Importance Of Black Ball In 8 Ball Pool Game

black ball pool rules

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What role does the black ball perform in 8 ball pool?

If you have played a game of pool before, regardless of which kind, you may have seen that there are 7 solid-colored balls and 7 striped balls of the same colors. However, there is one black ball with the number 8 which stands out from the rest. This black ball in pool is like the Queen. It decides the winner and the loser.

In other words, the role of the black ball in pool is this: whichever player successfully sinks all their object balls and follows it up with the black ball, win.

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Rules of pool - black ball

Black ball pool is also popularly known as 8-ball pool. The rules of the game are simple and the gameplay is highly interesting.

The objective of this game, as we have discussed earlier, is to sink all the object balls and then follow up with the 8-ball or the black ball. However, there are some specific rules that govern this fascinating gameplay so let’s take a look at them now.

Black-ball pool rules:

  • From the beginning of the game, the black ball is treated like royalty. Thus, 8 ball pool rules - black ball states that when racking the game in the triangle, the black ball must be in the center and protected from all sides.
  • The player who breaks the rack must not pot the black 8-ball in the process even though they can sink the other object balls.
  • 8 ball black ball rules are stringent about potting the black ball at the very end of the game. Only after a player has potted all their designated object balls can they sink the black ball.
  • According to the rules of pool – black ball must be sunk in the same pocket as the last object ball. This rule is further bifurcated based on which pocket was used to sink the last object ball. If it was sunk in one of the 4 corner pockets, then the black ball can also be pocketed in that specific corner pocket. However, if the last object ball was sunk in one of the middle pockets then the player must call a pocket before striking the 8-ball.
  • The players must never make direct contact with the black ball with their cue stick.
  • If the black ball is accidentally potted during gameplay, then it is spotted back to the table. However, if a player intentionally pots the black ball before their designated object balls, then it is a foul.
  • The black ball is the only one that decides a winner or loser.
  • In back-to-back games and tournaments, the black ball is worth 7 points but the other object balls do not have any point designations.
  • If the black ball is bounced off the table, it is spotted.
  • If a player accidentally sinks the black ball in an undesignated pocket, i.e., not the pocket that contains the last object ball or the pocket that they called, then the black ball is spotted.

The black ball pool rules are levied because the black ball is the queen of 8-ball pool. Unlike 9-ball where pocketing the namesake object ball wins you the game at any time, 8-ball pool is a little more complex. You need to play a few rounds to get the hang of it.

What happens if you hit the black ball?

As per the Billiards black ball rules, there is no harm in hitting the black ball to taxi or simply as an accident. However, when the pool ball is struck with the pool cue, the first ball it needs to touch should be an object ball. Thereafter, whichever ball it makes contact with is not a massive concern.

Keep in mind though, you can indirectly hit the black ball with no serious consequence. However, hitting and sinking the black ball before you pocket the other object balls in your designated group is a foul.

Can you have two shots at the black ball in pool?

The black ball pool rules, in this case, are circumstantial.

Let’s say you sunk all your object balls and took a shot at the 8-ball but failed to pocket it. In this case, if the opponent is far behind in their game, i.e., they have object balls remaining, then you get two shots. However, if the black 8-ball is the only one tossing around on the table then no, you don’t get two shots. You only get one shot after which your opponent takes a turn.

Then again, let’s say you were unsuccessful at potting the 8-ball during your turn. However, your opponent lost their turn to you because they either failed to pocket an object ball or performed a foul. Now, the turn comes back to you organically. Therefore, you get a second shot at trying to pocket the black 8-ball.

What do you do with the black ball in pool?

Black ball rules in 8 ball pool state that the black 8-ball must remain on the table till all the object balls of one player or one team are sunk.

Potting these object balls does not win you any points but the black ball does. Therefore, after you pocket all your object balls, you must pocket the 8-ball as a grand ending to your pool play. This is essentially what decides the winner and loser.

However, players must under no circumstance, pocket the 8-ball intentionally before they pocket their own designated object balls.

Do you have to hit the black ball first?

No, absolutely not. You must never hit the black ball first.

In fact, black ball pool rules dictate that a player must first make contact with an object ball upon striking the cue ball with their cue stick. If the object ball happens to touch the black ball in pool then it is acceptable. However, if a player targets the black pool ball before they sink all their designated object balls, then it is a foul.

Additionally, while breaking the 8-ball pool rack, players need to be very careful not to pot the 8-ball. This would call for re-racking the game in tournaments and, at the very least, spot it in informal games where the player loses their turn. This is why the black 8-ball is placed securely in the center where an accidental hitting or sinking can be actively avoided.

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