8 Ball Pool Tournaments: Types, Rules, Winning Tips & Tricks And More

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A pool tournament is a great way to engage with your family and friends. Pool tournaments require lots of floor space due to the sheer number of players. A standard straight pool dominated the tournaments as a popular game of choice but in recent years either eight-ball or nine-ball have gained popularity in most tournaments.

There are several variations of eight-ball and nine-ball, with eight-ball featuring more possibilities than nine-ball. A version might be popular in the northeastern United States, while a different version might be popular in the northwest. Within a given geographic region, people are likely to play these popular games differently depending on their league and their pool hall.

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What are the 8 ball pool tournaments on GetMega?

The eight-ball pool is the most popular variation of pocket billiards in the world. The name of the game is derived from the black ‘8’ ball that must be used to finish the game.

While playing the 8-ball tournament on GetMega, players with the right speed and spin who aim the cue stick perfectly can pocket all the assigned balls. The players must remember to pocket the black ball at last.

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In addition, beginners might find it quite difficult to understand 8 pool game rules. Before you take the game offline, players can get familiar with all the 8 ball tournament rules on the GetMega platform.

Finally, once players have a solid understanding of standard 8-ball tournament rules, players can apply them to real-life games. Players can practice spin action, how hard to hit the cue ball, how to avoid foul, and familiarize themselves with the International pool tournament rules - 8 ball version of penalties from the online practice rounds.

What are tips to win at 8 ball pool tournaments?

Here are some 8-ball pool tips to help players win their next match in the tournament:

  1. Get familiar with pool tournament rules. When players are familiar with 8 ball pool tournament rules, they can even point out fouls committed by their opponents even in the most discrete of situations.
  2. Break the rack efficiently. In contrast to 9-ball, players cannot win by potting the 8-ball while breaking the rack. However, players can still play 8 ball pool with the 9 ball trick. It's important to break the rack with a legal shot, but also to ensure that the cue ball crawls amongst the grouping of the object balls. When breaking the rack, players should not pot the 8-ball, but they can sink other balls, leading them to the next 8 ball trick.
  3. Instead of following conventions, players should choose their groups based on strategy. When players break the rack, they usually sink a couple of object balls. However, players can still choose another group of balls. One of the best 8 ball pool game tricks is to pick the group so that it is ideally scattered near the pockets and facilitates easier and quicker potting regardless of where the cue ball is.
  4. Players should come up with a strategy before taking a shot by analyzing the table and looking for potential shots.
  5. Players should concentrate on torque spin and cutting techniques in pool tournament games. It helps players perform back cuts and rail cuts. Players can also practice adding spin to their strike.
  6. In pool tournament games, players can prepare for different cut shots alone, including back cut, rail cut, bank shots, and kick shots. It takes some time to master these 8 pool tricks but once players do it, they can sink their object balls regardless of the position of the cue ball.
  7. Players should practice to effectively use the bridge. A bridge or rake is a long stick with four protruding edges on the tip. When the cue ball and object ball are far apart but players have the perfect angle from across the table, they can use the rake instead of their hand as the bridge.
  8. Players should practice the Masse 8 ball trick shots regularly as this shot is quite challenging.
  9. In pool tournament games, players should also practice making draw shots.
  10. Players should avoid making combination shots unless they wish to miss their chance of winning.

FAQs about 8 ball pool tournaments

  • What is an 8-ball pool?

Eight-ball pool is played with a cue ball and 15 object balls. One player attempts to pocket the solid balls numbered 1 to 7 or the striped balls numbered 9 to 15, then marks and pockets the 8 ball before their opponent. When a player legally pockets the first ball of the game, they can choose which ball to pocket.

  • When happens when a player commits a foul?

The opponent can take a turn and place the cue ball anywhere behind the head string if a player commits a foul.

  • Who wins the pool game?

In a pool tournament game, the player who successfully sinks the 8-ball after all their object balls win the win. The game of pool is usually played in frames. Players can win two out of three, three out of five, or five out of nine to win the game.

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