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Gambling is fun, no matter what anyone says. There is palpable energy around gambling activities that only the people who partake in such games understand. The problem is, most people disregard the essence of gambling in terms of developing a strategic mind, using skills, not to mention the nail-biting fun that accompanies the entire event.

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There are several different types of gambling games and activities. One such variant is crash gambling games, which is a relatively new form of gambling game and has a lot of overlaps with live online trading.

Let us take a look at what crash gambling really is and the best crash gambling sites where you can play the games.


What is crash gambling?

Crash gambling is an innovative method of online gambling that is connected to crypto gambling. The concept of the game is to create lines that keep ascending, much like the line graph on the stock and trading apps.

As the line rises, so do your winnings continue to multiply. At some point, again like online trading, the line will crash. When this happens, it is a loss.

Since the multiplier keeps increasing your winnings and the crash is unpredictable, it is better to plan ahead and set automated cash-out. This way, you don’t have to keep monitoring the screen. The sites will detect when the betting amount reaches your preferred multiplier and then cash out your winnings from crash gambling.

Since the phenomenal crash gambling game is relatively new and programmed like trading, people who take part in crypto gambling, online trading, etc. are more likely to find success here.

What is Roobet Crash?

In short, what is a Rubat Crash: The racket goes up and can crash at any moment. All you have to do is place a bet and then guess when the racket will crash. Hurry up and hit the button. If you manage to press the button before the racket crashes - you can double or even triple your bet, otherwise, sorry, you lose it.

Roobet crash strategy:

It's not hard to play Crash Rubet. Before you start playing, we recommend watching the game for a few rounds to see what happens.

First, you'll see the note: "Preparing for the Round". During this time you need to place bets. But before placing a bet, look below - you will see numbers in red and green - these are Rubat Crash Multipliers. The racket crashed as soon as it reached that number.

How Were The Best Crash Gambling Sites Selected?

Point 1: Security of the casino

Point 2: The casino’s reputation

Point 3: Safety of the payment methods available

Point 4: The number of games available

How to play a crash gambling game?

In order to play the crash gambling games game, you need to register on the best crash gambling sites available to you. Once you register on the sites, you will find options to make singular bets or automated bets.

As we have mentioned, the idea of the app is to place a bet and then the line graph keeps multiplying. Once it reaches a certain height, the multiplier will crash. If you managed to cash out before the crash, then you will receive your winnings. However, if the crash gambling game crashes before you can cash out, you lose all your investment.

When you partake in crash gambling, you need to be prepared to lose it all or win big. In the first few days, keep a close eye on the site and watch how the lines fluctuate, the common multiplier that precedes the crashes, and develop a useful strategy.

We have a strategy for crash gambling games on the best crash gambling sites that we will share shortly.

With a strategy in place, you can place a bet of let’s say 0.1 BTC. Now, the multiplier will rise on its own and your investment will increase. You can set an automated cash-out policy at any multiplier or do so manually. If the game crashes before you cash out, you can bet again.

Ideally, you can set up an automated bet wherein upon winning, the site will automatically place another bet on your behalf. You can also set it to betting again after incurring a loss. You can also set the automation feature off if you want to take control of your bets.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing Crash at Gambling Websites

Advantages or Pros:

  • Most cryptocurrencies allow players to maintain their anonymity
  • Your data is protected from theft
  • Games that accept cryptocurrency are fair
  • Only cryptocurrency casino players pay more attention to security

Disadvantages or Cons:

  • Bitcoin and Other Altcoins Still Have High Levels of Volatility
  • Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose, there may be a longer transaction period
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are accepted by Crypto Casino

How high can the multiplier be in crash gambling?

The multiplier in crash gambling keeps increasing anywhere from 2x to 100x before it crashes. It is very difficult to determine when the crash will happen therefore it is also hard to say how high the multiplier can go.

At one instance, the multiplier in crash gambling reached a height of 500x. This means that the people who invested received very high returns. So, let’s say you invest 0.1 BTC, you would get 50 BTC.

This was a rare incident though. Normally, the multiplier reaches smaller heights and crashes, especially now that people have started to invest more into crash gambling.

Still, you can expect 5x or even 20x multipliers to yield substantial winnings. You need to be patient and willing to take the risk in order for the multiplier to reach substantially new heights.

What is a house edge in crash gambling?

The house edge is a mathematical phenomenon that works in the favor of the casino or crash gambling site that hosts the games.

Since gambling is a combination of luck and skill, regardless of which games you play, there is a 50-50 chance that the venue, in this case, crash gambling site, might lose. In order to balance their losses and keep the crash gambling game beneficial to players, they need to calculate a winning rate that works in their favor.

This means that when players place their bets, the crash gambling site benefits from it. The site will charge a certain sum of money as their commission for facilitating these exciting, high-winning crash gambling games. They use the money to keep up the site maintenance, security protocols, and overhead costs.

Types of crash gambling games

Inherently, there is only one major type of crash gambling game. However, based on your strategy and the currency used in crash gambling or crash money game, here are the types of games.

