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Games are not only a source to dive into a virtual world but connect people with their family and friends. Games add to an individual’s growth by helping them possess the capability to solve real time hindrances. Therefore, in the modern era of hustle, our mobile phones and other electronic devices have proved to be a sigh of relaxation and comfort. One such thing that comes to the rescue is playing games. But, of course, games do not help us get away from reality for some time and experience virtual existence. Still, the present time has also introduced games that help individuals earn while being in their comfort zone.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

One such gaming application that serves the purpose is Rummy Time. Rummy Time is the country's first bilingual rummy website, offering a variety of internet-regulated rummy versions. Thanks to their competitive group effortlessly merging the finest of innovation and engineering, one would be lucky enough to enjoy virtual rummy as never before.

Using the Random Number Generator, which has now been analysed and validated by iTech Labs, a world-renowned expert for RNG validation, iTech Lab provides players with a fair level playing field to all of their rummy gamers. The RNG employs a method to produce different numbers, ensuring that all gamers receive cards drawn arbitrarily from a well-shuffled and random stack and thus are treated fairly and equitably even without prejudice by the computer.

Hence, take pleasure and the expertise of playing with the choicest players, with nil chance of any bias offerings. So, stop waiting and start playing Rummy Time.

How to Withdraw Money from Rummy Time?

Rummy Time Withdrawal is a straightforward task because its elucidated steps help you get your earnings in a simplified form. Hence, stop thinking about how to withdraw money from rummy time. Instead, follow the steps given below to process rummy time withdrawal efficiently:

1. You can withdraw the money anytime by navigating to the My Account tab and selecting the wallet button.

2. Individuals then must input the money they wish to withdraw.

3. One may receive just a sum less than or equivalent to the redeemable money. This would be displayed on the Withdrawal Money tab.

5. The two options to withdraw money from Rummy Time include instant withdrawal and the other is regular withdrawal.

6. The money gets transferred into the gamer's account in just 10 seconds under the instant withdrawal system. But, this method of rummy time withdrawal is only available for ‘Platinum’ and ‘Diamond’ club members. You do not have to wait for money even on a gazetted holiday or weekends. The minimum withdrawal earnings are Rs. 500, and the ceiling is Rs. 20,000.

8. After doing so, the status of the transaction or withdrawal page will change.

Therefore, we are sure you must be able to process rummy time withdrawal following the steps; enjoy!

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How to deposit money on the Rummy Time

  1. After logging in your account, select the ‘Buy Chips’ tab
  2. Then, click on the deposit money. This is how you can add cash.

What are the withdrawal methods of Rummy Time?

  1. Bank transfer: You can withdraw your money easily to your bank account, it is the easy and most convenient payment system.
  2. Net banking: One can also withdraw their rewards easily through internet banking.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions to be kept in mind when thinking about how to withdraw money from rummy time are:

  1. Rummy Time will not be held responsible for any inaccurate details entered.
  2. The payment shall be transferred just to the account under the player's name.
  3. Rummy will not be liable if the banking institution refuses the withdrawal due to a name issue.

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How to Withdraw Money from Rummy Time: the procedure for bank verification

One must follow the points given below to complete the validation procedure of the rummy time gaming application:

  1. The first thing required for withdrawal is your bank account details, including the IFSC code.
  2. Upon proving your identification by inputting the OTP sent to the registered email address or mobile number, one may alter their bank account data on the transactions section, if they wish to.
  3. The bank account provided should belong to the customer only; otherwise, the payment won't be processed.
  4. To complete the rummy time withdrawal, one must get their KYC validated by providing accepted contact details and documents belonging to the player.
  5. That’s all. After this is done, the gaming app will run the verification process.

How to process PAN verification

  1. Click on the wallet button appearing on the login screen.
  2. Select the start KYC option.
  3. Add the necessary details and click on the complete procedure.

How much withdrawal time is required to get a transaction completed?

Rummy time withdrawal can be made in two different transfer options. One is the instant transfer option, which transfers the funds in less than 30 seconds. The other is the regular payment mechanism which takes around one to three days to get the transaction processed to the player's account. Rummy Time processes instant payment even on holidays, whereas the regular ones are processed on the working days.

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Is there any fee applicable on rummy time withdrawal?

Their club level determines the number of free transactions the player receives monthly. After you've used all the complimentary transfers for the month, any further withdrawals would incur a service fee, which would be debited off the cash amount depending upon the nature of the transaction. Platinum Elite Club membership does not include a service charge due to the value and amount of cash activities players undertake.

What is the daily withdrawal limit of the application?

There is no maximum withdrawal limit of the application, though the minimum limit stands to be Rs. 200.

Why does the rummy time withdrawal request get cancelled?

The withdrawal transactions get stopped owing to several reasons. Three main reasons which a person should avoid raising the withdrawal request for are listed below:

  1. When the amount is less than the total cash balance of the person's account.
  2. If the details provided are not accurate and the KYC has not yet been completed, the gaming application will not process the transaction.
  3. If the application notices any suspicious activities being performed on your account, the transaction will not be processed, and under severe circumstances, Rummy Time can freeze the account.

When is the Rummy Time withdrawal processed?

The withdrawal request takes 1 to 3 business days to get processed.

How to cancel withdrawal request?

Withdrawal request can be cancelled by visiting the withdrawal tab in the account’s page.

The status icon that shows payment is in process should be clicked on to cancel the withdrawal request.

One thing to consider is withdrawal request is processed only till the payment has not been successfully made.

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Benefits of playing games through GetMega application?

  1. Easy to understand: The platform is very easy to understand and deposits as well as withdrawals are made in a very convenient manner.
  2. Earning money: Monetary benefits of this gaming platform is a more beneficial point to ponder upon.


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GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!


Question Answer
What is the minimum rummy time withdrawal limit set by the application? From the two withdrawal options available, players can choose an instant withdrawal option (requiring minimum balance of Rs. 500) or opt for random withdrawal of minimum Rs. 100.
What is the maximum rummy time withdrawal limit set by the application? An individual player has the option of withdrawing all of the funds in the ‘withdrawable fund option’ at any moment. The due withdrawal amount comprises all of the income and earnings, including incentives you received as a cash participant and any contributed funds you utilised to enjoy cash games. Click on the Cash column on the main webpage page to see the financial accounts.
Is it legal to play Rummy time? Yes, it is legal to play this game as per a verdict of the Supreme Court. It was furthermore, clarified that this game has no concern with gambling but should be seen as a business activity.
Can a withdrawal be made to any other person’s bank account? No, the gaming platform does not allow the transactions to get processed into any third party’s account. The account should be in the name of the player to withdraw the amount.

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