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Online rummy gaming across the popular medium of mobile, is becoming increasingly more popular. This specific category of gaming has a giant community and quite a lot of them prefer to play their share of online rummy matches on the Rummy Apna app. There are a few reasons why players choose to play on the Rummy Apna app, one of which is its free application download and account creation aspect, while quite a few go with the ability to earn cash rewards by winning games on the app. There are many ways to earn rewards on the app and it does include real cash, which is great for gaining a few bucks while playing games. All necessary information related to the Rummy Apna withdrawal, cancellation, deposit, terms, etc, can be found on this page.

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How can you withdraw your money from the app?

So you have downloaded the game, registered an account on its platform, and have a good balance under the winnings section. Well, that is great news as you can easily complete the Rummy Apna withdrawal process and acquire the funds as a part of the cashout feature. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the Rummy Apna main screen and check that you are logged in
  2. You will find the “Withdraw” option on the center top portion of the screen, open it
  3. Check the balance of the winning first and decide on a specific number to cashout
  4. Select from the pre-existing values mentioned down below
  5. Choose a method of transfer/payment and enter the details of the respective account
  6. At the bottom part of the screen, press “Submit” to send in the final request
  7. View the order summary on the following screen and click “OK.”

After your request for the Rummy Apna withdrawal amount is submitted, it will be processed within the next few hours.

A Video On How To Withdraw Money From The Rummy Apna App

How to make deposits on the app?

The process of adding cash to the game account is as simple as the Rummy Apna withdrawal method. The steps are as follows:

  1. On the Rummy Apna main game screen, select “Add Cash”
  2. Under the “Recharge” section, select the recharge amount
  3. Then press on “Add Cash” at the bottom and get to the payment screen
  4. Pick the payment method and complete the dealing.

The deposit time on the game is quite instant, however, it can require a few extra hours especially if the amount is large. Also, the minimum deposit value on the app is INR 30 and to avail bonus, players have to recharge with at least INR 100.

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Withdrawal methods at Rummy Apna

The game has got players covered with the availability of popular modes of transactions to seamlessly complete the Rummy Apna withdrawal process. The currently offered methods on the app are:

  1. UPI- This method is a quick, convenient and highly accessible one out of all three. Players with a legitimate UPI ID can use it for the withdrawal process.
  2. NEFT- This type of transfer for the Rummy Apna withdrawal process is a standard and reliable one. Players can enter their account details to simply avail of this mode.
  3. IMPS- This is another great alternative among all the offerings on the app. It gives users more options and access to the cashout process in general.

Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app.

The Rummy Apna withdrawal process comes with important terms and conditions, which players should give a good read before going forward with the approach. These includes:

  1. Players can not cashout their winnings from the game with a guest account, hence the need for account registration
  2. The app has specific limitations on the total number of Rummy Apna withdrawal requests made in a day, beyond which players can not operate the withdrawal
  3. There are pre-defined limits on the minimum and maximum daily withdrawal value on the app
  4. It can take up to 2 days for the request to be processed and more time for the amount to be remitted
  5. Rummy Apna withdrawal requests on the app can get canceled under specific conditions.

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How to do bank account verification on the app?

The steps that are involved in the process of bank account verification are straightforward. As this is a crucial function toward the Rummy Apna withdrawal, the steps for it are listed below:

  1. Get to the Rummy Apna game screen and look for the option called “Bank”
  2. In the next step, click on “Add bank details” as stated in the new window
  3. Process further by delivering the bank account’s details, like IFSC Code, account holder name, account number, bank branch, etc.
  4. Along with providing details, take a clear picture of a valid document that states your bank details and upload it to the adjacent window
  5. Click on “Submit Request” to upload the appeal on the app and wait further until the results come in.

How to do PAN card verification on the app?

Authenticating a PAN card on the game is a necessary aspect of the Rummy Apna withdrawal. Follow through these steps to get your PAN verified on the app:

  1. Open the settings section on the Rummy Apna game app and select “KYC”
  2. Make sure to complete verifying your name, email and phone number first
  3. Then, pick PAN card verification and on the validation window, input the details like name, state, DOB, PAN number, etc.
  4. Besides that, click a clear picture of the provided PAN card’s front side and upload it under the “Document Validation” section
  5. Press on “Submit Request” to complete the process.

Why do withdrawal request gets cancel on the app?

There are a few factors that affect the overall Rummy Apna withdrawal process on the app. Some of these factors are also the reason behind the cancellation of the cashout requests. Here are a few of the popular reasons behind it:

  1. If the user gets convicted of using methods of fraud and solicitation on the app to gain the winnings money
  2. While under a pending request, the user is found to have used means of cheats, hacks, bugs or mods to generate rewards on the app
  3. If any account for withdrawing amount deposit or the game account gets deleted, deactivated or terminated
  4. Any other types of errors caused in the modes of transaction.

How to Cancel Withdrawal Requests on Rummy Apna?

If you are wondering how to cancel a pending Rummy Apna withdrawal request on the app then no need to panic. Just follow through the instructions that are stated below and appeal to cancel a pending request with ease:

  1. Sign on to the Rummy Apna platform with the same account
  2. Look for the options listed as “Customer Support” and open it
  3. On the chat screen, select the correct options filter to the withdrawal section
  4. Type in your request for the cancellation of a pending appeal and provide the necessary information
  5. Submit the request and wait a few hours for it to get approved and asserted.

What is the Daily Limit for Withdrawal?

The game doesn’t mention any sort of daily maximum withdrawal value or attempt limit on the specific sections of the app. As per the options that are available on the cashout function, we know that the minimum daily withdrawal amount on the app is INR 100 and players can withdraw up to INR 10000 in a single attempt.

Withdrawal fees on the App

Companies in this category of gaming often take a certain cut from the cashout amount as a commission or service fee. They generally charge this fee on the basis of the total fund value and the choice of payment. In terms of Rummy Apna withdrawal, the company takes up an additional 5% cut as handling fees.

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When will the Withdrawal be processed?

The actual time for the Rummy Apna withdrawal request to be processed depends on the amount value, mode of payment and the network traffic that the app is facing. However, according to the game, it can take anywhere within 48 hours for the request to be processed. Players can expect the funds to reach their account in the next 3 to 5 business days.

Withdrawal Time On Rummy Apna

The app has strict policies on the Rummy Apna withdrawal process and generally delivers upon the cashing out function efficiently. Once the request for cashout is made and uploaded, it takes just a few seconds for the initial confirmation. Once done, the processing can take up to 48 hours to complete. Following this, the funds should reach the preferred account within 3 business days.

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Question Answer
What is the minimum deposit on the Rummy Apna app? The minimum deposit on the Rummy Apna app is INR 30.
What is the minimum Rummy Apna withdrawal limit on the app? The minimum withdrawal limit on the Rummy Apna app is INR 100.
What are the methods of payment available for the withdrawal on the Rummy Apna app? Players can use anything between NEFT, IMPS, or UPI as a part of the Rummy Apna withdrawal process.
Does the Rummy Apna app require an internet connection to operate? Yes, players will need to have a valid data connection in order to play games on the Rummy Apna app and also to withdraw or deposit money on it.

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