Based on the type of currency:

  • Ethereum crash gambling
  • Bitcoin crash gambling.
  • Dollars crash gambling.

By type of strategy:

  • Manual investments.
  • Manual cash-out.
  • Automated bets.
  • Automated cash-out.

The concept of the game remains to earn money by attaining higher multipliers. However, based on the strategies and the best crash gambling sites you use, you will find minute changes here and there. They are not exactly different types of crash gambling games but they do provide a little diversity in gameplay.

Best crash gambling sites to play crash gambling games

There are several best crash gambling sites available today due to the awareness of these crash gambling games spreading like wildfire. Here are the top 10 sites that you can use:

  1. BitCasino
  2. Roobet
  4. 1Win Casino
  5. Stake
  6. EtherCash
  7. BustaBit
  8. Nano games
  9. Moon 3D
  10. Crash BTC

As you can tell from this list of the top best crash gambling sites, each platform accepts different currencies and they offer diverse features too. BitCasino and Roobet have gained quite a reputation but the other sites are also good platforms for your crash gambling games.

crash gambling

How much money can you win in crash gambling games?

The amount of money that you can win in crash gambling games depends entirely on your investment, willingness to take risks, patience to wait for higher multipliers, and strategizing to cash out at the right time.

Given the history of players who have made money from crash gambling, we can safely assume that your winnings will be anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000 in a week based on the kind of strategy that you use.

Since these winnings from crash gambling games are converted from cryptocurrencies to rupees, for the most part, you can wait to cash out from the wallet to your bank account when the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is high. That way, you end up winning a lot more money from crash gambling with the same amount of work.

Useful crash gambling strategies that you can use

Now that you know what is crash gambling strategy and how to play, here are some features that you can use to your advantage.

  • Start small with 0.1 BTC and upon betting, keep a close eye on the lines. Once it reaches x5 to x7 multipliers, cash out your winnings to prevent the crash and wait for the next round. Do this multiple times to increase your earnings to at least 2 BTC.
  • Once you have a substantial amount in earnings, set up an automated bet in the settings. The best crash gambling sites offer automated features to set your betting amount after incurring wins or losses.
  • Keep the betting amount low for automated crash gambling bets after a win, preferably to 0.1 to 0.3 BTC. For automated bets after losses, keep the amount set to 0.4 or 0.5 BTC. This is the Martingale system that ensures you get back the money you lost and then make some profits.
  • You can also set an automated cash-out multiplier in crash gambling games, preferably x1.5 to x3. The winnings will be small but guaranteed.
  • Another strategy is to keep increasing your investments when you have a winning streak going. As soon as you start experiencing losses, decrease the betting amount little by little to beat the crash gambling odds.

Since crash gambling games are highly unpredictable, the best strategy is to keep a close eye on your investments, be it automated or manual.

While Crash gambling does seem like a nice way to make some extra money while delving into crypto betting markets, the unpredictable gameplay makes it really difficult to root for them. Thinking back to all the games that we have seen involving betting, it is much safer and beneficial to play games where you can predict the outcome with much better odds and have control over your money.

Playing games on GetMega seems like a much better alternative to crash gambling. You can make a lot of money by playing simple games and gambling on your skills rather than an unpredictable plane that may fly away willy-nilly (that’s the whimsy in crash gambling).

How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming forum where you can participate in solo and multiplayer games to earn real cash.

In order to play games on GetMega, you first need to register on the site using your Facebook account. Make sure to use a genuine account because the security program on GetMega is stringent and they will use your account to determine if you are a real player of legal age and good intentions. No scammers, bot developers, and colluders are allowed on GetMega.

Once you successfully register and your account is verified, the site will offer Rs. 84 as a welcome bonus in the form of 60 in-app gems. They will also provide a referral code that you can share with your contacts as well as across social media and networking sites. You earn 40 gems each time for a successful referral. Since these gems are worth real cash, you can use them to play the games that they offer.

You need a little money in your account to play games on GetMega. Luckily, they have a very simple user interface where you can find the ‘Deposit’ icon in the wallet to add cash. They allow transactions through secure payment channels like PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. to keep your money safe. When you win Rs. 25 or more from the games on GetMega, you can use the same payment channel to withdraw the money to your bank account.

When you have a little cash in your GetMega wallet, it is time to check out the available games. They have three main categories for different types of games. You can play trivia games where you answer questions based on mathematics, general knowledge, and even one that uses cognitive processing. There are also casual games like Dot and Dash, ABC Rummy, Pool, Fruit Kaat, Carrom, Warships, etc.

The highest earning potential is through the GetMega casino games, which include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy. You can find cash games, contests, and tournaments starting from Rs. 5 and going up to thousands. Play high-stakes or low-stakes games as you prefer.

Playing games on GetMega is super simple, especially since you can learn new games on the platform itself with the abundance of information and strategies. There is a higher chance of earning real cash in tens of thousands every month on GetMega than on any crash gambling site.

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