Top 15 Best Battle Royale Games for Android.

Top 15 Best Battle Royale Games for Android.

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Over the last few years, battle royale games have taken the gaming industry by storm. This gaming genre has gained widespread popularity. It gives the players a unique twist like special character abilities, the ability to revive teammates, and many other exciting elements.

But it doesn't take long for any successful formula to be replicated in the gaming industry, as several studios try to cash in on the success before it's too late. So, we will find many games categorized under this genre. Choosing the top battle royale games for our android mobile becomes chaotic.

This article will help us try out the best battle royale games for android devices.

Top Best 15 Battle Royale Game.

Here is the list of the top 15 Battle Royale Games for your Android device.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG or Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile is one of the most popular and best battleground games played by millions of players across the globe. This battle royale game is famous for its outstanding graphics, ear-worm sound, and intense gameplay.

We can play PUBG gameplay online in multiple modes, i.e., solo or form a group of two, three, or four players. We can choose four maps in this game: the well-known Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi.

The game involves battling with 100 other players while running for our life, searching for weapons and equipment that will help us survive. So, play online PUBG and challenge the battlefield with your gaming skills.

2. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale comes in the top 10 battle royale games for Android. Developed by Epic Games, the masses regard the Fortnite battle royale game as one of the tough competitors to PUBG Mobile.

The game follows a similar concept as its main competitor. But, it has some unique additional features that make it the best battle royale game for Android.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile

If we want to experience the classic Call of Duty shootout, the Call of Duty Mobile is the best battle royal game for us. The game includes several classic CoD modes, including battle royale, multiplayer, and zombies.

The game area of CoD Mobile is based on some of the most iconic maps from the classic CoD. Aside from this fact, the game system gets constant updates based on classes with varying abilities.

While we await the release of Call of Duty Warzone on mobile, currently, this is the only CoD battle royale available.

4.Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction, without doubt, is the most popular replica of the Fortnite released on Android. It's a classic and action-packed battle royale game that involves building, shooting, and last-one-standing rules.

The entire gameplay follows Fortnite, including constructing ramps and defensive walls, destroying elements in the setting to obtain resources, and the seasonal updates.

5.Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

With over 30 million downloads, Garena Free Fire was the most downloaded worldwide in 2009. It is the best battle royale game for Android since the technical requirements are minimal with constant partnerships and crossovers. It can run well on low to mid-range devices.

This battle royale game is set on the island of Bermuda with intense action lasting for 10 minutes between 50 players. Since its release, the game has seen tremendous growth, earning the Play Store's Best Popular Vote Game award. It's also regularly updated and provides a worthwhile gaming experience.

6.Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

This classic battle royale game was released on Android devices just one month before the launch of PUBG Mobile. The game has engaged more than 240 million players worldwide, and the number is continuously increasing.

The gameplay is quite similar to other battle royale games, but here the battleground consists of 120 players. Not only that, but numerous funky costumes are customizable.

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7.Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the spectacular action games that introduced new elements to the battle royale genre.

The game features up to 60 players facing challenges to land on an island brimming with weapons. The players are divided into three groups, and the last group surviving can declare themselves as the winners. This battle royale game is up to par with popular games like PUBG or Fortnite. It offers outstanding visuals and a superb gaming experience.

8.Cyber Space

Cyber space

Among the top 10 battle royale games for Android comes the world of cyberpunk aesthetics. This battle royale game has a simple control system. It enables us to increase the size of your arms or legs, and the stunning graphics will ensure that you enjoy every fight.

It involves an exciting twenty-minute game. During each assault, we will direct the steps of a brave character equipped with cutting-edge armour and rifles and join forces with three teammates to try to survive.

9.Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Final Fantasy

We could never have imagined that a battle royale game would be set in the most iconic instalment of the classic and epic Final Fantasy. It's a prequel set 30 years before the Final Fantasy VII Remake, in which we play an apprentice soldier on his way to becoming one of Midgard's elite warriors.

The game combines the essence of gameplay found in almost all major battle royale games for Android.

10.PUBG New State

PUBG New State

PUBG New State is the most iconic remake of PUBG Mobile and one of the top battle royale games. It is a true benchmark that has become the best battle royale game for Android.

The game promises to stay true to the spirit of the original while adding more game modes, new & more interactive settings, and improved graphics. In a nutshell, it's a full-fledged sequel with an experience that any battle royale fan will recognize.

11.Farlight 84


Farlight 84 is a fantastic battle royale game that allows us to engage in intense battles against players from worldwide.

It is a multiplayer action game where 40 players battle, gathering weapons and equipment on the map to kill the enemies, and the last man standing wins the game. This battle royale game has an outstanding & colourful visual and a variety of weapons and vehicles.

12. Knives Out

Knives out

Knives Out (also known as Wilderness Action) is an outstanding first-person action game inspired by PUBG that throws hordes of opponents into the mix.

In this battle royale game, up to 100 online players clash on an island armed with weapons and off-road vehicles, ready to shoot down a player after player. The last one to survive is the winner of the game.

13.Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is another multiplayer battle royale game similar to Fortnite with excellent graphics giving us the best gaming experience on our android devices.

The battlefield in the game consists of a massive island filled with weapons, vehicles, and other items that we can use to our advantage. We need to fight for our survival against up to 100 other players in this game.


Fight Night

FightNight battle royale game is another essence of the battle royale genre. It randomly places more than 100 players on a large map, spread out in search of amenities or equipment to survive.

The game employs a new generation of 3D graphics, making the game more lively and exciting by incorporating numerous action sequences. Players can also entertain their friends by participating in various innovative game modes.

15.Ride Out Heroes

Ride out Heroes

Ride Out Heroes is a battle royale game. Up to 100 players hunt each other down using special attack skills & tricks in a fantasy world full of weapons, armour, potions, and other valuable items.

Thanks to its stunning graphics and high-quality production, this game is not to be missed.

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