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Sports is such an exciting way to pass the time. You can play, you can watch, you can gamble, you can read, you can listen, and now, you can even participate in professional sporting events as though you own the team. Literally.

With people’s desire to experience the thrilling world of sports first-hand, apps like Nostra Pro introduced the advantage of fantasy sporting leagues. The concept of Nostra Pro-like apps is to select a game of your choice and build your own fantasy league based on the players’ performances, not which team they belong to in real life.

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This is an opportunity to create your dream team of the top players and if they score as per your expectations, these apps help you earn money. It is in the ballpark of betting but the activities differ greatly. Fantasy Leagues provide users to experience sporting events like the owners of the IPL teams.

Nostra Pro is a varietal app that allows you to partake in fantasy leagues for Tennis, Boxing, Badminton, and other such events which are not available on similar apps like Nostra Pro. However, since these matches rarely raise anyone’s blood pressure, fantasy sports enthusiasts like sporting matches with some teeth.

Thus, today we will discuss a few other apps like Nostra Pro that you can use for Fantasy Leagues. Since the objective is to make money from games, we also have other sites like Nostra Pro that allow you to take part in games yourself instead of gambling your money on other people’s potential.

The must know tips you should follow while practicing and competing.

List of apps similar to Nostra Pro

There are plenty of Nostra Pro alternatives that support earning money from games and sporting events. They all require a little investment but if you choose your app with some research, you will end up paying minimum sums to earn tremendous amounts of cash.

Here are some more apps like Nostra Pro that you can use:

1. GetMega

It is possibly the best app like Nostra Pro so far even though their concepts slightly differ.

GetMega is an online gaming site wherein you can play various high-stakes and low-stakes games to earn money. You can find trivia games like GK quizzes, 123 math quizzes, and visual quizzes like Pic Me here to keep yourself sharp and exercise your brain. There are also casual games like ABC Rummy, Warship, Dot and Dash, and other varieties. You can even find virtual table sports such as Pool and Carom. Our personal favorites, however, are the casino games because not only do they have a high potential for earning but they can mould your career as a professional Rummy or Poker player.

The GetMega app offers signup bonuses and referral bonuses quite handsomely too. Plus they have incredible tournaments and contests to escalate your earnings. You can even take part in paid leaderboards wherein you are ranked with the best players and you can earn a lot of additional prizes and cash rewards.

Another USP of the GetMega platform is that you can learn new games on the site itself. The rules, strategies, and guidelines pertaining to the popular games are available on the channel. If you like a game but don’t know how to play it, then simply take some time to learn.

The reason GetMega is the best possible site on this list is that you don’t have to gamble away your money on the potential of others. If they lack motivation, you are the one to lose money. That doesn’t seem fair. Instead, on GetMega, you wager on yourself. You can analyze your cards, circumstance, and skills before you gamble your money. You know yourself so you will end up making wiser and more informed decisions.

2. Dream11

One of the first and largest markets among Nostra Pro competitors is taken by Dream11. This particular platform endorsed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni was initiated to support cricket fantasy leagues for enthusiasts of the sporting event. However, over time, they have introduced more games like Kabaddi, Football, and Baseball.

The platform supports creating your dream team in upcoming matches with a little investment, of course. You can choose the top players and assign a captain and vice-captain for your team too. While the payouts on Dream11 truly are substantial when you win, there is an added benefit. If your captain or vice-captain surpass your expectations, you get bonus rewards for it.

In the world of fantasy sports in India, Dream11 fairs well among cricket aficionados.

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3. BalleBaazi

A Nostra Pro jaisa app that is dedicated to varietal features in respect to cricket fantasy leagues is BalleBaazi.

The app is promoted by our cutie Yuvraj Singh and it is a dedicated Nostra Pro-type app that allows you to create your own fantasy leagues for regular cricket matches. When you choose a match, you will get the option to choose your players. You invest a little money to create your dream team and if the team performs well, then you earn from it.

The unique features in BalleBaazi include creating your own bowling league or batting leagues too. Therefore, you can have a specialized team instead of a standard one, thus making fantasy sports more fun.

