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The state of online rummy on the mobile platform has been on a steady rise, thanks to the availability of various great applications within this genre, like the Glory Rummy app. If you are looking for an application where you can move forward with your new hobby of playing online rummy or want to continue your already established rummy journey, then the Glory Rummy app will be a good pick for it. The application comes with an innovative layout, tons of useful features, the ability to participate in cash games and win rewards, etc. There are a lot of aspects related to the game and you can go through this page to learn about the crucial ones, like the Glory Rummy withdrawal, deposit, KYC, bank authentication, and other processes.

The Rummy Glory app offers a variety of exciting features for players to enjoy. From smooth gameplay to a wide range of tables and tournaments, the app is sure to keep you engaged. It also provides an easy-to-use interface and responsive customer service. Before you go for the withdrawal and deposit process, we highly recommend going through the Glory Rummy app download process to fully experience all that it has to offer.

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How can you withdraw your money from the app?

The method of Glory Rummy withdrawal on the application can be accessed very easily and completed in a matter of minutes. To start off the process, players need to make sure that they are signed up on the account and have completed the required verification procedures. After that, players can follow the steps for cashout as mentioned down below:

  1. On the main Glory Rummy page, click on the “Account” option at the top
  2. At the new window, go through the cashout balance first and then click “withdraw”
  3. Next, press the “Add Card” button on the left side to select a transfer method and add the details of that account
  4. After that, enter the amount for cashout on the designated area on the right side of the screen
  5. Once the cashout account and the amount have been added, press on “Withdraw” and the request for Glory Rummy withdrawal will be submitted.

You can check the status of the withdrawal from the history section within the transaction menu.

How to make deposits on the app?

Similar to the Glory Rummy withdrawal method, the procedure for adding funds to the game account can be settled by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Hit the “Add Cash” button at the main Glory Rummy game screen
  2. Select or manually enter the amount for recharge
  3. Enter a bonus code (optional)
  4. Press “Confirm,” then choose a method of payment and complete it.

As per the game’s minimum deposit value, it allows players to enter a recharge amount in the range of INR 1 to INR 10000. The game is also quite quick with the deposit time and the amount gets added to the account within the next few hours.

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Withdrawal methods at Glory Rummy

In terms of the Glory Rummy withdrawal methods, the game offers a couple of highly accessible options which enhance the entire experience of playing and winning. The currently offered modes of withdrawal on the app are:

  1. Bank- The game offers the transfer of the withdrawal amount via the option of “bank”. This one is a very standard feature that most popular rummy apps include under their withdrawal process. Players can simply add the details of the account and funds will be forwarded to it.
  2. PayTM- If players have a valid PayTM Payments Bank account available, then they can also use it as a viable option for the Glory Rummy withdrawal process. Just simply add in the details and the funds will be transferred to it.

Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app.

There are some vital points included under the Glory Rummy withdrawal terms and conditions, that players must know about. Some of these include:

  1. The frequent deposit and withdrawal of funds on the game account without participating in, or playing money games inadequately, is not permitted as it goes against the game’s Fair Play policy
  2. Any kind of promotional or bonus winnings on the game app are all subjected to certain withdrawal restrictions and players have to at least deposit once on the app and have played the minimum required cash games to be able to avail of the cashout feature
  3. Verification of KYC is required for the withdrawal process
  4. It can take 24 hours for the cashout request to process and an extra 48 hours for the funds to reach the account.

How to do bank account verification on the app?

As authenticating a bank account is required on the app for the Glory Rummy withdrawal process, this is how you can get it done:

Glory Rummy Verfifcation
  1. Open the “Account” option and then click on “Withdraw”
  2. Select “Add Bank Card” under the “Choose your account” section
  3. Enter the details of the bank account, like account number, IFSC code, email, address, bank name, bank branch, etc.
  4. Upload a legitimate document for the purpose of serving as account proof, like a bank statement, cheque book, etc. which shows your account details
  5. Click the “Submit” button in blue at the bottom and the request for Glory Rummy bank verification will go through.

How to do PAN card verification on the app?

To able to access the Glory Rummy withdrawal feature, this is how you can complete the PAN card verification process on the app:

Glory Rummy Pan Verification
  1. Click on the “Account” option once again
  2. Press “Withdraw” and complete the account linking process
  3. Then choose the “Go to KYC” option and select ID type as “PAN card”
  4. Fill in the details like PAN ID number, first and second name, DOB, gender, state, city, etc.
  5. Upload a clear taken picture of the front side of the PAN and upload it under “Account Upload Proof”
  6. Finally, select the “Submit” option at the bottom and upload the PAN card verification request on the Glory Rummy app.

Why do withdrawal request gets cancel on the app?

The reasons that affect the cancellation of a submitted Glory Rummy withdrawal request are stated in the following section:

  1. If either the game server or the set method of payment server faces any troubles or errors during the transaction process
  2. In case the methods used by the user for gaining the rewards on the app include the usage of hacks, cheats, mods or bug exploitation
  3. In case the user is associated with fraudulent activities on the app or has solicited other users on the platform to gain the rewards
  4. If the submitted withdrawal account or the game account gets closed or deactivated.

How to Cancel Withdrawal Requests on Glory Rummy

If the Glory Rummy withdrawal request is in the state of pending, then players can appeal for a possible cancellation on the app. To do so, these are the steps that they will have to follow:

  1. Go to the Glory Rummy game screen and open the settings option
  2. Click on the “customer help” icon to open up a chat service
  3. Follow the steps mentioned there and send in the appeal for cancellation
  4. Similarly, players can contact the game’s designated email ID for the purpose
  5. After sending in the request for cancelling the Glory Rummy withdrawal request, users can wait for it to get processed.

What is the Daily Limit for Withdrawal?

In order to enforce and promote responsible gaming to eradicate gaming addiction, many online rummy apps implement limitations on daily Glory Rummy withdrawal. The Glory Rummy app doesn’t mention any daily maximum withdrawal boundary, however, it has a daily minimum withdrawal limit of INR 100. Players can withdraw up to INR 10000 in a single attempt and can avail cashout feature 3 times a day.

Withdrawal fees on the App

The app doesn’t clearly mention anything about a commission or service fee upon Glory Rummy withdrawal amounts, anywhere through the cashout screen. Generally, the actual handling fee relies upon the final cashout amount value and selects payment mode and players can contact Glory Rummy support to know more about this aspect.

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When will the Withdrawal be processed?

As mentioned on the game’s official website, the app focuses on providing quick withdrawal for its users. They have mentioned that it can take up to 24 hours for the cashout request to get processed after submission and an additional 48 hours for the Glory Rummy withdrawal amount to get forwarded to the picked account.

Withdrawal Time On Glory Rummy

After going through the process of submitting the Glory Rummy withdrawal request, it takes a few minutes to process and then the funds get added to the selected account within a few hours. However, in the case of larger funds or during high traffic, the withdrawal time can take up to 24 to 72 hours to complete.

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Question Answer
Can I use an Aadhar card for verification of KYC on the Glory Rummy app? Yes, players can use their Aadhar cards, as well as, a driving license for KYC verification on the app.
What is the deposit range on the Glory Rummy app? Players can manually enter an amount ranging from INR 1 to INR 10000 for a deposit on the game.
What is the time for Glory Rummy's withdrawal? The app can take up to 24 hours to process the submitted cashout request and an extra 48 hours for the fund transfer.
Is the Glory Rummy app free for download? Yes, the Glory Rummy app is available for free download.

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