Rack In 8 Ball Pool: Meaning, Set-up, How To Play, And Other Variants

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Racking refers to the process of using a rack to set up the balls in position to break. The object balls are all gathered and shaped into a starting formation using a triangle rack in an official 8 Ball game, and a diamond rack in a 9 Ball game.

No matter how the balls are being racked in different games, the concept of it remains the same: to ensure that the pooled formation in the rack does not break when the rack is lifted.

If the balls in the rack are loose and out of position, they may spill out of their formation and the game will never even begin or start off on a wrong foot. The balls are perfectly racked when the balls don’t move away when the rack equipment is lifted.

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How To Rack In an 8 Ball Pool And All Other Variants?

1. The official 8 ball rack makes use of all the 15 object balls.

  1. When you are the person going to break the official 8 ball pool rack setup, stand by the foot of the table.
  2. Angle the top of the triangle by the foot spot on the and two corners of the triangle (one edge) facing you.
  3. Place the solid, ‘1’ numbered ball (usually the apex ball in most legal 8 ball racks), on the foot spot of the official 8 ball rack.
  4. Place another solid ball in the other corner, and a stripe ball in the remaining corner of the triangle.
  5. Arrange the rest of the balls except the ‘8’ numbered ball.
  6. In racking an 8 ball pool, place the last ‘8’ numbered ball in the center — third row, second spot on the official 8 ball rack.
  7. Adjust with your fingers to ensure that the rack is tight, then remove the triangle rack.

2. A 9 ball pool game uses only the solid balls 1 - 9.

  1. Like in the official 8 ball rack set up, place one corner of the diamond rack on the foot spot.
  2. Place the number ‘1’ ball on the foot spot. Unlike 8 ball rack rules that tell that ball can be an apex ball, in a 9 ball game, only the ‘1’ ball is the apex ball.
  3. Like in the official 8 ball rack, place ‘9’ numbered ball in the center of the rack. 9 is the only striped ball in the rack.
  4. Adjust and fix the balls, then remove the diamond rack.

3. The 10 ball pool is played with 1 - 10 balls only.

  1. The 10 ball pool uses the same triangle rack as a legal 8 ball rack and follows the same structure as a 9 ball pool game.
  2. Place the apex, ‘1’ ball on the foot spot along the foot string.
  3. Place the ‘10’ ball in the center of the formation.
  4. Adjust and lift the triangle rack.
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