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Billiard games have been a long-standing tradition used in social situations to bond and compete. One such incredible table sport and a type of billiard game is 8 ball pool. The sport in itself has been popular for decades so app developers came up with a unique solution for today’s, enthusiastic gamer with no time.

Virtual 8 ball pool games on your digital devices.

Now, you can take part in 8 ball pool games while you’re at the office, commuting to and from work, passing a lazy day, or any time that you choose. The game is available on platforms like GetMega and 8 ball pool (yes, the app is aptly named that way) and you can play on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, what have you. What’s more, you can earn while playing these games. Talk about a win-win.

Today, we will discuss a few neat 8 ball pool tips and tricks that you can use to earn money playing the most popular form of pool games.

What is 8 Ball Pool?

8ball pool

8 ball pool is an app that was designed to accommodate people’s desire to play this beautiful sport of champions from the comfort of their homes. The app is rightly named since it only allows games of 8 ball pool alone and not the other variations of billiard games. Still, it has been faring well since it is the most popular variation out there.

The game involves using your digital platform to strike the digital cue ball using your digital pool cue stick. We will tell you how to play the game in just a little while but before we do that let us consider the options to earn money.

While 8ball pool is an earning platform for enthusiastic gamers, the app requires a little investment. It is a legitimate earning platform where you need to win the game to earn money. Therefore, for this invaluable service, you need to deposit money into your 8ball pool app account.

It is a multiplayer platform therefore, unlike bar games, you can play 8ball pool with family, friends, and multiple strangers on the internet, not just as a two-player game. Both players deposit money to buy into the game and the winner gets the cash prize.

Apply these tips and trick shots to overpower your opponents

How to Play the Game on 8 Ball Pool?

The strategy for playing 8 ball pool on the app is fairly simple. We have a few 8 ball pool hacks that we will share soon. In the meantime, let us take a look at how to play the game on the online platform to earn money using our 8 ball pool tips:

To begin with, you need to download the game from a secure server and register yourself using your contact number. Make sure it is up and running because you will receive your OTP here. It is best that you use the number that is linked to your PayTM account so that you can easily start your deposits and transactions.

Once you are registered on the app, you will need to use your deposited cash that is converted into in-app coins and find yourself a suitable table. You will find your opponents here and also a series of pool cues that you can use.

There are games for points and games for cash available on this platform. If you are a beginner in the world of virtual Pool, it is best to start with points games and get the hang of different features. Once you are accustomed to the setup of virtual table sports, you can move on to cash games and contests.

In order to play the game and win, you need to take good shots. This is easier to do with a good pool cue so you need to purchase a good one from the app.

You also need to perfect your technique of taking straight shots, spinning, trick shots, draw shots, etc. These features can be adjusted when it is your turn. You will find sliders to adjust your force, torque, speed, etc.

The game is simple but it does take some practice to perfect your skills enough to earn money. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that.

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How to Hack 8 Ball Pool with Tips and Tricks?

Now that you know how to play the 8ball pool game on the app, let us discuss a few 8ball pool hacks that could come in handy. To profess this, we want you to know that 8ball pool hacks do not refer to using external apps and programs to cheat the game itself. If you use unlawful 8ball pool hacks during gameplay, the developers are entitled to ban your account. Thus, not only can you not participate in more games but you lose all your deposits and winnings.

That being said, we have a few 8 ball pool tricks that are actually 8 ball pool hacks. They are completely legal moves that are allowed and encouraged by the app so you can use them with no consternation. Here goes:

  • To start with, whether you are a beginner or a professional pool player in real life, it is best to start with the point game. It will give you an opportunity to get the lay of the land and improvise your virtual pool playing techniques without losing any money.
  • Select your tables for gameplay very carefully. If you end up with a player of a higher level with tons of experience on the very app while you are a beginner, it is as good as throwing your money down the toilet. Analyze the entry fee and make smart choices.
  • It is best to play at the London pub in the beginning because the games are easier here.
  • Try to earn coins more than investing your own money. You can get coins from the daily spin, therefore, on days when you don’t feel like playing, just open the app and take part in the spin. You can collect a lot of coins this way and avoid investing large sums of money.
  • You need good pool cues. Fortunately, you can use the in-app 8 ball pool hack of the spin for this too. When you spin the wheel, you could acquire different parts of a pool cue that you need to assemble slowly.
  • Good pool cues are like the fastest cars in NFS. They give you a better grip, torque, control, and speed. Invest whatever coins you have in buying pool cues if you can’t find the pieces in your spin mystery box.
  • Practice taking trick shots in the point games and transfer the skills to cash games. These shots could intimidate your opponents, unless they are pool sharks, of course.
  • The most important 8 ball pool hack for this app is to take your shots quickly. The games run on a timer but you can’t really see it because it is moving against your name on the screen with a green marker. Practice taking shots quickly o point games and follow up in tournaments, contests, and cash games.
  • The final 8 ball pool hack is to take longer aims for your shots. The app will show you the trajectory of the cue ball and how it touches the object ball. However, you may not be able to determine the tangents and the pockets precisely. Use imaginary lines or off-app tools such as paper or something to determine the exact trajectory of your shot.

You see, these 8 ball pool tips and tricks can help you get in better shots without violating the rules. Instead of looking for 8 ball pool hacks that could terminate your account. Thus, to earn cash in 8ball pool without hack practice these tricks and improve your gameplay.

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Top Winning Strategies for the App

Once you have mastered the 8ball pool hacks we mentioned above, you can use the following strategy to earn money on this app:

  • Play small-stakes games, preferably at the London pub and wait to level up so you have access to the best pool cues.
  • Once you have unlocked these pool cues, use your coins to purchase the best one or if you have the parts then assemble one. Now you have an advantage over people playing in small-stakes and large-stakes games from the get-go.
  • In the meanwhile, practice your curve shots and cushion trick shots so you can pocket more object balls quickly and effortlessly.
  • Line up your shots as soon as it is your turn and don’t take too long to just shoot.

You see, the 8 ball pool app, while very entertaining and engaging, can be tricky and frustrating too. Using this 8 ball pool tip for winning, you can strategize ahead and make the most beneficial moves, thus aiding in your quest to earn more coins.

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Benefits of Playing Games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform that was created with the sole intention of encouraging people to earn money while playing their favorite games. It also has casino games like Poker and Rummy.

There are several benefits to playing games on GetMega and here are the ones that we found the absolute best:

  1. GetMega has an advantageous signup and referral program. The gems have monetary values so you can use them to play games. You can earn rewards per referral so keep sharing your code and earn more.
  2. There are so many games on GetMega that you can keep alternating so you don’t get bored, thus affecting your earning potential. Play different games and keep up the money flowing in.
  3. They use secure payment gateways like PayTM, PhonePe, Google pay, etc. for all your deposits and withdrawals so you know your money is safe.
  4. You can play cash games to practice and develop your skills then shine in contests and tournaments that are held on a regular basis.
  5. The buy-in amount starts at Rs. 5 and ranges higher for high-stakes games. Therefore, you can choose your game tables based on your skills and needs.
  6. There are paid leaderboards for serious players where ranking among the top 10 contestants could help you earn more cash and cool prizes including gold coins and cellphones.

There are a lot more benefits to playing games on GetMega which you will see once you embark upon this platform. If you like gaming then you cannot go wrong with Getmega because they have the ultimate, all-encompassing solution to playing games and making money. So start playing and see for yourself just how incredible the site is.

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