Breaking Rules Of 8 Ball Pool: How To Play And Tips

Breaking Rules Of 8 Ball Pool: How To Play And Tips

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What are the breaking rules of 8 ball pool?

The game of 8 ball pool, much like any sport really, has a very stringent set of rules. The King among them all is the 8 ball break. If the 8 ball rack is not broken correctly, then the game is either re-racked or the player loses their turn. Therefore, it is pivotal to learn the 8 ball break rules to the tee and perform it in the right way.

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In its essence, the 8 ball pool break sounds pretty easy. Here’s what you need to know about 8 ball pool break:

  • The player breaking the rack must be standing on the opposite side, i.e. on the side of the head string.
  • The 8 ball rack must be arranged in the triangle wherein the 1-ball is on the foot spot and the 8-ball is right in the middle. The other balls can be arranged at will. Although having the 1-ball at the ape is not a rule that is set in stone it is one that makes the gameplay more interesting. The 8-ball, however, must always be in the center.
  • The white cue ball can be placed anywhere behind the head string during an 8 ball pool break.
  • The player must only make direct contact with the cue ball using the cue stick. The cue ball must further travel to hit the other balls on the table.
What are the breaking rules of 8 ball pool
  • The player must strike the cue ball with considerable force such that at least 4 out of the 15 balls in the rack touch the cushions. The cushions are the railings around the pool table.
  • The player must not pot the 8-ball during an 8ball pool break.
  • The player can sink any object ball from the striped or solid sets during the 8 ball break but it is not a compulsion. As long as 4 balls touch the cushions, it is a legal break.
  • If a player is unable to touch any of the 4 object balls to the cushion then they must at least pot one ball for it to be a legal break.
  • The player must not sink the cue ball or bounce it right off the surface of the pool table.
  • The players can determine who will break the 8 ball pool rack by tossing a coin, especially in tournaments.
  • If the 8 ball break is illegal then the opponent player can choose to play the rack as is, which is a possibility if there are easy shots lined up to be pocketed. They can also re-rack the balls and break the rack themselves or allow the first player another shot at it.

So, now that you know the 8 ball pool break rules, let us discuss a few 8 ball pool break tricks to ensure that you don’t have to be penalized.

8 ball pool break tricks for a legal and perfect break

Here are a few 8 ball pool breaking tricks to help you here on out:

  1. Always use a perfect stance. Whether it is breaking the rack or a mid-game trick shot, it is easier to shoot pool when you have the correct stance. You can refer to our article to determine the ideal stance to play pool, 8-ball or otherwise.
  2. Don’t tilt your cue stick upwards. This will cause the cue ball to jump, which in turn will prevent it from hitting the object balls for a legal break. It can also cause the cue ball to bounce off the table which is a foul.
  3. Aim for the object ball that is right behind the forefront, i.e. the second or third position. The balls are racked quite tightly to touch each other. Therefore, if you hit this ball at an accurate angle, it will transfer enough force to carry the torque to at least three balls.
  4. Use spin action if you can because it packs more momentum.
  5. Don’t aim to pocket the balls to make things easier because it won’t. If the balls are potted, that’s great but if they are not, that’s ok too. You don’t have to choose the set of object balls that you accidentally pot. If you perform a legal break, you can choose the set which allows a maximum number of easy shots.
  6. Use 8 ball pool trick shots for breaking. If you do it right, you will get the upper hand in the game before it even begins.
8 ball pool break tricks

Benefits of breaking perfectly

There are a number of benefits to using 8 ball pool breaking tricks to make a legal shot:

  1. For one, you will continue your play therefore you can choose the set of object balls that allows the most number of pockets due to their scattered placements.
  2. During a legal break, the balls all pick up enough momentum to scatter around the table. Some may even line up with more than one pocket.
  3. There is a good chance that using the accurate amount of force, you can pocket more than one ball during the break thus making it easier throughout the game.
  4. A perfect 8 ball pool break provides the advantage of sinking as many object balls of your chosen group before your opponent has a chance to start.

Now you see why it is so important to use 8 ball pool break tricks for a perfect, legal shot. Check out the best last and opening shots in 8 ball pool. Practice as much as you can and get it right before you hit the tables.

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