Top 10 8-Ball Pool Trickshots You Must Know To Ace Every Game

Top 10 8-Ball Pool Trickshots You Must Know To Ace Every Game

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The pool is an extremely versatile cue sport with a lot to offer. It is great for house parties, hanging out at a bar with friends, arcades, exclusive clubs, etc. The thing is, aside from being a great source of entertainment and competition, pool games also offer bonding and networking opportunities.

A game of pool is a great way to demonstrate your skills of strategy, accuracy, critical thinking, a basic understanding of math and physics, and humility.

Most amateurs who recognize this opportunity always ask, ‘How to play pool better,’ or ‘How to play 8 ball pool like a pro?’ or ‘How to be a good pool player,’ or ‘How to get better at billiards.’ They are asking the right questions but they don’t have the answers. Until now…

Today we will discuss how to be better at pool with a few neat pool shots tips and tricks to help you out.

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Using 8 ball pool trick shots to win the game

If you want to know how to shoot pool and how to be a better pool player then the pool tips and tricks that we are about to discuss today are going to save your life in an awkward situation.

8 ball pool trickshots

Before we get to that, remember the following:

  • When you know the rules of fouls and innate 8 pool trick shots, you can use it to your advantage. However, be discreet about it.
  • During a pool tournament, do not try to Scratch on purpose. It will put you at a disadvantage rather than the opponent.
  • When announcing the pocket for your final 8 ball shot, make sure to call an assured shot. Cut shots and 8 ball trick shots are best used in the beginning to get ahead, not at the end when a foul can cost you the game.

Discreetly use these pool tips and tricks in any game but remember to modify them based on current gameplay.

Top 10 8-ball pool tips and tricks

As promised, here are a few 8 ball pool tips and tricks for 2021. These are similar to the 8 ball pool tips and tricks used in 2020 with a little upgrade, mainly because the rules of the game don’t change. It is only the ways in which the players perceive their shots and modify their techniques.

8 ball pool tips and tricks

So here are 10 8-ball pool tips tricks to help you win your next games:

i. Familiarize yourself with the rules and use them to your advantage

The rules of any game are instrumental to the outcome of all the pool tips and tricks. When you know what to expect, you can beat your opponent by doing very little.

For instance, when you Scratch or commit a cue-ball-related foul, the opponent gets ‘ball in hand. This means they can place the ball anywhere behind the head string for their next shot. However, what if none of their balls are remotely close to the head string?

It puts them at a considerable disadvantage. They probably would have preferred having the cue ball where it was.

Do not use this 8 pool trick in a tournament where the player is allowed to place the ball anywhere on the table, not just behind the head string. Instead, you can read and follow the 8-ball pool tournaments tips and tricks.

When you know the rules of the game, you can also call fouls for your opponent. Some fouls are very discreet and not everybody knows till you point it out.

ii. Break efficiently

Unlike 9-ball, you do not win by potting the 8-ball while breaking the rack. However, you can still play 8 ball pool using 9 ball trick. Read here for the best shot and breaking strategies in 8 ball pool.

Make sure to break the rack with a legal shot but also ensure that your cue ball crawls amidst the tight grouping of the object balls. Even though you should not pot the 8-ball when breaking the rack, you can sink others, which brings us to our next 8 ball trick.

iii. Choose your group based on strategy, not conventions

Most of the time, when breaking the rack, players tend to sink a couple of object balls. However, you can still choose the other group of object balls.

The best 8 ball pool game tricks are to choose the group that is ideally scattered near the pockets and facilitates easier and quicker potting no matter where your cue ball is.

iv. Create a mental strategy before taking a shot

Always analyze the table and look for potential consecutive shots. For instance, if you take a slow shot at the ball near the corner right pocket then it is safe to assume that your cue ball will be there. You can take the next shot at the ball on the left corner pocket instead of the one across the table. Plan before you take the shot.

v. Focus on torque spin and cutting techniques

Spinning the cue ball helps gain momentum, which can be passed onto object balls. This is particularly helpful when performing back cuts and rail cuts. Practice adding spin to your strike.

These 8 ball pool tricks are simpler on online pool games where you can spin the ball with ease using sliders.

vi. Speaking of, be prepared with different cut shots

Practice back cut, rail cut, bank shots, and kick shots alone. These 8 pool trick shots take a little time to master but once you get them right, you can easily sink your object balls regardless of where your cue ball is waiting.

vii. Utilize the bridge

The bridge or rake is the long stick on the rack with four protruding edges on the tip.

When your object ball and cue ball are both far away but the perfect angle is from across the table, use the rake instead of your hand as the bridge.

viii. Practice the Masse 8 ball trick shots a lot

A Masse 8 ball shot is when you deflect the cue ball ever so slightly around an object ball to hit another ball behind it. This 8 pool trick is particularly hairy so make sure to practice the right way to perform Masse shots beforehand.

ix. Make draw shots

A draw shot is when you hit the cue ball at the base so it spins and returns to where it was, or in the vicinity. Most people make the mistake of lifting the cue stick when performing Draw shots which makes the cue ball jump.

Keep the cue stick steady and lower your bridge hand instead. The cue ball will pick up torque and hit the object ball with considerable force before returning to you.

x. Avoid combination shots

Combination shots are when you strike the cue ball to hit an object ball which subsequently hits another object ball with an intent to sink. These shots are beyond tricky, especially for amateurs.

If you happen to perform a combination by fluke, that is fine but do not aim for one. It may end up costing you your win.

How to get better at pool?

In order to get better at the pool, you need to practice, practice, and then practice some more.

The 8 ball tips and tricks we have discussed today will certainly aid you in your quest to get better at the pool but every challenge requires dedication. Take some time to practice these 8 ball pool trick shots in order to perform them accurately during gameplay.

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