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App Name

Teen Patti Galaxy

App Size

87 MB

Signup Bonus

Rs 55

Maximum Withdrawal

Rs 10000

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Features Of Teen Patti Galaxy App

Once more, a new Rummy application has just been released. which you may download onto your mobile device by following the instructions in this post. You can play the game inside by setting up an account there. And one can make up to thousands of rupees while simply sitting at home.

It is available for you to share with all of your friends. If you have a mutual friend. Then you profit the most from it. Here, you can play a variety of games. This is really simple to play. and can get the most from this.

Table of content:

  • You receive a 20 bonus when you register an account with a new cellphone number.
  • The Teen Patti Galaxy App offers 24 different varieties of rummy games.
  • You receive a bonus of 20 when you refer a friend to this.
  • You receive a 30% commission if your friends play the games.
  • Teen Patti Galaxy App offers minimum Add Cash of 100.
  • When you make money, you can withdraw at least $100. Which you can withdraw using UPI and a bank account.

How To Download Teen Patti Galaxy App?

If you have the Teen Patti Galaxy apk downloaded. You must now register for an account in teen patti bonus app. the moment your account is created. You will then receive a 55 USD sign-up bonus within it. This enables you to engage in game action. and can use it to make increasingly more money. In case you are still unable to download the Teen Patti Galaxy App. Consequently, you must read the entire essay. And each step must be properly followed.

  • You must now visit Teen Patti Galaxy's official website. You must now click on it.
  • You can search "teenpatti galaxy APK" or "teen patti galaxy" on google.
  • You will find offical 3 patti galaxy website.
  • Your teen patti bonus application must now be downloaded from within it.
  • You must install your application within your mobile device when it has been downloaded.
  • Then, open it inside your phone.
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How To Register And Sign up on Teen Patti Galaxy App?

when your phone has downloaded your application. You then need to register for an account there. Whose all the details we've provided below.

  • You need to open your application first.
  • You must then select the Tourist option. and then click it.
  • Your cellphone number must now be entered. You also need to select and enter your preferred password.
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP that was sent to your phone number. then press the login button.
  • Your account is now prepared. Additionally, you received a 55 USD sign-up bonus in addition to this. This enables you to engage in game action.

Games Available In Teen Patti Galaxy Apps?

If you want to play video games while watching TV at home and make hundreds of rupees. To achieve this, you must play the game very skillfully. Only after that may you work from home and make up to thousands of rupees. In this game, you can only play card games. You may effortlessly play the game from the comfort of your own home. and has the potential to generate income. Let us explain to you all that there are two approaches to make money in this. You must first invest some money in it. Your next choice is to share it with your friends in order to make money. It keeps giving you more money. Let us inform you that there are 23 different game types available here. This is really simple to play. And one can make up to thousands of rupees while simply sitting at home.

  1. Point Rummy Game
  2. Jhandi Munda Game
  3. Car Roulette Game
  4. Crash Game
  5. TeenPatti War Game
  6. Andar Bahar Game
  7. Red Vs Black Game
  8. Soccer Roulette Game
  9. Min Sweeper Game
  10. Ak47 Teen Patti Game
  11. Sleeping Beauty Game
  12. Golden Fever Game
  13. Chicago Underward Game
  14. Phoinex Game
  15. Fire Joker Freez Game
  16. Down Under Game
  17. Three Wishes Game
  18. Zoo Roulette Game
  19. Gold Train Game
  20. 7 Up Down Game
  21. Baccarate Game
  22. Wingo Lottery Game
  23. Dragon Vs Tiger Game

Inside the Teen Patti Galaxy App, you can effortlessly play games like Car Roulette, Dragon Vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar and earn money.

How to make Teen Patti Galaxy Deposit?

If you wish to make up to thousands of rupees while playing games at home, download the Teen Patti Galaxy app. Therefore, you must spend money to play this game. You can only make the most money from it after that. All the details on adding money to each of you is provided below. utilizing which you may add money to your game. Additionally, it's incredibly simple to get money by playing games.

  • You must first access your application on the mobile device.
  • The next step is to click the provided Cash Add button.
  • From 100 to 20,000 dollars can be added here quite quickly.
  • Through UPI and Paytm, all of you have the ability to add money to it.
  • You must select your payment and then click the Add button.

Now it will be very simple to add your money to Cash. You can now begin the game.

Important Information: We strongly discourage adding money to any games on our website or through our services. However, if you place money inside it. Therefore, you will be accountable for its profit or loss.

How to Make Teen Patti Galaxy Withdrawal on the App?

You can now effortlessly transfer funds between your bank account and UPI using the money you have earned. You must first adhere to a few requirements for this. Your earned money is available for withdrawal at any moment. Your payment amount will be received within five to ten minutes.

  • You need to input your mobile number first.
  • You then need to provide your email address.
  • After that, you must input your name. Following that, click Get OTP.
  • Your phone will now ring with a four-digit OTP. After entering it, press the Submit button.

You can easily pay money into it ranging from 100 to 5000. Money can be withdrawn seven days a week, at any moment. Only three withdrawals are allowed each day. Money can be paid at any time.

Teen Patti Galaxy APK Deposit Offer

Teen Patti Galaxy is currently offering this promotion. In which if you deposit $1,000, you will receive $1,000 for free and your account will receive $2,000 in place of $1,000. This allows you to play any game of your choosing and earn up to lakhs of rupees. Once transferred, you can deposit these rupees in your bank.

