How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Starpick(स्टारपिक)?

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Starpick(स्टारपिक) is an online sports betting platform that claims to be the number 1 in the country. Their goal is to help Indian players in all aspects of online sports betting. Apart from tips, they also share information on the best betting sites in India.

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  • Unlike most sports betting apps, Starpick has multiple functions. They provide users with news updates on major decisions in the sporting world, information on the best betting sites as well as fantasy gaming tips.

Starpick(स्टारपिक) History

Starpick was launched at the end of March 2018 in India. It had a strategic team that was based across India, UK, and Sweden. It had many celebrity ambassadors, including the likes of former cricketers VVS Laxman, Jonty Rhodes, Harbhajan Singh, and others. They entered the gaming market with the IPL 2018 season, followed by the FIFA World Cup, the Pro Kabaddi League, and European football.

In April 2020, Starpick withdrew its membership from the IFSG (Indian Federation for Sports Gaming).

Earlier, Starpick(स्टारपिक) would provide contests across multiple sports, similar to sites such as Dream11. However, they have shut down their fantasy gaming contests. In February 2021, their final tweet stated that they were taking a break from fantasy contests and would return sometime in the near future.

They were one of the first platforms to allow users to compete in sports such as Ice hockey, Formula 1, Golf, and Bicycle Racing.

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How to Download Starpick app for Android and iOS?

Unfortunately, Starpick has shut down its fantasy gaming contests, so there is no need to download the app. However, for those who have invested their money with the company for gaming they may choose 'Starpick download' by following these steps:

  1. Google 'Starpick App Download' in your web browser.
  2. Users will be able to get 'Starpick lite for Android apk', and they should click on that link.
  3. Players can then click on the 'Download apk' option and then proceed to follow the steps (the app is safe to open), and then the final page will look like this. The Starpick App Download for Android will now be completed.

This version may, however, not be for iOS devices. We recommend that users avoid downloading the app.

How to Download Starpick app for PC and macOS?

Even when the Starpick website was fully operational, they never had a Windows or macOS app. We hope if the company ever resumes operations, then they will have a PC app in place for their customers.

How to Register, Login, Signup, and Create a Starpick(स्टारपिक) account?

After completing the Starpick App download, there is no provision for registration or a Starpick Login, as the company has disabled its fantasy gaming section. Although we did download the app, when we clicked on it, this is all that we could see. A split second later, the app auto-logged out, and we returned to the home screen.

How to play on the app?

Users cannot currently compete in any contests on the app, as the app does not work, and there is no fantasy gaming available. In the meantime, users can check out the website for other reasons. Starpick allows fantasy gaming tips to users. For example, they recently provided tips for the 2021 T20 WorldCup. They also have an extensive list of the best betting sites in India and information on the bonus amount available on each of those platforms. On the Starpick website, users can check the menu to find betting tips on cricket, football, horse racing and casino gaming. However, these details are not available on the Starpick App download.

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Types of games this app offers

There have been no available games on Starpick for nearly one year. When the platform was active, it had common sports ranging from cricket, football to those rarely found on gaming platforms such as Formula 1, handball and ice hockey.

When Starpick was active, it was responsible for introducing a few innovative formats in the game:

  • Flexible Five - Users can pick any 5 players in their teams.
  • Heroes of Cricket - This is a quick and easy format where a user has to pick just  3 players - 1 batsman/batswoman, 1 bowler, and 1 all-rounder. This game is free to play.
  • Head2Head - In this format, Users can create their own set of challenges and then clash with a friend or any other player on StarPick.
  • Season Game - This is a multiple-game week tournament. Sometimes, it can also be a tournament that lasts for the entire season.

How to Earn Money from the Starpick app?

There are currently no provisions to earn money from Starpick(स्टारपिक). However, they have some information in their articles about the best fantasy platforms currently available for gaming, which could help users to make an informed choice while investing in fantasy betting.

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Question Answer
Was Starpick a popular platform? Starpick, at its peak, had 1.2 million visitors for fantasy sports betting. It was an extremely popular platform thanks to its unique sports betting model, which ensured pre-set duels between players of a team instead of thousands of users competing for a small prize pool.
How can a user contact Starpick for amount redemption? Users can email Starpick at [email protected] for any queries related to their previous fantasy sports account. Users should write 'DFS' in the subject line of the email for these queries.
When will Starpick's fantasy gaming platform return? Starpick has not shared a tentative date for the same. They can be contacted at the above email address for such queries.
Is Starpick active on social media platforms? Starpick is inactive on social media platforms. They have not posted on Twitter since February 4, 2021, and their last Instagram post was on October 27, 2019. As such, they are unavailable to answer user questions on social media.
Can we make any recommendations for Starpick? To contact their team for any recommendations or changes or any queries related to the Starpick App download, users can drop them an email with the subject line as 'General Query'.

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