which causes the spin to miss.

Body Movement

Practice moving only your eyes, back arm, hand, and wrist. Any jerk in body movement or unwanted shifting can cause your spin to miss, so keep still under the spin delivery.

These spins often help a player to make 8 ball pool trick shots.

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