But as this offer is only valid for a short period of time and is only available to those who register new accounts, you should absolutely take advantage of it if you do so. If your account gets too old, you will no longer be eligible for this offer. because a later date cannot be used for this promotion.

Refer And Earn in Teen Patti Galaxy APK

You receive some perks inside the Teen Patti app in exchange for giving it your all. If you inform a buddy. Therefore, you can make up to 1500. You can share this via Facebook, WhatsApp, Copy Link, and other social media on your mobile device. You can only make the most money from it after that. if a friend is suggested inside the Teen Patti Galaxy app. And thanks to your recommendation, your pal installs the Teen Patti Galaxy app. and makes a 20 investment to play the game. You then receive a commission of up to 30%. You are capable of earning more than this. You can share your application on Facebook, WhatsApp, Copy Link, and other social media platforms. and can use it to make increasingly more money. Follow the given steps for better understanding.

How does VIP Bonus work in Teen Patti Galaxy App

The VIP Pass offers two different sorts of plans. First, both the Weakly Card and the Second Monthly Card allow you to make the most money while you are at home. All of its details are provided below.

If you place 500 into the Weakly Card, it will be weak. As a result, you receive 100 all at once. Following that, you receive 80 on each of the following seven days. You continue to make money this way.This gives you a total of 660. You may now play the game quickly by downloading this application on your mobile device. and earn cash

Monthly Card: If you make an investment of $2500. As a result, 500 yen are added to it simultaneously. Following that, you receive 100 for 30 days. Your entire income is $3500.

Daily Rewards in Teen Patti Galaxy App

You have the choice of Daily Reward inside the Teen Patti Galaxy App. by which you might increase your income. The following contains all the information on the daily reward. There is a view there.

Day: Daily Rewards:

1. Day ₹5

2. Day ₹6

3. Day ₹7

4. Day ₹8

5. Day ₹9

6. Day ₹10

7. Day ₹135

Teen Patti Galaxy Review

Bonuses and Offers

The 3 Patti Galaxy APK includes a daily bonus function to help you earn additional bonuses. By logging in here, you can receive worthwhile benefits every day. Within 10 days of using this application, you will receive 7 bonus every day.

Here, you receive bonuses of Rs 82 for logging on the first day, Rs 164 for logging on the second day, Rs 82 for logging on the third day, Rs 82 for logging on the fourth day, and same Rs 84 for logging on the fifth day, lastly Rs 164 for logging on the sixth day. You will benefit from this bonus while playing the real money games.

Withdrawal & Deposit

The app enables quick deposits and withdrawals. Let's examine each aspect of it separately for added safety within the game.

Deposit in Teen Patti Galaxy App

Follow these procedures to put cash into your new Teen Patti Galaxy account:

The app allows users to simply fund their game accounts! Gamers can proceed as follows after creating an account and submitting personal and banking information:

• In the bottom right corner of the main game screen, click the "Pay" symbol.

• To proceed to the payment option, select the chip price and then "Add Cash."

• Complete the process by transferring funds using the way you prefer.

• Payments are usually processed within 24 hours, however bigger amounts may take a little longer.

Withdraw in Teen Patti Galaxy App

The Teen Patti Galaxy withdrawal process on the app begins with a few preliminary stages that players must first complete. The first step is to make an account, then log in and link your contact and banking information to your new Teen Patti Galaxy account.

Now that that's out of the way, here's how to withdraw money from the Teen Patti Galaxy app:

  • Go to the main menu of the Teen Patti Galaxy app.
  • Look for and select the "Withdraw" symbol to open the billing window.
  • In the new game window, you may see your "Total Balance" and "Withdrawable Balance."
  • Choose a payment option from the left side after entering the amount you wish to withdraw in the "Amount" tab.
  • Fill enter your banking information and proceed to request a withdrawal.

Customer Support

If you experience any issues when using the Teen Patti Galaxy App to play the game. This is excellent assistance for you. You can always receive customer service. Contacting customer service is always possible.

Great client service is provided. when you need customer service assistance. To help with Recharge, Withdraw, Bonus, Invite Friends, Daily Reward, VIP Card, Other Help, etc. Therefore, you can use this customer support. 24/7 customer service is available.


You must first download the Teen Patti Galaxy app onto your phone. The game must then be played inside of it. You may play this Real Cash Earning Game here. You may simply earn money by winning Real Money by playing this game. You can play a single card game inside of it.

More than 5 million individuals have downloaded it to their smartphones so far. If you want to download it to your phone as well. As a result, you need not worry at all. The link is provided for all of you below. This is quite easy to download to your mobile device. For more info about teen patti apps visit our website

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Question Answer
Real or fake Teen Patti Galaxy App Download? You can play the Real Cash Earning Game on the Teen Patti Galaxy App Download. This is incredibly simple to play and has a real money payout. You can only play card games here.
How much of a sign-up bonus do you receive when you download the Teen Patti Galaxy app? You receive a 55-euro sign-up bonus in Teen Patti Galaxy Apk Download. to make the game incredibly simple for you to play.
What minimum withdrawal amount is available to you when you download the Teen Patti Galaxy app? You all have access to a Minimum Withdraw of 100 in the Teen Patti Galaxy Apk Download. It can be paid for using a bank account
How much can you withdraw in total with the Teen Patti Galaxy App Download? You can make a maximum withdrawal of 5000 rupees using the Teen Patti Galaxy App.
Where can you send your Teen Patti Galaxy App Download earnings? Teen Patti Galaxy Apk Download, please. Your bank account and UPI both make it simple for you to pay in your earnings. Your payment amount appears there immediately.

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