4. 11 Wickets

If you like Fantasy Sports apps with a variety of games, then a Nostra Pro alternative app is 11 Wickets. As you can imagine, this app took off on its fantasy sports adventure with cricket. However, over time, they added more games like Football and Kabaddi to accommodate the needs of sports enthusiasts.

The app has a good referral program and they offer a reasonable number of promotions too. If you like to indulge in a variety of sports, you will certainly like 11 Wickets.

5. DotBall

A unique but similar app like Nostra Pro is DotBall. It also features cricket games for your fantasy leagues and you get to choose a team of 11 players with a captain and a vice-captain.

However, there’s a twist.

After the first half of the game, if you are dissatisfied with your selection of these major players, you can change your captain and vice-captain in the game. What’s more, they even allow you to add a 12th player to the team in order to improve your odds of winning.

These features are not available on apps like Nostra Pro, which makes DotBall an interesting app for fantasy league enthusiasts.

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How to use Apps like Nostra Pro to Earn Money?

Apps like Nostra Pro are designed to help you use your knowledge of sports and your enthusiasm to earn money. In order to build a substantial side hustle or even make a living with these apps, you need to have a clear idea of the concept of apps similar to Nostra Pro and how you can benefit from them particularly.

This does raise a few hairs, so let us discuss how you can make money from these apps:

  1. For starters, choose the apps that support the sports in which you have a sustaining interest. We say apps because it is important to partake in a little arbitrage to see which app is offering the best earning options for a particular match.
  2. If you like reading and watching sports, perhaps fantasy sports apps are more to your liking. However, if you prefer to exercise complete control over your money instead of other players deciding your fate, opt for apps like GetMega where you can play to earn.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your app, select the game of your preference, then choose the upcoming match.
  4. Based on your selections, you will get the options for the players. Now, this is where it gets tricky. You need to study the players’ statistics and any news articles that indicate their lack of performance. Based on the data, make informed decisions and create your roster wisely.
  5. Choose your captain and vice-captain, preferably players with the most potential and the best-recorded performance.
  6. On apps like Nostra Pro, you need to invest money, so make sure that all your choices are sound.
  7. Furthermore, you need to compare winning ratios as well. Which apps provide the best options to make more money?
  8. Diversify your investments across two or three apps like Nostra Pro so that if you win, you earn a lot. However, keep in mind that if you lose, all that money is gone.
  9. Be realistic about your expectations. Sometimes, players suffer injuries, or maybe their equipment does not hold up. This could result in poor performance. The app is not going to understand that so if you’re prepared to gamble on the potential of other people, then be ready to win or even lose a few matches.

Earning from apps like Nostra Pro can be really easy if you just take some time to study up. The information pertaining to players and sporting events is actively available. Use it to your advantage and make informed decisions rather than taking chances and guesses. You could end up winning a lot of money for a little hard work.

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How to Benefit from Playing Games on GetMega?

GetMega is a platform where you can not only partake in gambling but also play regular games to earn money. The channel was designed to help people earn by doing what they love, despite the condition of the economy.

There are several benefits to playing games on GetMega to earn money. Here are a few:

  • For one, GetMega has a solid signup bonus and referral program.
  • Next, GetMega has a wide selection of games. You can take part in trivia quizzes or play some virtual table sports with friends and family. You can even play regular casual games to entertain yourself, and all of this helps you earn money when you win.
  • GetMega has legal and certified casino games like Poker and Rummy. If you don’t know how to play these games, you can learn on the platform itself and try your hands at cash games first to practice.
  • There are regular tournaments and contests held for different games at different buy-in values. It could be as low as Rs. 5 or as high as Rs. 1000. Based on your caliber, you can choose the ones that best suit you.
  • The paid leaderboards we mentioned earlier are special lists. Here not only do you get to see how well you are faring against your competitors but you can earn additional rewards. All you have to do is consistently stay on top of the charts among the top ten ranks. You can win cash rewards as well as gold coins and cell phones. That is so cool.

Playing games on GetMega to earn money is possibly one of the best solutions because you get to do what you love. No one can say that you’re wasting your time playing games because these games bring you a lot of cash.

GetMega is one of the best real-money gaming apps of India with a unique users interface and real players. With 10,000+ daily players on the app, you can win up-to Rs 1,00,000 everyday. Download the app now!
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